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City Attorneys –  Winking crimes away.  Most recent example is Denver City Attorney Douglas Friednash.  But the history of city attorneys winking away crimes is long.  In 2002, Oceanside City Attorney recommended a confidential settlement after settling with Oceanside’s female police officers harassed by male police officers.  And yes, the judge, unidentified by media, followed the city attorney’s recommendation for a confidential settlement

Why is Denver judge Mary Celeste smiling?

Why wouldn’t Denver Judge Mary Celeste not smile, broadly?  She’s politically active and has reaped the benefits which follow.  So there’s no reason for Judge Celeste not to smile. 

Mainly because Denver City Attorney Douglas Friednash didn’t charge Judge Celeste with with child endangerment after Celeste left her grand-daughter in a hot car with temperatures in the 90’s to go, shopping at Sam’s. 

Judge Celeste claimed water and a running fan were left in her car for the six year old.

Celeste’s attorney claims Celeste was gone less than ten minutes during the 90 degree day.  Reporters didn’t ask the obvious:  Who gets out of a place like Sam’s in a parking lot as large as Sam’s in less than ten minutes?

Politics prevailed.

Denver Police asked a special prosecutor to be called in.  Apparently District Attorneys or City Attorneys either long on the job, or freshly minted will not perform the first function of the position: 

Search for the truth.

The case ended shortly thereafter as Arapahoe District Attorney Carol Chambers was called in as a “Special Prosecutor” as Friednash simply was not up for the task at hand.  After being given the case politics prevailed and Chambers quickly determined no crime had been committed.


No word as to how Chambers arrived at this conclusion.  However, had Judge Celeste been a family court litigant she likely would have lost custody, ordered to attend parenting classes, and only able to “visit” her child under supervised visitation.

As such Judge Mary Celeste has every reason to smile as once again, government officials continue evidencing a hard-care determination to fail to protect children.

This is our tax dollars at work.

More bad news for Denver’s kids

Judge Celeste’s case is all the more jarring considering Douglas Friednash has only been in office just over a month.  Which makes Friednash’s protecting a judge who actively endangered a child all the more scary. 

What makes the case standard, however, is Friednash was only following his roots.  Receiving a J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law,  Friednash also received the Outstanding Graduate award from the University of San Diego Alumni Association Board of Directors. 

San Diego’s troublesome history

In 2001, the cover story of San Diego Magazine featured phony therapist and supervised visitation monitor, Susan Griffin.  Griffin had received a grant from the country for roughly 100k for her non-profit, Griffin & Wong.  After the story broke, the Board of Supervisors audited her company (since renamed “Hannah’s House) and demanded a return of funds.

Turns out the audit not only revealed Griffin was not a therapist, having graduated from Email University, but that her supervised visitation facility was found to be both unsafe (no fences and located next to a busy street) and unsanitary, with fecal material from her “petting zoo” on the couch.

What did then City attorney Casey Gwinn do? 

Not only did 

then city attorney Casey Gwinn not prosecute Griffin for fraud or child endangerment; Gwinn went basic fraud and child endangerment one better.

Casey Gwinn promoted Griffin’s business.

Casey Gwinn hired Griffin to oversee the supervised visitation facilities in San Diego for his non-profit, Family Justice Center.  He then created a national franchise of family justice centers.

To emphasize the point, Gwinn did this after the story broke.

More bad news

Not surprisingly, these non-profits oppose victim Notification GPS.  Better grant money to their top people than actual, life saving devices empowering victims to save their own lives.

Our tax dollars at work.

Stay tuned for more examples, but one last thing.  Judge Mary Celeste had previously received, the “Trailblazer Award.”  In 2011, Judge Celeste received the Mary Lathrop Award, an award dedicated to those who “enrich the community through legal and civic activities” (excluding putting children at risk in their personal lives) by the Colorado Women’s Bar Association. believes this qualifies the Women’s Bar Association for the “What Were They Thinking Award.”  

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