-  No one over eleven believes it's working.

Bad Cop Reforms

We love good cops.  We hate there are so many so-called good cops, who remain silent while knowing about the bad cops found here.


VA:  Federal Judge James Robart signs off on police reforms after scathing report regarding Seattle Police Department penchant for excessive force.

State Lawsuits
CA:  Misogyny?  You decide.  Video captures two LAPD officers
, one a twenty year veteran, the other new and on probation, throw hand-cuffed woman to the ground after a traffic stop for talking on her cell phone will driving.  Twice.  Afterward, the officers fist-bump.

Arlington Police officer Dale Ecstrom not ready for prime time, but caught on tape.  "On camera, Officer Eckstrom, who appears to stand more than 6'0" tall and weigh between 190 and 220 pounds, goes up to the 5'4" girl and grabs her upper body from behind, heaves her upward so that her feet travel more than a foot off the ground and then slams her back first onto the pavement," the complaint states. "Seeing the burly officer body-slam the 116 pound girl, the stunned crowd releases a collective, 'Ooh.'
     "When Officer Eckstrom slammed K.P. into the paved parking lot, the girl banged her head and hurt her back and neck. The abuse did not end with the body slam, though. At some point, Officer Eckstrom scraped her face on the pavement. And though K.P. had never resisted him, Officer Eckstrom inexplicably pulled out his pepper spray and doused her in the face at close range as he pressed her lifeless body to the ground. The spray severely burned her skin and open wounds hours later slamming their daughter's head on the pavement.

On the other hand....

CA:  Oakland official Deanna Santana claims Federal monitor for Oakland Police Department, hit on her.
Misogyny or just general disdain For Women?

You decide.

A lack of police reform at the state level remains a national problem. 

Samples of lawsuits filed, include:

Arizona's laughingstock, "Sheriff Joe" regularly ignores problems with the jails involving women prisoners.  However, Sheriff Joe now has other problems.

Wisconsin:  Police Sgt. Christopher Jackson alleged to have repeatedly assault inmate.

Illinois:   Former personnel claims Sheriff Paul Kaupas had her stalked.
Legislators not commenting why they continue protecting the pensions of criminal cops, including post-criminal conviction.  The public asks why.

When will legislators serve the public?  When will legislators end the practice of rewarding criminal cops with high pensions?  Secondly, when will legislators end the practice of police and fire personnel pensions that continue to financially break city budgets.

in addition to the lawsuits involving criminal cops.