-  No one over eleven believes it's working.

Minors Counsel

As DivorceCORP, the documentary we participated in clearly demonstrates, the problems with minor's counsel remain legendary.  They see their job is to make sure the child seldom if ever speaks to the judge.  (A judge who frankly, isn't often much interested in hearing anything the child has to say.)  Also, the GAL, or Minor's counsel might let the child speak before adding, "....but I think it's best" although said attorney has no background or more importantly, qualification to speak.  Thus, we suggest parents donate to  The family they save might be their own.  Donations can be made here.  Parent can either choose to believe "reform" is possible, (although after 40 years of no reform, why they would think so baffles us) or act to end a court with no due process.  While some are content to complain, we believe the time to act is now.  (Although we remain mindful of the 80-20 rule.)  It's those twenty percenters who get the job done.

 While "intact" families can have a multitude of dysfunctions, in child custody cases, the parents must exhibit perfect behavior, or it's bring on Minor's counsel and an army of often sketchy 
Therapists and Custody Evaluators.

Typically minor's counsel controls a case.  Also, and just as typically, minor's counsel is the single source reason why cases drag on.  However, the key reason minor's counsel are bad for cases, is and remains their God complex.  Children who clearly state their preferences and reasons for them, often have no idea minor's counsel, instead filter those requests through their own psychological minefield.  Thus a judge will hear, "The child want A, but I think the reverse is better." 

Odder still is judges often treat minor's counsel as if their psychological assessment, is on the mark.  No actual education appears necessary.  The short version being minor's counsel does not and will not represent their clients requests...and the children remain frustrated and wary of the courts as it relates to justice.   Unfortunately, 
Jeanene Bonner trusted her family court judge. 
Good news:  After fourteen years, we discovered an attorney with great, class action experience.  Mark Ankcorn is currently suing the County of Riverside due to the pattern and practice of social workers snatching children from parents.  Contact Mark at 619-870-0600. 

Some are good, but too many are clownish types, who make parents jump through ridiculous and expensive hoops.
Coming soon:  Specific attorneys to avoid.   Some are good, but too many are clownish types, who make parents jump through ridiculous and expensive hoops.

Feel free to send your experiences.
Does your state have and meet a specific criteria for minor's counsel?  Chances are a criteria exists, and is ignored.

California Minor's Counsel - San Diego

San Diego has the criteria, but it's not enforced by judges.  Object.