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Porn in schools  - A quick look at porn in schools....and don't tell me you didn't know.

Pasadena City College was scammed by the severely mentally ill professor, who admits (brags) to attempted murder while in a druggie haze. 

Hugo Schwyzer, was a Pasadena city college instructor for 20 years, and recently admitted to sleeping with this students

Schwyzer is a married father of two.  His wife is divorcing him, but allows liberal time with the kids. 

Below is a Hugo, Twitter sampling.  Please remember that unlike immigrants who come to America and take jobs as cab drivers after being university professors, Schwyzer refuses to consider any profession other than writing.   We don't know why.  His writings are not first rate.  Also, authenticity doesn't interest him.

On a manic run, Schwyzer came clean on Twitter, blaming his everything, including possibly criminal behavior, (a habit of his) on mental illness.  Everything.

On July 17, 2013, Schwyzer tweeted he was taking an Extended leave of social media (to the cheers of many) and "public writing."

Schwzyer continued writing because, ego trumps all, before finally signing off for his latest threat to take an "extended leave" mid-August; weeks after calling reporters to inform them of his latest failed, suicide attempt. (We are not making this up.  Schwzyer actually called reporters to confess a failed suicide attempt.  Being a slow news day, the story ran in LA Weekly, on August 2, 2013,  here.)

But when reading anything by Schwyzer it's important to remember this:  When the words and the actions don't match, the truth is in the action.

This is particularly true when Schwyzer, a closet misogynist, continues "confessing"

(Editor's Note:  Just as battered women defend the individual beating them up, any number of abused women will continue to come to Schwyzer's aid.  They are big on "foregiveness" without noticing the behavior hasn't changed.   Schwyzer doesn't attract healthy.)
Missing the obvious

Schwyzer's MO is to get a couple of years of what looks like sanity under his belt, then return to pure predatory behavior.  That's the "high."  Meanwhile, and living with his mother, (confessing to tricking her with his meds), Schwyzer skipped his "extend hiatus from social media and public writing" and was back on Twitter, Facebook, and his own personal blog writing about his dodging his drug-fueled murder-suicide attempt of a young girl, by mid-September.

Hint:  If you can't or won't get well, then you a duty your family to stay medicated so your family has an opportunity to recover in peace.

However, it turns out just like the cheesy "True Confessions" magazines of a by-gone era, Schwyzer's main delight, in chronological order, is:

A.  Predatory behavior, bordering on criminal,
B.  Confessing all, including what hurts others in a very public style, for personal gain.
C.  It's called "Redemption Writing."  Kind of like the True Confessions Magazine that used to be so popular.  The new twist is skipping the redemption part.

(We suspect if a judge ordered Schwyzer to keep a diary instead, he'd jump from the nearest tall building.  We also have serious competency issues regarding the physicians treating this well insured, patient.)

Writing confessionals about "bad" (carefully never identifying bad as "criminal") followed by redemption, or, hope for redemption, is Schwyzer's main gig.

And he taught school for twenty years.

This is the misogynist Pasadena City College hired to teach "gender studies."
The public paid for Hugo Schwyzer to use his class to troll for sex.

That the public/law enforcement/school officials hasn't figured out  Schwyzer's main drug is a daring love of skirting the line between criminal behavior is disconcerting.

Also, troublesome is that some members of society will accept from a crazed person with a couple of degrees and a sick need to be in the spotlight, without any regard for his children and (we hope) last wife.

Last, is Mom. Schwzyer's fallback, benefactor.

But it was Pasadena City College that hired....and paid to troll for sex. 

However, blame must be placed on parents who allow the type of school board to exist that hires these teachers.  Further, schools that decide to hire previously accused of rape, teachers; simply goes beyond the pale.  Parents must sue for change.  The good news is this:  they are.

Our hero lives in New York, and was featured in the New York Post on September 23, 2013. Initially suing under "Jane Doe" school officials demanded Felicia Mooradian reveal herself, and as a healthy woman, she did.

Which leads us down south.  Rust College in Mississippi, "You've got some s'plaining to do!" Hiring a suspected rapist goes beyond the pale. But again, it's parents who must band together for change when school officials feed them to the really sick.  For details on elementary through high school abusive school officials, see here.

Or for a short course, watch this video.  The out-of-control attorney Christopher Kirby is paid by the school board.  Seriously.  You can't make this stuff up.

Higher Education?

Penn State:  Where to begin?

From the disappeared DA to Penn State's policy of making not reporting a crime a reason for termination, perhaps alums and parents could explain why they support a school whose policy trumps a police department. 

Virginia Tech:

Media missed the core issue in the Virginia Tech case that allowed for dozens of murders.   Police first responders characterized the first two victims, a male and female, as a "
domestic incident."   Police code for "nothing to see, nothing to do," and dawdled.  Thus, initial police inaction followed by sloppy police work allowed the actual killer to drop off a Youtube video clip in the mail, before returning to kill dozens and dozens.  Media glossed over this key aspect of the massacre.  Why?