Child Custody

Child custody:  Child support, they are interwoven for a reason.  Money and, revenge.  For women, divorce and custody cases in cities with military bases, have a higher mountain to climb. A Pentagon report released in 2015, indicated the secrecy surrounding dependent children abused by military personnel.   For this reason, we recommend tape recorders, witnesses, and ongoing police involvement if at all possible. 

Particularly since 31 states have no laws prohibiting rapists from later asking for custody.    

Report a crime, receive a diagnosis. Sound familiar?

Recently learned (from the very freaked out girlfriend of someone owing child support for a very long time) that the Feds are employing the use of SWAT teams to collect child support.  

Seriously.  Under:  Failure to Pay Child Support, here’s the code states use for that.

CT millionaire and former US Surgical Corp. boss Leon Hirsch is spending more money attempting to duck child support than if he had just paid it.

Tea party and fiscal “Get your house in order” conservative Joe Walsh owes 117k in back child support. Joe says it ain’t so. 

Cook County Circuit Judge Raul Vega ordered Walsh to prove it.  He couldn’t. Walsh, who made fun of his female opponent, a military helicopter pilot who lost her legs after taking fire, also lost his Congressional seat; and was ordered to pay up.

Since 2001, and with over 12,000 records on file…

This is of course, a bi-partisan issue.

Former PA legislator Ken Ruffing was arrested for unpaid child support in the amount of $35,000.00 – after a short chase on foot.  Ruffing has been arrested for the same charge six times in the past

Deputies knew to find him at his mother’s house, but Ruffings booked it out the back door when they showed up.  He was caught and booked soon after.  

While serving in the legislature Ruffing was on the Liquor Control Committee.  But his DUI arrest ended that important committee work.

Child Support is also featured in the “Comic Gold” section of this site.  Some things have to be seen to be believed.

In some areas, local hospitals are complicit; and rewarded by the State.  Ask California attorney Ed Montgomery, who decades earlier, helped write California Statutes defining child abuse, about “Pop Docs” and t-shirts.

The materials on this site as well as some of the records archived, demonstrate a perfect failure of media, government, non-profits all claiming their goal is to end “domestic violence.” This includes everyday people who stand in silence as the murder rate continues to climb, when the solution GPS with Victim Notification which empowers potential victims to save their own lives, is available. 

However, one must always be hopeful the solution will be embraced soon so lives willnot continue to be needlessly be lost.


Trial of Alejandro Baeza continued, with prosecutors claiming

Baeza killed his two year old son as he was tired of paying child support.  The child’s mother repeatedly told San Bernardino County family court judge, John Pacheco, he was hurting the child…and was accused of making it up to gain exclusive custody rights. On September 4, 2009, Judge Pacheco is on record stating, “I think you’re over-reacting, all right?  And if you continue to act this way, what I have to do is I’ll take custody from you and let — because I will give custody to the person who that is most willing to cooperate with the other parent, and giving them custody, okay?  That’s what we do.” 

Clearly Judge Pacheco and the litigant were having two, separate conversations.  But on April 10, 2010, Baeza called 911 and reported his son was in respiratory

distress. The boy was rushed to a hospital, where doctors discovered he was bleeding cranially, to the point that his brain was “actually pushing out from his skull.  Although this is the second time in two years family court judges have played a part in a child’s death, judges show no plans to alter their bias  Mothers continue to fail to insist – often before reluctant police officers, that criminal cases have absolutely no place in family court. 

As an aside, on September 9, 2011, we learned Judge Pacheo’s clerk has issues with the English language.   English may be her first language, but her comprehension skills, are nil.  Ergo, if you have an important message, our recommendation is not to speak to her.  Unless you want the reverse message relayed to the judge.  Her utter lack of comprehension is  almost scary. discovered:1.  How in some states military men have been victims of paternity fraud and were later stuck with child support payments for children they did not father.  While fulfilling their military obligation these men were denied the ability to prove their innocence.   Also, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled incarceration over failure to pay child support doesn’t mean the State has to assign the litigant an attorney, the court did out three separate criteria before sending a litigant off to the hoosegow, (it was a squeaker).  We wonder if civil jails for non-criminals, i.e. debtor’s prisons, will be the next new thing.  The case was Turner vs. Rogers.

2.  Unfortunately in some cases demanding a paternity test led to the murder of mother and child as in the case of Dennis Potts; convicted of murdering mother and child (hanging the baby by a cord), and married policeman Richmond Phillips.  Bodies of his girlfriend was found in the woods.  The child in the trunk of his car.

3.  In California, relationship sometimes trumps biology, particularly in extra-marital affairs.  However, in Kentucky,  Christopher H. Egan proved the opposite is now true.

4.  We have documented members of the Texas legislature ducking child support after divorce.  But in a new low, reveals how one family court judge, who regularly delivers smackdowns to deadbeat dads – is himself a deadbeat dad.

Judge and deadbeat dad, Tracy Gilbert

Specifically, in District 418, Conroe, Texas.  Montgomery County Family Court Judge Tracy A. Gilbert, when told his hot, one-night stand resulted in pregnancy, suggested abortion or adoption, and then the future judge, Tracy Gilbert, ran like the wind. 

As one blogger pointed out, Judge Gilbert continues to demonstrate good-ole-boyisms, Texas.    

We don’t care for either of  Judge  Gilbert’s two faces.  In our note to Judge Gilbert’s clerk advising Judge Gilbert madethe Child Support section of, we added Judge Gilbert’s actions would be hilarious were they not quite so pathetic.
But in that he’s in Texas – he won a case involving back child-support.

5.  How collaborative divorce sometimes winds up with both husband and wife paying on the hook for four attorneys.      

6.   Conversely, in the area of “poetic justice” we have rape suspect and former planning board member Jeffrey Gray, who was ordered held for back child support after posting bail on the rape charge.

Earlier Gray told Family Court Judge Paul Moore he didn’t have any money.  Judge Gray fixed the back child-support problem.

Hint:  This also applies to Canada as Dr. Harinder Kochar was just informed by Justice Louise Gauthier he had to pay $200k in back child-support to the grand-parents caring for Kochar’s three daughters.  

7.  Why parental alienation factors into child support, and is at the root of most bitter custody battles.  Nor is this an American problem, as this case out of New Zealand reveals.

8.  Why those owed child support should never contract with firms such as Austin based, Support Kids; which the State of Virginia is suing.

9. Why the so-called documentary, “Support – System Down” was a trip down fictional lane.  It’s impossible when making a “documentary” about murder on the courthouse steps of Tyler, Texas, unless one talks with the police and surviving family members.

10.  How “Friend of the Court” is exactly that.  Not a friend of parent or child.  And how parents who haven’t paid child support are jailed, or have their vehicle booted

11.  Native American mothers also have trouble collecting child support.  Apparently Native American deadbeat dads co-exist nicely with those who came afterward. Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.