AOC  – No one over eleven believes it’s working.

Breaking:  The AOC in concert with the Judicial Council, wants a shadow government.  Transparency seems to be something the AOC will fight tooth and nail.

June 11, 2013:  AOC loses in attempt to jack up fees for public records request. Although they tried mightily, for months, to do exactly that, the CA Legislature shut ’em down.  Update Feburary 10, 2014:  The AOC won, afterall, apparently.  Try to verify the license of a doctors and therapists.

Considering the AOC penchant for going to Deloitte while driving the State of California over a financial cliff, consider the most recent actions of Deloitte CEO Joe Joe Echevarria and his wife Ana, when selling their personal residence.  A residence they listed with their close, personal friend.

04/26/13 – Divide and Conquer.  
Judicial Council wants to break up group of judges demanding more control over their courts, with a new plan.  Form a committee.  It’s not new, but it is an effective way to kill accountability.  Remember this is the group that secretly met and voted that Dr.  Patrick Soon-Shiong could buy and control all access to California public records.  Court officials described Soon-Shiong as a “white knight.”  

Unknown was Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong had registered a for-profit company for the purpose of data mining.  

Swift reaction, came days later.   
Dr. Soon-Shhiong keen interest in data mining companies….which of course would give him quite the competitive edge in litigation and business growth.  At some point the questions concerning the viability of the Judicial Council.  Who is minding public access to public information for their data mining business interests, must be asked as the AOC continues to sell out the public.

:  04/20/13 –  Bad news…the system nobody wanted and the legislature voted dead, is still not dead.  San Diego and Ventura AOC personnel continue skulking around for more money to pour into the system that never worked, over which a half-billion dollars was spent.  Thank Judge James Herman for the system that will not die. 

Breaking:   03/14/13  Not content with blowing a half-billion dollars on a software program that never worked and wasn’t wanted, AOC bureaucrats resumes their quest to make public access a big money ticket.

Demand a dismantling of the AOC.  Latest report demonstrates AOC continues to ignore auditor’s recommendation.  The AOC remains self-serving.

No public information after about judges after the AOC and Judicial Commission huddle – for their benefit.

AOC’s “guidance” costs taxpayers more as Ventura Court Clerks deny access of day’s filings to newspaper and a lawsuit follows.  

Who are these people?  Why hasn’t there been mass layoffs or firings of the very people who first drove, then buried California into its financial abyss, while providing themselves salary bumps?

What is wrong with a Judicial Council that continually “grandfathers” in top pay for those who drove California off the financial cliff as recently as October 1, 2012?  Dump Jahr, the newest so-called, “leader.”

AOC – Administration Office of the Courts.  Want smaller government:  Dismantle the AOC.  But first, dump Jahr.  Judge Steven Jahr is both apologist for and promoter of the AOC.  One wonders about a Judicial Council that is still being led around by its nose courtesy of the AOC.

Unfortunately, The Judicial Council has not responded appropriately to emergency meetings called by chief AOC Cheerleader, California’s own Chief Justice, Tani Cantil-Sakauye.  See Judicial Council Page.

The back story:

California’s AOC grew from three hundred employees to over a thousand.  California’s AOC continued hiring personnel while recommending court closures and court personnel reduction. All under the guidance of the Judicial Council.  

California’s AOC, under the asleep-at-the-wheel, Judicial Council, continued to recommend software costing billions, and which never worked.  What California taxpayers didn’t know and which largely wasn’t reported, cost them billions.  Eventually, it was all about AOC pensions.  Taxpayers were only useful for funding purposes.  California’s AOC remains so out-of-control, some judges revolted and formed new judicial organizations.  

While other state AOC’s might not be as out-of-control as California, California judges are  only now realizing they are supposed to be in charge of the AOC. Not the reverse.  Bad news, the jurists forming California’s Judicial Council, bailed.  See report of December 15, 2011.  

Are other states more fortunate?  More of California’s sad financial history is below.  Please note most of it could have been prevented.  But then one has to consider the source.  See to see the caliber of judges “serving” on various committees.

8/31:  Oh My God.  Judicial Council almost wakes up. 

One judge asks the Judicial Council: 
“How can the council, in a collapsed economy in which a week doesn’t pass without courtrooms closing and court employees being laid off, conceivably justify continued pay raises for AOC employees?”

7/11:  Massive pensions for the AOC bureaucrats.

5/12:  Legislators finally ready to act on behalf of taxpayers and cut bloated AOC pensions?


 OMG:  Does California’s Chief Justicee  Tani Cantil-Sakauye. – who claims to have a DV background, finally understand the AOC as is, has got to go?  

Not quite.  Most recently the AOC, with it’s over 1,000 employees, up from 300 and hiring during the time it was both recommending court layoffs and wholly backing Chief Justice Ronald George’s billion dollar rip off in the form of CCMS, is only now agreeing to lay off, 180 employees, although at least 600 in total, perhaps more, need to go, now.  You can thank the Judicial Council for this.

Unfortunately,  Tani Cantil-Sakauye continues to only address economics.  Not the AOC’s large role in contributing to the litigation process or getting children killed.  See AOC2

Is the CCMS really dead?  Your justices of the Judicial Council:  Not at work.

But first – a review of the Court Case Management System by a state auditor.  Keep in Mind in spite of everything AOC personnel wanted to charge ahead spending tax payer dollars like drunken lottery winners.

CCMS:  The State Auditor’s Report.


Deloitte loses hide-the-ball, discovery battle in other software suit.Is Deloitte at the root of California 512 million dollar and counting, problem?

The short version:  Yes.  In part.  And the AOC loves Deloitte.

The Administration of the Courts the AOC, is crippling California, courtesy of the Judicial Council – in addition to possibly being a criminal enterprise, given the number of clandestine meetings designed to keep the public (and judges critical of the AOC) in the dark.  Coming soon:  a report on Sunshine laws as it relates to the Judicial Council and the AOC.

But so far the Judicial Council and the AOC have cost Californians 521 million for a Deloitte based software project that doesn’t work.  A software project that has never worked, and will never work, which is mostly unwanted.    

A few months ago we wrote the Judicial Council voted to consider selling out doing business with an LA based drug mogul.  If the AOC is involved, Californians can kiss good-bye, reasonable costs.  It’s already happening inSan Diego.

Is Judge Bert Pines the only judge based in reality?

Keeping in mind the
State Auditor’s Report of the AOC

as well as the AOC’s scramble to continue funding, including lying outright; below is an update.

Ronald George’s favorite software program is getting the courts sued.  First up – Ventura, as Courthouse News is unable to get cases in a timely manner.

September 17, 2011

Well, the judges are angry, but lets see if anything actually is accomplished.

September 2, 2011

Sacramento Judge Kevin McCormick demands AOC accountability

The judge wants to know why the highest judicial policy group in California, called the Judicial Council, decided a month ago to halt an IT project for one year only to find out a month later that the IT system was not in fact halted and continues to bleed somewhere between $700,000 and $1 million a week.
     “I am concerned that any ‘freeze’ is illusory when $118,681,000 was available to the Administrative Office of the Courts to spend `as needed’,” wrote Sacramento Judge Kevin McCormick. He described a deal that grants enormous spending authority to the bureaucracy that has often been at loggerheads with the trial court leaders.
     The judge points out that the Judicial Council voted and passed a “one year pause” to funding for the IT program in July. One month later, the council members were told by the director of the IT program, “We are now relabeling it. It’s not necessarily a one-year pause.”
     That “relabeling” statement brought not a single statement of protest or complaint from members of the Judicial Council, suggesting, as has long been argued, that the council has little power over the bureaucracy.
     “I do not understand,” said McCormick, who is not a member of the council, in his Thursday email to the director of the administrative office. “It was either a one-year pause or it was not.”

Judge McCormick stepped up.

August 31, 2011

AOC  offers crumbs to courts.  Judge Feinstein capitulates (she claims “compromises”)… but the net result remains the same:The AOC tail is still wagging California judicial dog,proving yet again,

Californians would benefit from more leaders like Sacramento’s Judge Kevin McCormick.

AOC’s house of cash remains in control.  

Breaking:  Judges throw out staff to get down to business after AOC’s last nose thumb regarding any thought of fiscal restraint.

Bill Vickery’s Parting shot.

August 19, 2011:  Answering the question:  “How long can we delay accountability: Bill Vickery delivers his one last feint, as reported by Courthouse News.

And Sweet Jesus, sanity finally prevailed.

“Not having staff in the room allowed the presiding judges to be completely candid,” said incoming committee chair Judge David Rosenberg of Yolo County. “I’m implementing a different approach to these meetings.”
    “I’m attempting to give the presiding judges much more opportunity to meet together, talk together and work together. In the past, these meetings have been more in the form of lectures where AOC staff basically give us information. In my opinion that can be done in a different way, without taking up the entire meeting.”

August 10, 2011:  Answering the question:  “Is there a limit to the arrogance of the AOC?”

No.  As the AOC continues backing loser CCMS software, anyone would agree a winning PR strategy would be the AOC offering judicial training for new judges by Webinar.

Silly people.  It’s the AOC. 
The AOC continues wasting taxpayer funds, this time to the tune of $260,000.00 for a two week judicial, rookie camp.

Meanwhile, sitting judges, including those on the Judicial Council, are not stepping up demanding a Webinar.  Sitting judges continue their verbal hand-wring as if they are complaining. The reality? The Judicial Council is doing nothing.  Thus,  new judges are enjoying their extended stay at the Dolores Hayes Mansion in San Jose.

Web Conferencing?  That’s only for those who demonstrate actual, fiscal accountability. 

Stand and deliver.

A call for more AOC personnel to anonymously stand and deliver information to the defrauding of Californians.

We’ve tipped a few reporters to AOC’s debacle and will upload reports as they come in.   The latest from NBC, makes no mention of the cost to the public to use the system.

Does anyone believe the cost won’t be tacked back to the public?

If so, consider the lawsuit filed during the latest coupling between the Courts and the AOC for fund-raising, from Courthouse News.

Still, some reporters are in need of education themselves, as listening to this broadcast from LA and a conversation concerning a Civil (court) War demonstrates.  Although the broadcast begins with tidbits concerning infighting regarding an investigation of the Ethics Committee during what was supposed to be an investigation of Congresswoman Maxine Waters…which ultimately wound up with the committee deciding to investigate themselves, (seriously.) 

The problem with the broadcast is the interviewer doesn’t question the interviewee when she mentions Criminal matters will have to be transferred to Civil courts where cases will be heard by judges not versed in criminal law. 

To which we respond:  Check the form for Supervised Visitation on that section on this site.  Note that the Judicial Council decriminalized crime in families.  As such Family Court judges have been litigating Criminal matters in family court for decades.  Which is exactly why GPS with victim notification is needed in family court.

Also consider these two news clips focusing on government and the AOC and ask yourself this:

Does anything about the AOC make any sense at all?  To this day the AOC  remains concerned with saving their ass jobs, rather than serving the public.

Considering the AOC refuses to use software that will save lives, (and court costs) but continues to thunderously back software that has never worked. 

Separately, isn’t it long past time for a federal investigation? 

Watch the two news clips below.  (And while we thank Michael Paul  for blowing the first whistle, we were saddened to learn Paul is also more concerned with saving jobs, although the goal should be serving the public.   Our thought is “you can lead a horse to water…” and our hope is other state employees choose not to be hampered by boxed up thinking. )

Please contact us if you have information of other illegal acts committed by AOC management, such as was revealed in the “Bundling” news video.  

July 18, 2011:  Judge Katherine Feinstein announced the courts were imploding and 200 lay-offs were coming.

Not mentioned at Judge Feinstein’s press conference was how, (click the link) the AOC is ripping off the public, through the practice of “Bundling.” 

In reality, it’s a bundle of lies.

Not only does the AOC back software that doesn’t work, but The AOC advises family court judges against using “Predictive” GPS in Family Court…although that would empower women to save their own lives and city, county and state resources.

Feinstein earlier stated the sky would fall without lay-offs of some 200 court personnel.

No lay-offs were currently scheduled for AOC personnel.
(That changed.)
Instead, Judge Feinstein focused on court lay-offs calling it “dismantling” the courts.The question reporters didn’t ask remains:  why not dismantle the AOC, instead of court personnel?

Also…California legislators approved a new 5 billion dollar courthouse for a community that serves less the 2,000.  The AOC thought this was a great idea.

This is just one bundling blunder.  But wait:  There’s more!

Things change

July 22, 2011: In a meeting with the AOC, the Judicial Council, the CJA, and the Alliance of California Judges, Judge Katherine Feinstein slammed the AOC.  

No mention was made of dismantling this out-of-control, agency, created to administer paperwork of the courts, but wound up controlling them.   Why? 

The answer lies in the support the AOC has with the courts. 
Judge Erica Yew describes the AOC as,

“a group of well intentioned, well-run and well-led people.”

Seriously.  The Judicial Council also likes the AOC, as do the court clerks whose courts have long had significant issues of credibility with the public.

Kim Turner of Marin agreed with the AOC, (Turner was aware of illegal file shredding in Marin) as did San Diego’s Mike Roddy, a longtime AOC insider.  Of course it was Marin County where files were destroyed and auditors found Marin and Sacramento Judges repeatedly refusing to use qualified personnel in custody cases.  Separately, San Diego currently holds the State record for most families annihilated in less than a month, (Four), while the AOC continues to push for a computer program….rather technology that will reduce the murder rate.

The Alliance of California Judges requested the Judicial Council to slash the budget of the AOC by half.  The Judicial Council, opted instead, for a drop in the bucket.  12 percent.  That’s 13 million from a budget of 115 million. 

In short, Friday’s meeting was all about protecting turf.

Returning to the interest of the public, and the best interests of the children, see suit filed in Federal Court against the AOCfor the AOC’s treatment of children.

The State of California pays for this?

Earlier:  A “questionnaire was sent to various court personnel, as well as the usual suspects.  In short, the status quo remains.  At no time does the court, whose job it is to serve the public, so much as consider inviting a public response.  Expect no editorials in general readership papers asking for public input.  

(And frankly, the reporting of this omission hasn’t been exactly stellar, either.)

However, by all means, drop Judge Scotland seems truly interested.  So drop him a line with your concerns.

The results are coming in, and according to Courthouse News,
the AOC will not be pleased

AOC history

CCMS:  Or how to bankrupt a State

The key to California’s dismal finances involves the AOC, and their endorsed software program, CCMS, (California Case Management System) a privacy stripping program to unite all 58 counties, written by Deloitte, which began years ago on a judicial whim of then Chief Justice Ron George, and the AOC. 

By all accounts the Courts and AOC continues to ignore (See news clip here) that CCMS continues crippling the state.

Also not mentioned?  That Deloitte was previously fined for not disclosing it’s pay-to-play lobbying activities.

Making things slightly worse is the State of California plans on hosting CCMS with SAIC….another completely out-of-control contractor.  SAIC was sued by NYC for Cost Over-runs.

Also not mentioned?  CCMS doesn’t work.  Also not mentioned?  It’s never worked.

Also not mentioned?  Many of California 58 counties don’t want it.

Why hasn’t CCMS been jettisoned outright since the CCMS has already cost taxpayers 1.9 billion, with projected costs of 3 billion?

Answer:  Turf protection. 

The AOC stands firmly behind the CCMS project.  The AOC feels courts should closed to finish this project.  Human life?  Expendable.

Also not mentioned at the press conference?  That the Ron George Court and the AOC by “Bundling” duplicity, continues cheating Californians out of access to justice.  

Bundling duplicity  In case you missed it the first time, was exposed in this Sacramento news clip.

The sad reality for California residents is media continues largely not reporting the public is being mislead by the Ron George Court. 

The good news is judges interested in access to justice are asking the AOC be Dismantled forthwith.”  Not Judge Feinstein.

To Recap:  No lay-offs for the AOC are pending.  In ten years AOC personnel went from less than 300 to over 1,000.

Who is protecting the AOC over court personnel?

Please know the Administration Office of the Courts is the largest, out-of-reach branch of our nation’s shadow government.  Here’s California’s AOC by the Numbers.

Each state has their own branch.

Until recently the AOC was long ignored by media and the public alike.   Well, until legislators realized the AOC was operating both without oversight…and hiring new staff while California courts were being closed – but not before personnel was laid off.

This came to light after California’s former chief justice, Ronald George, directed the AOC to build a computer system that wound up costing taxpayers billions.   When it failed, the AOC opted to continue.  California’s newest, hand-picked chief justice, Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye is behind this continuing failure. 

Interesting side-bar; the state of California is suing the contractor.

Seriously.  We’re not making this up.

AOC top directors announced they believed in the computer program, although they would delay implementation for a year. (When media attention goes away.)

Click any of the below for a spate of recent reports of waste, followed by more waste, followed by a spokesperson for the AOC stating the projects would soldier on.

See a few recent reports
detailing immense and continuing waste.

Another interesting side-bar?

These videos are not used in court as it’s called Public Access.”

Meanwhile, the public is being gouged by high prices for court reporter transcripts, and in cases of audio only; the company contracting with the courts, Liberty Court Player; the material is old, out-of-date, and has no customer service.

But things are different for the AOC. They display a full file of videos of the workings of the legislature.  Could someone explain how video that’s long been implemented for the AOC and the legislature, somehow can’t be fitted for the courts?

Might want to contact your legislator about this.  If your legislator doesn’t return your calls or letters, our hope is you vote for someone else.
Breaking:  No one minded when the Ekins Task Force courtesy of AOC personnel, putting lives at risk, using taxpayer dollars.  See Elkins Task Force.

Audit reveals foster kids placed with sex offenders.  Courtesy of CPS…with judges relying on those in committees and on the AOC.
Seth Ireland was mentioned. His case still haunts us.
Dismantle the AOC.  They continue getting people killed. 

The below reveals how Diane Nunn, Director of the AOC’s Center for Children Families and the Courts, by refusing to embrace a GPS with Victim Notification 
enhancement to restraining orders, is getting women and children killed  (A level playing field is needed since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the police don’t have to enforce Civil restraining orders.)

Interestingly, California’s  newest Chief Justice, Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye claims a domestic violence background.


1.  Although good enough for crime victims in Criminal Court, Nunn’s AOC recommendation is against usingGPS with victim notification in Family Court, althoughit’s common knowledge inter-family crimes are being adjudicated in family court.  

Unfortunately, Family Court judges act as if they are powerless to stand and protect the Family Court litigants who come to them for help; when they are not. 

Readers should be aware the AOC and the Judicial Council work hand in hand.  Or not.

2.  The Elkins Task Force, which was headed by the AOC supposedly to promote accountability and listening to children, was an expensive and expansive white wash. 

How else to explain why the AOC commissioned a 50k research project to ask family court litigants questions for the entire state; and the results featured only 53 litigants and 83 AOC staff personnel?

3.  One lasting, inept brainchild of the Judicial Council, again working in conjunction with the AOC, was to decriminalize crime via a “Supervised Visitation,” form in which kidnapping becomes the more civilized “parental abduction.”  

Thus, 12 years after the Judicial Council working in conjunction with the AOC, created the non-professional field, there remains no oversight. Which con artists have discovered.  Which explains how suspected pedophiles are now serving on the boards of some Supervised visitation agencies; and why Supervised visitation monitors are awarding custody to the suspected pedophiles.   

As such, if the AOC wasn’t so damaging to the point of lethal, it would be listed as a sub-category toComic Gold.

Is there anything where AOC excels?

Yes.  The AOC excels at wasting enormous amounts of taxpayer funds for slick, expensive conferences, most of which are designed to continue prohibiting access to any real justice in the courts, such as the one below.

Unfortunately legislators in all 50 states are involved in not overseeing this out-of-control, organization whose sole function is the alter-ego of the judiciary.

The good news – at least in California? 

A revolt.

Where’s media on the subject of Family Court litigants getting killed?  Mostly, still asleep-at-the-wheel.Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.