Breastfeeding for Custody

Breastfeeding for custodial advantage.  It happens.  However,  just as public and private businesses must recognize all children deserve to be fed whenever they are hungry by their breastfeeding mothers without interference from anyone; in Arkansas, laws such as the proposed Landry’s Law which purports to “protect” breastfeeding babies must also be recognized for what they ultimately are:  a tactical ploy for custodial advantage.  

We predict this petition is DOA.  No sane legislator will touch it.  

The reality of family court is it’s Divorce Court…and not everyone matters.  Therefore, wily litigants  will invent “issues.”  Breastfeeding is just one.  (Hiding assets, is another favorite.)

1.    Arkansas mom Rachel Woolard-Weston is campaigning for “Landry’s Law” which Woolard-Weston claims “gives rights to breast fed (sic) children and their mothers regarding custody cases.  Right now, there is nothing in place protecting them.”

2.  Woolard-Weston claims claims she is providing those “voiceless children” a voice.  However, those voiceless children are the same children who scream for food.  So while sweet little babes can’t express themselves in words, anyone who has ever been around a child for more than a day knows those babes are equipped with a set of lungs to alert Mom and Dad as well as the immediate neighborhood, when hungry.

3.  The flaw in Rachel Woolard-Weston’s argument “She will scream, she will get herself so upset that even if food is offered, she wouldn’t be able to eat.”

Or put another way, Woolward-Weston is stating:  

1.  My child will starve herself to death should I suddenly die.  (This renders Woolard-Weston all powerful.)

2.  My child’s suckle instinct is only for me.  It does not appear for anyone or anything, other than me. She will starve.

3.  A nurse is quoted as saying Rachel could get a duct infection if this happens. We’re beginning to get the impression this is all about Rachel, and control.

The judge in Woolard-Weston’s case isn’t buying it. Neither are we.  Likely neither is the Arkansas legislature.  But points for trying. After all, Rachel Woolard-Weston’s blog states she’s the “Cool Mom.”  

Not the great mom.

Most moms would rather be known as the good mom over the cool Mom.  Although, like Rachel, most moms like glitter and of course world peace.  But Rachel’s priorities are different; as clearly stated on her blog:

“I’m not like a regular mom – I’m a cool mom.”

Be nice.  You knew divorce might happen.  

Also, if it starts out this way, it’s going to end ugly.  

Consider the case that made it to the Arkansas Supreme Court. We tipped media to it after one Arkansas Supreme Court jurist called out another who tried, without a hearing, to fix an earlier, illegal order.  It was the Linder case.  We kept a copy.

Gotta love those judges.  

Last, might want to check to be sure the judge you want to vote for is able to legally, run.  Click here to see if your judge has had what is being delicately referred to as “a problematic suspension.”  Last, thanks.  If Arkansans vote for family values, they won’t be voting for Bobby Altes.

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