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MS:  Gov. Haley Barbour

Gov Barbour is awarded’s “You Can’t Be Serious” award after his Presidential bid.

In 2008, Gov. Barbour earlier demonstrated his regard for women, half the population, after befriending prison trustee and convicted murderer, Michael Graham.  Graham was serving a life sentence after using a shotgun to blow away Adrienne Klasky, his former wife, while she sat waiting for a traffic light to change. (Graham had stalked her for three years after their divorce). 

But Governor Haley Barbour took a shine to the lifer and released Graham after just ten years.   When Gov Barbour announced his bid for the presidency in 2011, he immediately qualified for the award.

CO:  Denver Judge Mary Celeste

In 2011, Judge Celeste was awarded the Mary Lathrop Award, named after the first woman to practice law in Colorado, as well as the first woman to do just about anything in the state, legally speaking.   The Mary Lathrop Award is dedicated to those who “enrich the community through legal and civic activities.

Shortly thereafter Judge Celeste left her six year old grand-daughter in a hot, locked car during a 90 degree summer, so she could shop alone at Sam’s. believes this qualifies the Women’s Bar Association for the “What Were They Thinking Award.”   

CA:  Sheila Caceres, Child Care Provider of the Year

In light of an unexplained death of an infant, Caceres struck a deal with California Social Services agreeing to a lifetime ban against operating, working in or being present in a day care facility.  Caceres surrendered her license, according to the Sac Bee, “amid numerous allegations, including failure to call 911, lying to law enforcement officials, letting one child wander away from the home and having sex in front of at least one child in her care, according to records from the department’s community care licensing division.”

Who nominated Caceres for the award?  Her parents.  Who attended the gala dinner at the Grand Sheraton?   Sacramento Supervisor Don Nottoli and then-Citrus Heights Mayor Steve Miller.  Who paid for the dinner and the award?  The public. 

LA Family court judge Aviva Bobb refused to let child testify against father in Family Court case.  The child was desperate to explain why she was terrified of her father.  Mom suggested the little girl write a letter to Judge Bobb.  Child writes letter.  Bobb dismisses it.  Father kills child. 

What happened next?  An investigation?  No.

Judge Bobb then accepts the Benjamin Aranda Award for “Access to Justice.”

Judge Aviva Bobb.

Apparently the Blue Ribbon panel that selected Judge Bobb for an award wasn’t aware of Bobb’s part in getting the child killed.

So meet the late Jeanene Bonner.  Murdered by the father she was so afraid of in 2002.

Jeanene stays with us because of the efforts she made to stay alive.

Jeanene had been told the courts are where judges listen and look out for their best interests.  This made her feel important.  Jeanene wanted to speak to Judge Bobb about her fears in her parents custody case, Jeanene had much to tell Judge Bobb, and after all, therapists always say to validate a child, one must listen to them.  

However, Judge Bobb wouldn’t allow Jeanene to speak in court.   When Jeanene’s mother suggested Jeanene write Judge Bobb a letter she promptly sat down and did exactly that.

Poured her heart out.

Write a better letter little girl

Later, the Court spokesperson described Jeanene’s letter as seemingly “contrived.”  He was speaking on the occasion of Jeanene’s body being found. 

Reporters were asking why Judge Bobb made the now dead, then fearful Jeanene, go with the father she so feared.

In 2005 Judge Bobb was awarded the “Benjamin Aranda Access to Justice Award.”  

We wondered both how the so called “Blue Ribbon” selection panel missed this and more so; why Judge Bobb accepted the award considering she thwarted both attempts made by Jeanene to speak to her.

Scarier still?  Judge Bobb was the Supervising Family Court Judge from 2000 – 20004.  

What become of Judge Bobb?  Unfortunately, the wrecking ball continues putting Californians at risk.  Judge Bobb transferred to Probate Court and began contributing to the deaths of older people.

Someone even dedicated a website to Judge Bobb’s disdain for older people, *and* the law.

Curiously, (check the link); Judge Bobb’s property holdings have increased since she transferred to Probate Court.

Judge Bobb is one of a few judges we’d bounce immediately.

2001 – and continuing

CA:  Casey Gwinn Casey recognized by The American Lawyer magazine as one of the top 45 public lawyers in America.  Including after a Kroll report clearly stating he broke the law.

All due to political connections, consider this kind of incompetence.   Only Casey Gwinn would hire Susan Griffin, fake therapist, after a cover story expose.

Yes, not only did 

then city attorney Casey Gwinn not prosecute Griffin for fraud or child endangerment; Gwinn went basic fraud and child endangerment one better.

Casey Gwinn promoted Griffin’s business.

Casey Gwinn hired Griffin to oversee the supervised visitation facilities in San Diego for his non-profit, Family Justice Center.  He then created a national franchise of family justice centers.

To emphasize the point, Gwinn did this after the story broke.  Gwinn now offers his “Domestic Violence” consulting services.  Seriously.  You can’t make this stuff up. 

More bad news

We got a call from Lt. Lori Dunhow, of  the Family Justice Center.  They oppose victim Notification GPS.  Better grant money to top executives than actual, life saving devices empowering victims to save their own lives.

Apparently grant dollars are just too important to waste on victims.

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