Bad Cop

To family crime victims:  The police are for the most part, not interested in doing their job when it comes to women crime victims.  Possibly due in part to their own history of crimes against women.  See below “Good News” for how to report crimes that will increase your chances of safety, and justice.

Samuel Alam  Beat up his wife, again; because she wasn’t “Sorry enough.”
Alam is back out on OR.  Again.


Long-time CT State trooper David Greene arrested for threatening girlfriend.   (Greene was suspended. Hearing in September.)

(South Florida round-up)
New question: Why haven’t voters ousted mayors  allow police chiefs to keep bad cops; or recalled the Sheriffs?
Saint John’s County Sheriffs rids department of three Domestic Violence prone, deputies.  David Nogowski, Timothy Robertson, and Kevin Nickmeyer.

Slap on the wrist – courtesy of Judge Robert B. Robbins, over objections of DA and victim;
LA Deputy Alejandro Flores sentenced to a year in jail for beating girlfriend, setting her hair on fire.

NY – (Subtitled:  “How did these guys pass a psych eval”)
NYPD Special Victims Unit, Detective Lukasz Skorzewski said he groped rape victim because, his supervisor Lt. Adam Lamboy.  Wait.
Skorzewski is going with the, “He made me do it” defense!?!
Ex-NYPD officer, Eduardo Cornejo back in jail for violating his bail. Cornejo’s back to his first love.  Pimping.

Female police officer fired after being sexually harassed by Police Chief, Bobbie Comer, sues

Two more women allege attacks by Syracuse PD officer Chester Thompson.

Memphis Police Department officer Edrick Braxton arrested for sex crimes.  So far it’s a paid vacation.  And he’s out on a very small bail.

Baton Rouge
Federal Judge Shelly Dick rules against former Sorrento police chief, Earl Theriot, who, according to the woman he brought into the police station, drunk, forced her to have sex. Ew. Ew. Ew.  (and people wonder why women are hesitant to call the police to report crimes. )

Former RI police officer, Franklin Osgood shot his wife of 30 years, Mary Jo.  Because like many men, women are property, and disposable.  Police found her body in his trunk after he committed suicide.

Former San Mateo Police Officer Noah Winston Winstead arrested in the on-duty rapes of Four women and one Juvenile.


Love County Sheriff Joe Russell Arrested. Meth; and where are those two missing persons his son was mixed up with?

Carter County Sheriff Milton Anthony, age 65, indicted for corruption after demanding sex from employee.

Honolulu Police Officer, Jessie Laconsay caught raping 14 year old daughter of girlfriend.

Pocatello Police refuse to protect woman from stalker, who later, almost kills her.
What are women getting for their tax dollars?

Tulare County
Five deputies charged with on-duty sex crimes against drivers, and others.

CA – Biggest police sex scandal – now grows to Four counties.
Oakland – Contra Costa – Alameda County

and now San Francisco Police Department officers are involved with the same trafficked child, now prostitute.

Update:  In the Department of “Here we go again.”
Buried in the most recent, racist report, was this nugget about sex with daughter of OPD dispatcher.

An ever-expanding sexual misconduct case that has now implicated law enforcement officers several other law enforcement agencies and at lease one employee as U.S. Department of Defense agency.”

Update:  Chief Sean Whent forced out.  This has a real predatory feel to it.

Earlier reports.
Matching Sexual misconduct investigations…some with minors, and up to 3 officers.

The Victim, Celeste Guap, is the daughter of a police department dispatcher.  Cue the misogynists to call her vile names.  Sadly, it appears most knew but did, nothing.

The crimes were not discovered, but outed in a suicide note.


Syracuse Police Department.
Suit alleges Syracuse P olice Chief Frank Fowler and former internal affairs Capt. Thomas Galvin, knew or should have known Officer Chester Thompson had a known history of sexual malfeasance that should have been investigated sooner 



Rikers Island 
Correctional Guard Robert Bradley said he decided not to rape 13 year old girl, so, “I wouldn’t ruin it for her future husband” wholly uncaring about HER feelings.


Federal officer Eulalio Tordil, age 62, kills estranged wife, Gladys Tordil as she waited in her car to pick up her daughters…and five others, on two-day crime spree.

SF – Hey San Francisco PD – test rape kits!

Former SFPD Lt. Curtis Liu charged in obstructing rape investigation of another police SFPD officer.


Police had been out twice before – listen to former cop Jeff Hawkins calmly tell 9-1-1 operator how he mowed down his wife.

Serial Rapist cop sentencing upheld for Sergio Alvarez

04/21/16 – Chillicothe Police officers resign after their response to DV problem, and then lying about it.  (Think sexual assaults).

Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel, sued for – surprise:  Sexual harassment.

03/05/16 Wouldn’t MCSO detective Brian Mackiewicz be described as “Sexual predator” if he wasn’t a cop?  Mackiewicz not only wasn’t fired, he got to keep his job as Arizona’s Sheriff Joe’s favorite “Detective.” A time-off wrist-slap is all Brian Mackiewicz received.  This is why when reporting crimes to the police, we insist female victims bring a friend and a tape recorder.

Two LAPD cops arrested for rape:

Scroll to “Good News” to learn how to report a crime to a cop.

Women in America who call the police for help after a sex or physical crime, are at further risk.  The problem always begins at the top.   When not hitting on women who call them for help, officers like Spokane PD officer, Chris Conrath, are quick to lobby for “relationships.”

California is looking to pass legislation to make tracking problem police officers more transparent.
Virginia is attempting to pass a law to hide bad cops who bounce from one department to another.  Check individual states.

Although generally not as dramatically as former South Dakota police chief, Russell Bertram, belatedly indicted in 2015 for killing his pregnant fiancé, Leonila Stickney, in 2009, then marrying Stickney’s sister.  (Bertram’s ex-wives will testify about their experience with Bertram’s assaults upon them.)  

Please know women raped by cops will be additionally abused, by County attorneys.
Yes.  Your tax dollars are going for this kind of treatment
.  Also, LA County spent over $400,000.00 before settlement.  This was post-conviction.

As such, women litigants in family court must learn they are especially at risk given the rate of police violence in their homes is 40% higher than other agencies.  (Good news though, how to overcome this is below.)

To begin, American disdain for women – to outright misogyny, begins, in the police academy, where female cadets are sexually assaulted.  Then these predators are assigned to schools.

OR:  Also, sports figures in.  Violent juvenile “treated” to a game for his good behavior behind bars.  Rapes a woman after the game.

Graduates opt for on-duty assaults, (scroll to the bottom of the page) to, in the case of Lynnwood Police Department, courtesy of then Detective Jerry Rittgarn, making sure the victim was charged with lying to a police officer.  

The rape story that won a Pulitzer  –  featured the failure of Lynnwood Police Department Sgt.  Jerry Rittgarn

The rapist, Marc O’Leary, raped several more women in Colorado before officers working the case there, found a picture of the victim on his phone. Lynnwood Police conducted an investigation, and after a scathing report was issued, fired no one.

Rittgarn is now a private investigator specializing in divorce, and marital infidelity in San Diego. 

Many attempts will be made by police to keep crime victims in Family Court rather than the appropriate, criminal court.  This is due to the police, Family Court judges, as well as the largely oblivious, media refusal to address the fact that domestic terrorism begins in the home.  (For a separate page of police attacking children, see Bad Cop 2)

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone the DC Sniper began his rampage after a failed custody battle

On December 6, 2015, NBC ran the hour long interview of Mildred Muhammad who knows domestic terrorism, as Mildred was the original target of John Muhammad, titled, “I married the Beltway Sniper.”

The NPR piece “I was the Enemy” was better.  Mildred knew for years her ex-husband, John, wanted to kill her, adding to the list of endless examples, “But no one would believe me.”    

(This section might more accurately be titled:  “We pay taxes for this?!?”  Put simply:  Since the police and courts are going to continue to refuse to protect and serve women; women should deduct the appropriate amount from their tax filings.  Consult your tax advisor.)

However, we recommend women to not take governmental disdain towards them, personally.  Governmental disdain for women exists in all branches of government and has been in operation for centuries.  This explains in part, how the form requesting Supervised visitation, can list 8 criminal acts, but the matter will still be heard in Family Court, the wrong court – instead of Criminal Court.  The appropriate court.  Judges complain about work loads, but are reluctant to give up power.

For the reasons detailed below, however, this disdain has become a significant force multiplier – seen and unseen, to deprive women of their Constitutional right to be safe.

Good news!

However, thevery same “force multipliers” that have been used to violate women’s rights for centuries, can be overcome. 

Women aware of these below force multipliers, can overcome them in the following way when calling for police services. (Unless bleeding too badly):  

  1. Keep notes during interactions with the police.  Be sure to get the officer’s name, rank, and badge number.  This includes all officers present, not just the one speaking to you.  Also, if more than one officer is present, obtain the name of the Supervisor.  Never, (including in the car) be without a tape recorder – and keep it rolling.
  2. If at all possible, never when making a report be caught without a witness.  This includes during the initial police contact.
  3. Should you begin to get the sense the police officer is not going to be responsive to your rights, ask the officer for a case number, and what penal code section he or she is leaning towards utilizing.  If the officer hedges…or attempts to stall you with “Detectives will issue one for you” recognize this:  The officer is the problem.  
  4. Never talk to the problem.  Politely excuse yourself and again call 9-1-1 and ask for the Watch Commander, or Patrol Supervisor.  It is helpful to know the Penal Code in your state and identify the type of criminal report that needs to be made. Again request a Case Number for a Criminal case.  If you do not get a case number, subpoena all records regarding the exchange.
  5. Be aware of the situations when it’s not necessary to inform people you are taping a call.  One example, is, Here.

Women mindful of the below statistic, can achieve better results by knowing their rights and asking for a supervisor at the beginning of the exchange once sensing it’s not going well.  Remember:  It’s important to not talk with the problem.  Sometimes the officer is the problem.  We were criticized for pointing out Sandra Bland kept talking to the problem.  We are not victim blaming.  We remain firm:  Any deputy who says, “I’m going to light you up” is the problem.  Our goal is to educate all women.  Immediately call for a supervisor.  Never but never, talk to the problem.  Talking to a supervisor could save your life. 

Given the rate of assault within police families, and ask their city council for a direct conduit to the City Attorney or DA’s office, as it remains a systemic bias to force anyfemale, family assault victim to call the police for help after being attacked by a boyfriend or husband. 

The practice of calling the police for help explains how the police become a force multiplier, for continued attacks.  Below includes other force multipliers used to prevent women taxpayers from enjoying rights routinely provided males.

Force Multiplier #1  – The police psychologist.

Unseen force multipliers are police psychologists whose evaluations are included as a part of the hiring practices.  Media seldom reports who these individuals are, much less checks their backgrounds.  Consider the long-time therapist San Diego Police relied, Dr. Michael Mantell.  Who may go to prison for his treatment of female patients. 

As such, psychologists like Dr. Mantrell remain a behind-the-scenes, lethal, force multiplier, working against safety for women crime victims.

Force Multiplier #2 – EMTS

Another force multiplier in San Diego, (check your city) are EMTs.  San Diego EMT, Jesse Thrush being a great example of a terrible example.

Thrush, a former Idaho deputy, killed his girlfriend’s two year old, daughter, who had  Downs Syndrome on a day she wouldn’t stop crying.  Thrush shook her to death.

At trial, it was revealed Jesse Thrush had “anger management issues.” He was convicted.   However, Thrush served a walloping nine months before being released, and was welcomed with open arms to San Diego as San Diego hires many ex-felons as EMTs.

Force Multiplier #3 – The police

10-19-15:  You know you have a problem with other sheriff’s deputies complain – and nothing happens.  Consider San Diego Sheriff Detective Paul Ward.  To put it bluntly, Paul Ward is one,seriously disturbed detective.  Seems to enjoy inflicting pain.

The public remains largely unaware reporters largely ignore the hiring practices of police officers.  Consider Tacoma Police Chief David Brame – who failed repeated “psych evaluations” with “Do Not Hire” scrawled across his jacket.  Brame was hired and quickly advanced in rank, and making chief.  But once his wife left him and applied for a restraining order, the City ignored Brame’s spiraling mental state.  Brame murdered his wife in front of their children.  Raymond Corpuz, the Tacoma City Manager who didn’t act when he knew Brame was becoming unglued, is now the City manager of Salinas.  Like pieces on a chessboard, these guys rotate to other cities.

Pretty much the same thing happened, minus the “advancing to chief” with San Diego’s Lowell Bruce.  Due to anger issues, Bruce was rejected for hire by eight agencies before San Diego County thought it would be a swell idea to hire Lowell Bruce to guard women at the county jail.  Because that makes so much sense.  

San Diego County is under the direction of Sheriff Bill Gore (who was present as a Commander at Ruby Ridge, and who refused to testify before Congress, after a woman standing in a doorway holding a baby, was shot dead.)  

Lowell Bruce shot his wife in the face at point-blank range in front of their six year old son.  San Diego force multiplier deputies covered for him

The list continues.

10-04-15:  Stay out of Carlsbad!  Again, San Diego County!  Click here for a beating of woman over a seatbelt issue.  She was beaten after phoning in a complaint regarding the officers conduct.

If San Diego cops aren’t attacking women while on duty, San Diego Campus cops are tipping off college rapists to leave the area

Zimmerman’s response?  No Transparency. Not for body cams, not in any way.  For transparency and sanity, look to San Francisco’s Police policy commission. (Go figure.)

Force Multiplier #4 –  Family Court judges

Can anyone remember a time any family court judge looked at hospital bills, read declarations or heard from witnesses, and referred an obvious beating to the District Attorney’s office?  Anyone?  Ever?  This is why victims of family court judges should skip whatever “law clinic” is in the area and go directly to criminal court.  Take a list of recent murders, where the reporters states the victim had “a restraining order” or “a long history of domestic violence.”  Proving yet again, there is no such thing as “domestic violence.”  It’s assault, attempted murder, and murder.  Refuse to be trapped in a court that will eventually, get you killed.

Force Multiplier #5 – The media

Judy Slate is this month’s best example of how far media has fallen from actual, journalism.  In San Diego, no less than four San Diego television reporters, two male, two female, promised to expose the con of family court, presumably crimes against women along with the fake therapists and supervised visitation con.  None did.  

Either too scared about their own custody case, or not good at their job.  Or both.  However, San Diego remains the best example of a city at peace with its corruption, and getting women killed.

(Sidebar:  Had a meeting with San Diego Union Tribune’s  top editors.  Everyone was very nice.  They bought lunch.  I was very nice.  Politely informed them if they didn’t stop covering family court the way they were, they had a part in the continuation for these murders.  Voice of San Diego no better.  Same for San Diego’s version of NPR.)

Nothing changed.  The San Diego murder rate continues to climb.  Thanks UT!

Now for the obvious conclusion

Given the AP report below, the practice of women calling the police for help in family crimes, should be scrapped.  City Attorneys should take the lead in creating a response team from the City Attorney’s office as well as the District Attorney.  Particularly if a divorce or custody situation is ongoing.  But not the police for family related crimes against women and children.

When the police don’t care.  Blowing off the AP report of 

November 1, 2015:

On December 4, 2015, in Spokane Washington,  we learned that Police Union President Sgt. John Gately, tipped fellow officer Gordon Ennis of a warrant being in the works for Ennis, for the rape of a female officer Excellent demonstration of how little the police care about the law when it comes to female sex crime victims.

California, the state with the largest number of police, was not part of AP’s investigation.

Please gather a few friends and attend your local City Council meetings to inform the Mayor and city council that the idea of women calling the police for help after a family assault, must be scrapped.  It’s not working.

Women paying taxes for police services the police refuse to provide, should not suport any candidate for office who allows the police to get away with decades of disdain for women.  Support candidates who support crime reporting reform.

San Diego was the easy pick.  But this is everywhere.

For instance, in Kern County – the question must be asked if County officials were aware Bakersfield Police were buying the silence of the women they sexually assaulted, often at the request of of civil litigation coordinator Michael Mahoney.

12-23-15 – GA:  DeKalb officer of one year Darren Dye Harriel arrested for on-duty, 

sexual assault

12/12/15-  UT:  How the Monticello City Council allows their police chief, Kent Adair, as well as police dispatchers, to conspire against domestic violence victims, when one of their police officers is involved.  Listen to the dispatcher and Chief Adair, laugh about it on the 9-1-1 call.  But then, Chief Adair has a dedicated history of lying.

12/03/15 – IN:Hammond Police Officer Kevin Campbell arrested for killing his ex-wife, then taking the kids to school.

11/17/15 – NY:   Ex NYPD, Kevin Canty pleads guilty to shooting wife Jessica Canty, in head, killing her.  Why?  Because Canty suspected Jessica was having an affair.  (After all, women are disposable property.)

9/30 – NY:  Woman reports sexual assault and NYPD Lt. Adam Lamboy and Detective Lukasz Skorzewski – flew to Seattle, and insisted she party with them.  Suit filed on September 30, 2015.  
9/30 – CA:  Retired Hayward police officer  Michael Beal, scams elderly, Alameda woman.
9/28 – MO – Under threat of arresting her husband, Gasconade County former duty Marty Rainey and Gasconade County Sheriff sued for raping man’s wife.  Suit filed in Federal Court.

9/22 – San Diego Police Department seems to also have a “Command Staff” problem.
Lt. Natalie Strong files suit against San Diego P.D

9/15  Yo, Memphis PD “Command Staff.” 
What’s the deal with arresting six year veteran Eric Lee, a year later after an aggravated sexual battery complaint?  And as long as we’re talking,  how is time off with pay for beating up his girlfriend, and making that record go away, a punishment?

9/22:  NJ Police Chief texts fellow cop’s wife for sex while his own wife is having chemo.  
Chief Kenneth Hartman sent a detective’s wife 22 raunchy texts in 18 minutes. Hartman retired as the Complaint was being filed.
9/15:  Female co-worker spurns cop’s “romantic” advances.  So Sgt. Mike Iscenkco, age 54, throws his semen in her face.

Bad Cop News – 40% of police families have their own “domestic violence” cases, according to the National center on Women and policing.   Drew Peterson, anyone?  Tacoma Police Chief David Brame?  

Consider then San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne survived Five officer involved sex scandals, when reviewing the Police Chief meltdown, of David Brame, and the culpability of a city administration that insisted on addressing criminal matters as “civil” matters.  Which resulted the police chief committing a murder the city was repeatedly warned might occur.

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06-15-15:  Just another cop in Jersey, chasing down his ex-wife and 

assassinating her.  This time, with his daughter in the car.  Neptune Police Sgt. Philip Seidle was the father of nine children with Tamara, when he chased her down and emptied his Glock in her.  Newspaper accounts mention a “custody battle.”

04-10-15  Houston cop Frank Augustine, Jr. beats and attempts to strangle girlfriend.

03-03-15  Ex-Pacific Grove cop John Nyunt, wanted to have his estranged wife killed.

02-23-15  White Plains  cop  Glen Hochman killed his daughters after a fight with his wife.  

02-22-15:  Clarksville Georgia still trying to figure out case of dead deputy who shot at his wife.

Retired Hercules cop John Goodner is arrested for attempted murder of his wife after she applied for restraining order.  

John Goodner - retired cop arrested for attempted 187PC

But the new year began with Police Chief of Peachtree City, William McCollom shooting his wife at 4:30a.m. in their bedroom.  Listen to the dispatch call to 9-1-1.

So why aren’t reporters covering who okays the hiring of these individuals?   We finally made a Facebook page.  Might help in exploring the relationship between the courts and the police. 

Spoke too soon!  City sued for hiring Chris Hays.

OMG – San Diego PD sued again:  This time for Stingray.

Breaking:   Off-duty Texas cop Kenneth Caplan, (as female passenger leaned back) shot woman in the head for honking at him.

Breaking: First Tuesday! December :  Supreme Court to hear Second Amendment case involving homeless woman with stun gun the police and courts refused to protect.  

11-04-14; AZ, Bullhead City
Bullhead City cop arrested for attempted sexual assault.  As reported here.

11-03-14; CA, King City

King City police officer  

 David Hernandez was arrested at his ex-girlfriend’s home, after he barged in and held his former girl friend and her new boyfriend hostage, using his gun.  (Didn’t take the break up well.)  He wasn’t one of the original six King City policemen caught up in King City’s earlier corruption scandal.

10-30-14:  FL
:  Boynton Beach

 Boyton Beach “Officer of the Month” Steven Maiorino accused of on-duty rape with a gun pointed at victim.

08-08-14  Oklahoma City Cop

rapist cop Holtzclaw

Football star and Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw arrested for rape of several black women, while on duty.

AZ:  City of Florence. Police Officer’s wife sues city for civil rights violations after husband has her detained in alleged false report. 

San Diego wife and husband police officers arrested for drugs.  Jennifer and Bryce Charpentier were apprehended  by county deputies.

A PD officer Jose Robert Figueroa charged in attempted murder of wife.  Expect these stories to continue until reporters begin asking which local therapists conduct evaluations.  That’s where the problem partially, lies.

Recent:  In the raise your hand who’s surprised, category:  “
Another San Diego police officer sues the police.”  She’s female and tired of San Diego’s misogynistic culture.

Consider while effective, real-time, crime prevention tools are available; in conjunction with Parole and Probation, local media airs inaccurate news features, targeting inadequate GPS, rather than effective, real-time GPS that assists in crime prevention.  Or, put another way; “Marketing murder for increased hiring purposes.” 
Federal Judge rules San Diego Police blocked investigation of officers attacking women.

03-04-14:  When San Diego Police knew they were employing a predator – and what they didn’t do about it.

02-25-14 CA: 
 San Diego Police Chief Lansdowne set to resign.  Please Lord, make sure David Ramirez doesn’t get the job.  Otherwise, it’s rearranging deck chairs on the Titantic.

Jeez.  Again?  San Diego needs a police chief, not an audit.  While we understand Chief Lansdowne would like to retire on a good note, the fact remains under his command the department is out-of-control, as yet another case ofmisconduct pops up. 

On the plus side…at least the public is finally aware  how little city council cares about the safety of San Diego women.  As the City Council has  responded to every scandal with silence,  we find the new awareness  refreshing!

  Another arrest of San Diego Police officer:  City council remains Mute, and media going easy on City Council.  (Just like before.)  Subtext:  Women remain unsafe in San Diego, now going on 15 plus years.

San Diego PD. 
 Yes, again.  More victims coming forward in the case of San Diego Police officer, Chris Hays; whose father-in-law, Lt. Mark Jones, is an assistant chief at San Diego Police Department.  Why are women always at risk in San Diego?   Profits.  Profits to the Family Justice Center.  Which offers post-crime services rather than crime prevention. 

Based on our efforts and testimony, it’s simple.  San Diego is the Charlie Sheen of government when it comes to protecting women and children.  Both San Diego City Council members, and  Chief Lansdowne, enjoy a long history of refusing to protect or serve. Likewise, San Diego media (absent periodic exposes) ignores San Diego City’s off-the-charts indifference to crime victims, instead of investigating the profits behind this, in any kind of meaningful, ongoing way.  Which boils down one salient fact:  San Diego female crime victims pay taxes for police and public services the city of San Diego refuses to provide.

Enduring example, here.  Yes, police officials aided the pedophile by not doing their job.

But there’s one thing you can say about San Diego police officers attacking women.  They’re consistent!  Why is Lansdowne still chief?  The answer can be foundhere.  (They’ve blown every opportunity at every opportunity.) To be fair, the County hires as ETM’s – men who have killed children.  Think we’re kidding  See Jesse Thrush by  Clicking here.  The short version being San Diego has always been hard on women.   
To wit:  San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Lowell Bruce  – and how DA Bonnie Dumanis came to Bruce’s defense; costing the county much in the way of litigation.  Dumanis and the police equal:  Lots of dead womenNote to Media:  Seems past time to report the identity of any and all psychologists used by the police department for evaluations.  Clearly there’s a problem.  (The problem with media and sex crimes in San Diego is Larry Mendte, (who pleaded guilty to hacking a female co-anchor’s email account), and Joe Lizura, who pleaded guilty to a lewd act, the infamous, Rod Luck, arrested for punching his girlfriend in the mouth.)

But that’s just the rank and file.  Consider the sex charges involving a seven year old girl, against former Fox Lake Police Chief, here.

02-05-14 HI:  
Female inmates subjected to outrageous abuse at the hands of warden, Neal Wagatsuma, who filmed his version of their, sexual public shamings.  (Note:  We are not making this up).

01-28-14 CA:  San Bernardino police.  Drunk or stupid? How is it San Bernardino police can believe it’s a good idea to enter an elderly woman’s home, from a silent burglar alarm, with a canine unit, and allow the dog to  attack a sleeping 88 year old woman?  Or, put another way, who hires these morons?

01-17-14 UT:   Lindon Police Officer Josh Boren murdered entire family.

01-08-14 AZ:   Payson Police officer Joshua Corey LaManna  
resigned and is Not charged with on-duty rape.  Hint:  Still has pension.  Now works elsewhere.

12- 21-13:  NY:  NYPD officer Michael William was upset his girlfriend broke up with him.  So he shot her, then himself.

12- 21-13:  NY:  Idaho jackboots attack woman in her home.  Brag about their assault.  Who hires these thugs with badges?

A word about media coverage on the police:  On December 1, 201
3, the LA Times featured a snazzy graphic piece on bad cops hired.  Although we usually link to stories regarding poor examples of self-policing, this piece was so lacking that, we can’t.  However, and sadly, reporters live tweeted each other how brilliant the piece was. Seriously.  That would be those reporters without a clue.  No reporting on cops who are arrested, (long after everyone in the department knows) serve time, but retain their pensions, (or plead out with “Community service”) after beating their wives, girlfriends, or women on the street.  None of that information was included in the LA Times report, although just two weeks prior, the the New York Times and PBS devoted a documentary to murderous police officers, here.  As well as how to combat criminal police officers, here.

Likewise, there is no reporting on the profits behind Domestic Violence.

We like to acknowledge the efforts from our betters.  To that end, please follow  Behind the Blue Wall, which specifically addresses cops getting away with murder.

continuing…..the main theme being – who hires these people and what about ongoing, regular mental health evaluations?

12-20-13 TX:  This is just sick.  Texas Border guards subjected this innocent woman to rape by exam.  Repeatedly.

12-07-13 CA:  Lawyers who nailed CHP officers for executing woman after high-speed chase, win big.

11-13-13 AL:  A second lawsuit has been filed for sexual harassment against Sheriff Robert Hertz.  This time from former se
cretary, Jaimie Linton.


VA Supreme Court overturns VA Tech Massacre:  

Imagine how many lives might have been saved had police response not been sluggish and inept, with the first on-scene officers not immediately deciding it was a “domestic incident.’  (Note:  Super creepy when reporters don’t asking why police refer to crimes they believe involve relationships, as “incidents.”)

Police news is always 
breaking, however our question is this:  Why does attacking women come with a nifty, pension benefits program?  We like unions.   At least until they run amok.  Rewarding criminal behavior qualifies as “amok.”

Carlsbad Police.

11-13-13 AL:  Alabama jail guard Vince Cheatham sued for repeated rape of inmate  

 Olivia Osborne, who was sent to the Birmingham Work Release Center.  Suit alleges Cheatham told staff to put inmate on birth control.  Complaint also states when Osborne complained of the rapes the staff changed the words “rape” to “kissing.”

11-05-13 CA:  Oh great.  On-duty rapist. Originally profiled in our report of  02/24/13, 
former police officer and married father of three, West Sacramento Police Officer Sergio Alvarez now faces federal lawsuit for multiple on-duty sex crimes.  

10-28-13 MD:  This time a second Baltimore Police officer murders ex, new love (a fireman) and then himself.  Way to go, Christopher Lee Robinson.

10/27/13 – NY

Super creep!  New York State Trooper Robert Baird performs sexualized “pat down” then orders body cavity search, then orders x-ray after repeated “searches” don’t yield drugs.

10/27/13 – FL
  St. Cloud Sgt. John Nettles Charged with stalking.  Who hires these guys?

10/25/13 – PA: Feds to file against (now) ex Philly cop, ten year veteran, Joseph Harvey, for on-duty masterbating on woman.  Charges against his partner, Sean Cahill, also pending.  Why?  Because the DA dropped the ball.

10/19/13 – OK:  Thugs with badges!  Guthrie Police Lt. Mark Bruning accused of arresting the ex-husband following the concert and falsely alleging the man was drunk in public.  Hint:  This isn’t Bruning’s first rodeo.

10/13/13 – IL:  Thugs with badges.  Woman attacked by Chicago PD jail officer. Video.  Warning – very bloody.

09/15/13 – AK: Fort Smith (married) police officer Billy Rowe arrested for having sex with a 16 year old girl, five times.  Rowe was allowed to resign prior to arrest.  One of the charges detailed Rowe engaging in sexual relations while while on duty. Another problem?  Low bail.  $25,000.00.  Low bail is the DA’s way of informing the public how of little importance the DA and the Courts believes sex crimes are.  Update:  10-12-13:  Rowe admitted the relationship (crime) earlier.    For cops who target children see Bad Cop 2.

08/14/13 – TX:  Lisa Rodriguez claims Harris County Deputy committed on-duty rape.

07/29/13 – CA:  Jose Rigaberto Sanchez, a seven year LA County Sheriff’s Deputy, was arrested on suspicion of committing 11 criminal counts, including rape under fear or distress, all while on duty.

07/29/13 – UT:  Katie Hess sues Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, Police Chief James Winder and Officer Kevin Barrett, in Federal Court after police dog sicced on her by Officer Barrett.  Dispatcher cheers.  Offers officer a slurpee.  All this is on tape, apparently.

07/09/13 – WV:  U.S. Attorney comments on non-prosecution of former Clarksburg Police Chief Marshall Goff and Lt. Tim Smith on federal charges. Both Goff and Tim Smith resigned after not arresting city council member Sam “Zeke” Lopez, following an attack on his wife.  Tip line likely helped establish a cover-up after not arresting Lopez, is a factor.  Marshall Goff and Tim Smith are prohibited from ever working in law enforcement again.  A separate investigation continues.

06/27/13 – CO:  Aurora Police admit to destroying evidence in sexual assault cases.   Essentially, it’s a “My bad.”

06/19/13 – AR:  Testimony today in the rape by instrumentation trial of retired police officer, Jimmy Watson Jones.  Jones retired then was alleged to have gotten busy.  The case seems to be centered around whether kids lie.  Jimmy Jones previously was employed in law enforcement in Arkoma as well as a Sequoyah County agency.  A defense attorney is an alternate juror.

06/18/13 – TX:  In fairness, this video of a woman being brutally treated is Texas.  Home to redefined “low expectations” and those big-haired women who side with criminals wearing badges.

06/17/13 – AL:  Is it nowChief Jason Dean, who is being sued for making a stranded motorist perform a sex act?  

06/15/13 – NY: It was terrible from the get, and Lt. Jason Margolis is known around the department for hitting on subordinates.

05/27/13 – TX:  San Marcus Police Officer James Palermo arrested for attacking pedestrian who walked by him without speaking, while he was on a traffic stop.  The woman required medical treatment.  Charges against her were dismissed.  

05/15/13 – FL: Recycling?  Broward County hires 53-year-old Edwin Sanchez.  Sanchez was fired in 2008 from the Broward’s Sheriff’s Office following accusations by a 21-year-old woman booked on drug trafficking charges that he tried to look down her shirt, asked for her phone number and asked her out on a date upon her release.  Another reason for his firing was earlier, Edwin Sanchez forgot to mention has additional firings.   

05/06/13 – IL:  Off-duty drunken Chicago cop Nick Pocius bites 5′-01″ Lisa Murata as she walked down the sidewalk.  Murata’s arrested after attempting to file a complaint.  

03/07/13:  It’s a trifecta!  Callous judge Patricia Doninger  

(who is in domestic violence court) bad cop Marshall James Keyton- and arresting officer, (later fired.)  But this time it’s all caught on tape.

Interestingly, although Judge Patricia Doninger  has a record of disdain for women,

(she is in the Family Court’s “domestic violence” section.  Which normally means one addresses crimes, not participates or ignores as Judge Doninger did for four straight minutes.)

02/24/13:  West Sacramento Police Officer Sergio Alvarez arrested for on-duty predatory sex crimes against women. He is a married father.  Given the nature and number of Alvarez’s on-duty attacks, bail is set for 26.5 million.

01/22/13:  DC police officer convicted of killing mistress, leaving baby to die in hot car.  Richmond Phillips was convicted of two counts of first degree murder.

01/21/13:  Police Lt. Hans Walters kills family, torches house.  Kills self. Lt. Walters was a 20 year veteran with Las Vegas Police.

01/21/13 Assistant Police Chief Jayson Scott Vest allegedly had sex with an inmate of the Harmon County jail, Oklahoma.  Vest remains jailed.

01/16/13:  CHP payout after traffic stop reveals they kicked and hogtied pregnant Tamara Gaglione. Video stuns public.  And yes, it was a LA DA who initially told Gaglione’s attorney there was no dash-camera.  More bad news.  All officers involved in Gaglione’s case, those who hog-tied, and kicked her in the ribs, are still on the prowl, and in uniform. 

12/31/12 – CA:   LA Sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Alexander sued for rape of minor.  Alexander met girl during a domestic violence call.

12/21/12 – TX:  Only in Texas.  Trooper Kellie Helleson conducts Roadside Body cavity searches.  It’s not Helleson’s first search.  The traffic stop was July 13, 2012, but was only now made public.  Helleson’s been suspended.  With pay.

12/07/12 – MN:  Massive confidential file break-ins committed by cops over 550 times.  Police accessed DMV data base to obtain personal, confidential information Anne Marie Rasmusson.  

11/29/12 – OK:  Another taser attack, this time in OK.  McAlester PD officer Sterling Taylor-Santino, who has a record of excessive force.

New, old news.  Thousands of rape kits untested in AZ.  This mirrors the 

Philly cops who downgraded rapes to burglaries for better crime stats.

To the surprise of no one, ex Bolingbrook Police Sgt., Drew Peterson decided not to testify in the murder trial of his third wife.  Body of fourth wife still missing.  He was convicted.  But that he got away with it for so long….means ongoing psych evaluations seems like a good idea, but the process of “Oversight” in some states, doesn’t exist.  In  2002, Oceanside Police Department sued by female cops for harassment….judge allows confidential settlement.  Fast forward to San Diego Police…déjà vu.  But good news, the Code Of Silence is Broken in Federal Court, and police officers attacking family members.


November 20, 2012 Justice Police Department Officer Carmen Officer Carmen Scardine sued for forced sex.  “Scardine proceeded to unzip his pants, exposed his penis, grabbed (M’s) head and forced her to perform the act of oral sex on him. Under duress and fear of being arrested, again (M) complied.
     After this act of sexual gratification for defendant he zipped up, walked over to the driver side of his vehicle, pulled off and drove (M) back to the cab where the driver was still waiting.”
     M says she reported the sexual assault to the police in the village where she lives, which contacted the Justice Police Department, which investigated and “found that (M’s) complaint against Scardine was sustained.”

NY:  October 24, 2012:  Officer Gilberto Valle, cannibal cop wannabe.

MD:   Deputy Sheriff Lamar McIntyre sued for sexually attacking woman in court holding cell.

MI: Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee out in middle of another sex probeGodbee’s predecessor,  Warren Evans, was fired after an embarrassing reality TV show audition video surfaced, as well as because of complaints about Evans’ relationship with Detroit police officer, Monique Patterson. Shortly after Godbee became chief it was revealed he also had also had a relationship with Patterson, but as the city was still reeling, remained at the top.  Godbee’s wife immediately tweeted, “Wow, some people aren’t who they say they are!”  At least until news of an affair with Angelica Robinson.  To which we can only add, “Sheesh.”

Firing of NY “Show me your boobs” trooper Jeffrey C. Salatel, upheld.

From Bad to Incomprehensible.

September, 13, 2012

9th Circuit:  Amazingly, Judge Sandra Ikuta sided with San Diego Sheriff’s Officers who caused the death of the Lowell Bruce’s wife, Kristin Maxwell-Bruce

Lowell Bruce was a San Diego Deputy who shot his wife Kristin, point-blank in the face during an argument in front of their little boy.  (By day Bruce “guarded” women in Los Colinas Women’s Detention facility).  

San Diego Sheriff’s deputy’s allowed Kristin Maxwell Bruce to bleed-out rather than get medical attention.  Then sheriff’s deputies pepper-sprayed her father, hit him with a baton, and refused to let anyone go to Kristin, for five hours.  (On the other hand, what if EMT Jesse Thrush had showed up?  Thrust was hired by San Diego Medical Director Brucy Haynesafter he was convicted of killing’s his girlfriend’s little girl.) 

(Later DA Bonnie Dumanis went to bat for Lowell Bruce, against Judge Allen Preckel, although in the case of Fartuna Kheyre, Judge Preckel allowed the County to prosecute Kheyre for spitting on a deputy while in custody, although there was evidence Kheyre was not mentally competent. (Kheyre’s Conviction was over-turned on appeal.) 

Lowell Bruce was hired by San Diego Sheriff’s department in spite of his history of violence, and failing not one, but two psych evaluations.

(Tacoma Police Chief, David Brame had four psych evaluations and was hired as “fit for duty” after he was accused of rape.)

After Kristin Maxwell’s parents sued, U.S. District Judge John Houston dismissed the claim that the county negligently hired Bruce as a deputy.  Judge Houston agreed with the county that Bruce “already had psychological issues before the county hired him and that he would have had the same issues whether or not the county hired him.”
Well, duh.

Tina texted her NYPD officer to leave.  Her battered body was found six days later.
Former NY City Transit cop, hubbyEdwin Colleo was arrested, tried convicted.  Jury didn’t go for his “I just snapped” defense.

August, 2012

CA:  Five LAPD officers are under investigation.  Woman tried to leave her children with the police.  Instead, they decided to charge her with child endangerment.  Cops went to her home.  She resisted.  Dash camera caught one cop stomping on her groin area.  She stopped breathing…and suffocated.  Misogyny this gross (this time from a female police officer, is a huge, Top-down problem. 
CA:  Two LAPD 
officers, one a 20 year veteran, “fist bump” after throwing hand-cuffed woman to the ground twice, after a traffic stop.  Nearby store security camera captures the entire event.
Former deputy Ronald E. Oaks, Jr. sentenced to a month in jail for “indecent acts with a minor.”  Won’t have to register as a sex offender.  See also, “Bad Cop 2.”

Former NYPD officer Michael Pena pleads guilty to rape.

officer of six yearsArthur Roldan arrested for sex assault and brandishing knife and gun on victim, ex girlfriend.

Will be following the trial of Mark Barber, (featured below) regarding his 71 felony counts of sex with the women prisoners he was supposed to be guarding, including one count of third-degee rape.

PA:  Yoliana Washinton-Pope isn’t buying the diabetes excuse as a reason why her police partner put his loaded police issue gun to her head, and demanded she beg for her life.  Washington-Pole filed suit instead. Washington-Pope claims among other things that Bailey had a checkered workplace history – and the city knew it.

July, 2012

MA:  Ex Rutland police officer Jason Bidden convicted of raping a woman he offered ride to, but he’s already in prison serving time on another rape.

   Corona Cop Maraget Bell and church pastor Lonny Remmers arrested for failure to report child abuse, among other charges.  Margaret Bell was made aware of a child’s nipples being twisted with pliers, but did not report it; as detailed in her arrest report. Remmers who has Power of Attorney over some in his congregation, also served time in federal prison for investment fraud.  Remmers had enrolled in a Corona Police Volunteer program, and wanted to be a police chaplin, but was removed after a background check…which came after he’d been in a volunteer program for months.

CA:  Who hires misogynist police officers and DAs?  Consider the case of LAPD Sgt. Joshua Chong who after threatening to murder his ex girlfriend as well as her new boyfriend, was offered a plea deal by OC’s lame DA’s office, to one misdemeanor and eight hours of “community service” along with a DV prevention class.  Other lackluster DA’s are featured here.  As yet no one has explained by criminal cops are allowed to keep their pensions.

FL:  Police officer records himself picking up hookers while on duty.

Anthony Sclafani  age 42, the former former Desert Hot Springs police sergeant was sentenced to four years in federal prison for pepper-spraying and using a stun gun on two suspects in custody “without any lawful justification.” One of the Sclafani’s victims was a woman too drunk to stand up as ordered by Sclafani.

CA:  Courthouse News reports LA Sheriff’s raided the wrong house, and forced a naked woman to get out of bed, watched her do it, then joked that she would “have a story to tell others at Thanksgiving,” according to the suit filed by the woman and her fiance.  This was done at gunpoint.

IL:  Will County sheriff’s office got rough with female employee who filed sexual harassment claim.

MO:  Calverton Park police officer Robert Brooks convicted of killing fiancee.  Amanda Cates was gunned down in her home.

CA:  Woman testifies in kidnap rape by former Ontario Police officer Anthony Nicholas Orban.  (Orban is pleading “Not Guilty by reason of insanity.”) Sanity phase to follow.  [update:  It didn’t work]

Criminal cops remains a problem throughout the nation as this LA Sheriff’s Office Investigation demonstrates.  The problem however, is that those in charge, don’t fire them.  Instead, most superiors are allowed to retire with their huge pensions, because of the systemic Union refusal to address the basic issue of criminal, misogynistic cops.  See the Kids Killed Fastsection for police officers who kill their own babies.

Can police disdain for women be any better demonstrated than Gilroy’s Police Department?  Probably 

While standing in a blood-soaked crime scene, after Vet Abel Gutierrez, killed his 11 year old sister Lucero, and then himself, Gilroy Police Suspended their search for his missing Mother, Martha Guiterrez.  Some reports quoted Gilroy Police officials stating, “Well, we have no real proof she’s dead.”  A resident found her body.

But Kern County Deputy Sheriff Logan Earl Steven August, seems to run a really close second. August’s being sued for crashing his vehicle into the Plaintiff’s car, and then going to the hospital and taking about 30 pictures of her exposed chest in the hospital…and posting them online, according to the Complaint.

Do police departments screen for misogyny?  Consider Beaumont PD officer and head of the Beaumont Police Officer’s Association, Enoch Clark.  Clark tussled with a woman he stopped for driving under the influence, but who was not drunk.  Clark sprayed pepper spray in her eyes at 400mph, from ten inches away.  (Recommended distance is five feet.) This blinded her.  Mercifully, Enoch Clark is now indicted on four felony charges.

A New York judge sentenced the ex cop Michael Pena, the former drunken off-duty cop who repeatedly attacked a teacher, while waving his gun in her face, threatening to blow her F**king head off, to 75 years.

Meanwhile, San Francisco’s wife beater newly elected sheriff told to go, (doesn’t) and Alameda’s Chief of Probation hit with a lawsuit. The Bay Area is again a three-ring circus.  As LA and San Diego breathe a sigh of relief.

On the last day of 2011, the New York Times reported women attempting to report crimes against them by men, were rebuffed by local police.  Apparently this and that law enforcement personnel beat their families at Twice the rate of non-police families, is news only to New York Times reporters. 

Why this continues to happen:  Bad reporting.  In some cases, lethally bad reporting.

At present bad reporting stems from the San Francisco Chronicle, and UTSan 

Check it out

Public Safety reporter (the irony) Kristina Davis, reporting on “violence.”  (Family violence?  It’s m-u-r-d-e-r.)

In January 2012, headline writers got it right with, “Murders up in 2011 – Family Violence a Cause  although Davis’s reporting was cringe worthy.San Francisco

Consider San Francisco’s Heather Knight who, in the middle of San Francisco’s sheriff administering a beat-down to his wife, dashed off a puff-piece titled“San Francisco gets it right in Domestic Violence.”

San Francisco has 900 unsolved rapes.  1,000 unsolved murders. But columnist Debra Saunders isn’t quite sure Mirakarimi is an abuser.  No

After repeatedly bleating he was innocent, Sheriff Mirkarimi dumped his first attorney and quickly accepted a plea deal for false imprisonment. The DA dropped the DV charge.  That’s getting it right? 

Bad to the bone….San Francisco demonstrates their top-down problem:

Given it’s San Francisco, Sheriff and wife beater Ross Mirkarimi grabbed the offered plea deal from the DA’s office; of false imprisonment.  (After the fight Mirkarimi refused to allow his wife to leave the house for 18 hours.)

For the sad history of a lack of prosecution, see below.

History:  It began on New Year’s Eve. San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi San Francisco’s newest sheriff faced trial for three DV related charges and one child endangerment.  The latest report was he kept his wife, (who seemingly suffers from Battered Women’s Syndrome) isolated for 18 hours after her New Year’s attack.  

Update:  Uh-oh…looks like Mirkarimi’s got a history of grabbing women and arm twisting to settle fights…and San Francisco Supervisors voted to get the Sheriff his job back.

Earlier in the year, the San Francisco Chronicle reported over 1,000 unsolved murders and 900 unsolved rapes. But ringing in the new year, San Francisco’s newly elected sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi was booked withthree counts, including battery and child endangerment

San Diego:    San Diego meanwhile, had a record number of officer arrests, (nine) during one short, time period, including one “Officer of the Year” who was stalking a fellow officer.  Although afraid for her life the female officer could not get a restraining order from Judge Lisa Schall.  The officer of the Year was later convicted of stalking, but kept his job.  Others quit the force after their arrest.  Others went to prison.

Anthony Arevalos, dubbed, “Los Colinas Transportation Unit” was one.  Turns out he’d been stalking women for years.  Lawsuits against the city have been filed.  Although Chief Lansdowne has lost control of the department, San Diego’s City Council doesn’t seem to mind.

Other, recent arrests:

OH:  Obetz police officer Vernon Wolford demanded oral sex before transporting females to detention centers.  Wolfford is married and was a “Reserve” officer for a year prior.  He was later fired.   

NV:  What happens in Vegas…..makes headlines.

Las Vegas Police Officer John Norman.

Does Officer Norman have trouble getting dates?  Why else would he demand women expose their breasts to him; and is anyone really surprised he’s additionally charged with groping? 

Family Court remains the bedrock source, but because reporters don’t cover Family Court, speaking only to officials or “experts” when it comes to family violence, (crime) the public remains better informed than those being paid to report.  In the Kristina Davis article Davis spoke with Cynthia Burke, director of criminal justice research at San Diego Association of Governments.  Burke stated, “Homicide is not the best measure of how safe a community is.”  Reportedly with a straight face.  That Davis would quote her, confining her reports to people in her rolodex, is another (sad) matter.

Bad reporting is why women attempting to report inter-family crimes are shuffled off by the police to Family Court, instead. 

It’s likely reporters have no clue Family Court judges have long adjudicated crimes.  The only difference being unlike criminal courts judges, women are more at risk as Family Court judges refuse to protect litigants trapped in front of them.  Family court judges refuse to order GPS with Victim Notification, although these devices enable judges to make for the first time,effective restraining orders.

A separate issue:  how did the individuals below not come to the attention of their superiors…remains unaddressed and unreported.

NY:  December 12, 2011:  NY retired cop Clarence Cash pumps ten shots into wife, Tracy Young.  Three in the face.  Cash then says she didn’t deserve it.

OH:  December 11, 2011:  
Marvin Rice, former Dent County Deputy suspect in double murder of ex-wife and her boyfriend.  The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported Rice went to the home of his ex-wife, Annette Durham and her boyfriend Steven Strotkamp and fatally shot them, before fleeing with his 2-year-old son, which he left with his new wife, before speeding off.

CA:  December 8, 2011:  Court of Appeal affirmsDeputy’s wife’s murder conviction.  (The bad news is the kids can’t or won’t believe reality.)

OH:  November 29, 2011:  Retired police office and deputy sheriff, Gary Stroud…arrested in wife’s murder.

CA:  November 29, 2011:  San Jose Police Sgt. Christopher Shimekkills wife, and self.

Within two months of paternity being established;

Jackson Police Detective Natyyo Gray  is arrested for killing his daughter.  Natyyo Gray has been employed on the police force since 2001.  He also goes by the name Devon Whitfield.

Text messages show covert tactics of Baltimore police who protected Cleaven Williams, Jr., the man they were supposed to arrest, resulted in William’s ability to murder his wife.  Baltimore PD sued. 

Just in time for October’s “Domestic Violence Awareness” month – do women need back-up after the police arrive?  Or why do City Councils allow top brass to keep their jobs?  To wit:

It took LAPD a year to arrest a
knife-wielding, gun-toting Detective Richard Womack for domestic violence.

Seven womencome forward with claims against officer Albert Rincon.   (Although LA doesn’t hold a candle to San Diego for stalking, sex crimes, for domestic violence the jury is still out.) 

Are most city leaders as into cronyism,  as Fullerton’s City Councilman Bruce Whitaker – who previously handed the Sheriff-Coroner Department; the District Attorney’s Office; Public Defender Office; Probation Department; the Superior Court System while working for Chris Norby?

Meanwhile, San Diego DA and police officials ended all pretense of
ending Domestic Violenceas stalker sgt takes a plea, while on paid leave, which allows him to keep his gun.  Media continues ignoring the GPS real-time monitoring technologysolution which would also saveofficer lives.  (Jail house recorded phone calls revealed the killer planned to kill them all along. He cut his tracking device off and did so. GPS straps using real-time monitoring can’t be cut.  Had the state used the newer, better technology police officers wouldn’t be killed.

Returning to the other problem; the result of police officers refusing to provide services when called, is dead people. 

Often, dead, women people. 

Recently eight year old
Rosalin Reynoldswas murdered after Watonga, Oklahoma, because the police couldn’t get their act together to investigate after numerous prior calls for service.

This makes sense as police officers themselves have a higher rate of harming their own family members. 
Domestic violence is 2 to 4 times more common in police families than in the general population. In two separate studies,40% of police officers self-report that they have used violence against their domestic partners within the last year. In the general population it’s estimated that domestic violence occurs in about 10% of families.  Most recently,Ohio Corrections officer William Dembie Jr. who self-reported he beheaded his wife Holly over their divorce.

A historical perspective:  or what happened when enterprising journalist, Harvey Levin – yes, thatHarvey Levin, learned LA PD was not prosecuting officers who beat their wives and girlfriends, courtesy of Robert Mullaly.

LA PD immediately went after Mullaly, who was then tried in federal court for violating a civil court order. 

Mullaly’s sentence; Take that whistleblower.  U.S. District Judge William Keller ends Mullaly’s career

And yet, after not responding to calls for service, the police apply for grant money for snazzy new, crime solving, software for themselves, while telling Victims of assault and attempted murder, they don’t have the money.

San Diego’s police chief’s response to GPS with real-time victim notification was an immediate, “How are they going to pay for it?”  The question itself belies the prejudice against women crime victims.  In what other area is a crime victim expected to pay for their protection?  That said, each city has existing funds.  It’s merely a question of deciding women are important enough to divert existing funds to empower them with equipment to save themselves.   San Diego City Council’s reaction to police officers repeatedly attacking women?  Bumpkiss.

Where are the supervisors?

WA:  Some of them aresupervisors.  AG taking over prosecution of former Staff Sgt. Dennis L. McCarthy was arrested late last year on charges that he pointed a gun at his girlfriend in May 2010 and pushed her out the second-story window of an Olalla home.  The woman broke her shoulder and legs in the fall. Detectives said McCarthy reported that she fell out the window while she was hanging curtains at 4:30 a.m.
Where are the supervisors?

How is it Prison Guard Mark Barber, could repeatedly rape prison inmates without any kind of suspicion for as long as the indictments claim?

While it takes a special kind of person to rape an inmate, how is it Mark Barber could attack as many women as he did, for so long, without someone noticing…considering he was the prison rep for grievances?

Mark Barber was indicted for 58 separate counts of sex crimes including rape, of prisoners.Nassau DA Kathleen Rice stated, 

“This defendant used the influence of his position to terrorize, rape and abuse vulnerable inmates.”
Mark Barber.  58 counts. Whew.

Also consider Kim Wolf, another New York jail guard now charged with murdering her ex-girlfriend and Uncle.

On the other hand, when Police Chiefs break into homes for financial gain related to pregnancy, shouldn’t women realize calling the police might qualify for a new definition of  “risky behavior?”  Consider the case of former Ohio Police Chief,
Barry Carpenterand Police Chief Chad Dojack.
Recent:  In the Category of  “How strange is this?”

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne wanted  officer Anthony Aravalos
prosecuted, but sent him back out on the street, alone.

(San Diego City Council continued their mute stance after Sgt. Ken Davis was convicted of stalking a fellow officer.)

KY:   Sometimes the bad cops are women.  Erlanger Police Detective Kim Klare ignores rape evidence.  Klare speaks to DA Amy Burke and Victim is arrested.  (Lawsuitfollows).

  Vice officer Richmond Phillips involved in custody dispute now in custody after woman and baby identified as Wynetta Wright and daughter Jaylin found dead.

VA:  Franklin County Deputy Jonathan Agee shoots ex-wife Jennifer Agree multiple times.  Kills her.Jennifer Agree owed Jonathan Agee about  24k in back child support.

Stating the obvious:  the public pays taxes including for police officers – who take an oath to protect the public.  Seems simple.  So why are police officials promoted after officers downgrade rapes to burglaries?  When the police are the front line of defense against crime towards women, are themselves, criminals. city councils must demand accountability.

San Diegans are beginning to wonder if San Diego’s police misconduct cover-up, isn’t getting a helpful assist by the City Council, led the mayor, and former police chief, with a helpful assist of the city attorney, himself involved in a “domestic violence” incident.

In one 45 day period, five , six, Seven San Diego Police officers were arrested for on-duty stalking, sexual battery and rape.   The latest arrest, featured  Daniel Dana, for on-duty rape, less than 24 hours after a press conference wherein the chief announced a new task force.  Unfortunately the force is staffed with managers who are also problematic.

In the case of Anthony Arevalous, it may be that his superiors as reported locally, were aware of Arevalous’s activities, for 15 years.

Women buy into this culture, too.  San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Lauren McAllister was herself arrested for trying to block the arrest of a man for sexual assault.

Certainly, the San Diego City Council was made aware since 2005, officers were refusing to provide polices services to crime victims.  But they did nothing.

It now seems the city wasn’t aware the police brass were committing crimes.  In that San Diego’s mayor Jerry Sanders is San Diego’s former police chief, why didn’t he clean up the department?

 On the right coast, Christopher Clavell, 

 a NYC corrections officer was arrested for the cold-case murder of his ex, Barbara Perez, over a child custody dispute.

Clearly, something about the job seems to attract the best and the worst.  Unfortunately the best continue failing to weed out the worst. 

Which explains how two off-duty police Orange County police officers who worked in concert,

are were charged with rape charges. Update:  A jury found a former Westminster Police Department detective and Iraq War veteran guilty of kidnapping and raping a cocktail waitress, setting the staging for a second phase of the trial when the panel will decide whether Anthony Nicholas Orban was legally sane when he carried out the attack in Fontana two years ago. His partner in crime testified against him.  Update:  Ever the coward, Orban committed suicide the day before sentencing.

Just as clearly as there is a problem between victims of family crimes and the response of police officers, just as clear is this is a reflection of a Top-Down, not a rank and file,  problem. 

Should any police officer refusal to provide police services in relation to family crime please contact us.  Government works – but sometimes only after problem areas are corrected.  And when authorities fail, and media fails to do its job, the result is a continuing parade of dead people.

Consider the number of Murder-Suicides By State.

Then there are the cases where the police do their part, and the DA fails to do their job.   Or, the police and the DA do their part, and the judge does not.  Please see

The public must hold city officials responsible when police refuse to provide services, including to crime victims within the family…which generally come to light in family court.  In the case below, the failure of the police to allowed Bud Parsons to freely molest other people’s children for a period of five years. 

New York:
New York City:

1.  Why would Long Island cop Gilbert Mannerz feel okay about stopping a car with three woman and forcing one to grope him during the stop? 

So he could get a phone number and harass them later.  
The woman
taped one of Mannerz’s calls and gave it to the cops.  Mannerz is a five year veteran of the force.

And yes, we have wondered what Mannerz had in mind, next.

2. NYPD precinct boss Juanita Holmes brutally beaten by jealous ex-cop husband

3.  Cop may have killed before.

New York

Utica Police Department
A year later – Nothing’s changed.

Delayed Justice but – Justice 

Former Winkler County Sheriff (20 years) Robert Roberts found guilty of retaliating against nurses who reported doctor.

Reward:    To the first person who leads police to the person or persons responsible for the murder of Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Vann.  Although we profile bad cops, we do not tolerate cop killers, period.


Great news!    Dorcus Allen, who cut off a tracking bracelet and murdered four police officers, was convicted.  (Had Allen been outfitted with a real-time GPS monitoring bracelet instead of a tracking, after-the-fact, bracelet, those officers would be alive today.)  And when it comes to stalked and battered women, GPS real-time monitoring with victim notification is needed in family court.California
Warrant issued for Former Police Chief Paul Wadley for leaving lewd photos of himself in public places.

Wadley was a thirty year veteran.

San Diego
Update:  Sgt Ken Davis, former “Officer of the Year” will stand trial for stalking another officer.

San Diego Sheriff’s Office 
1.  Deputy Lowell Bruce Sentenced for killing wife.

2.  Local police officer Arthur  Pera officer was charged with rape of a college student, and

3.  Art Arvalos was charged with multiple counts of sexual battery…with more women coming forward.

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