Comic Gold

Comic gold:  Because sometimes you just have to laugh.

Amazingly, some attorneys will ask you to encumber to them, the home you hired them to protect.    Comic gold!  Utter, comic gold!

We sometimes wonder why anyone bothers writing fiction.

Arizona:  Because it’s just that way it is.

April 4, 2012,

The Arizona Republic reported, “Tucson Rep. Daniel Patterson will keep his House seat, at least for now.

House Republicans effectively killed a mostly Democratic effort to remove Patterson from his seat in the face of an ethics investigation that exposed allegations of domestic violence, outbursts against other lawmakers and staff, marijuana use and offers to a lobbyist to trade sex for a vote.

Patterson, who on Monday changed his party affiliation from Democrat to independent, has denied any wrongdoing. He was not at the House Tuesday. He was in court in Tucson dealing with an order of protection his ex-wife had filed against him.”Welcome to Comic Gold! 

Comic Gold – the section that highlights how now former Illinois Tea PartyCongressman Joe Walshwho’s been busy demanding fiscal accountability, owes  $117,000. Plus in child support.  But wait!  There’s more! – 


Turns out Congressman Walsh may have filed some false documents in family court.
But wait – there’s more!  Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council
(another joke, non-profit) issued a statement commending Walsh as:
“We thank Congressman Walsh, who has voted consistently to defend faith, family and freedom …” according to Chicago’s Sun Times.  Nationally, our research shows there is no larger big-money firm snaking its influence through Family Courts.

Comic Gold!  The section that explains how ex felons wind up on state panels for Child Support!

Thanks to AZ state legislator and Senate President Russell Pearce;

and kudos to Jason Barry in Phoenix, who reported Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce appointed convicted felon and so-called fathers rights advocate Terry Decker to a state board in charge of addressing Child Support.  Decker claims child support is really hidden alimony.  See news clip here.
(Update:  Sanity prevailed.  Pearce became the first official recalled.)

Comic Gold!  The section that explains how criminals are finding pedophile friendly legislative support so they won’t be held accountable for the sex crimes against children!
That would be Oregon’s Wayne Kreiger, who as Co-Chair of Oregon’s State Judiciary Committee,                                      

Kreiger blocked a bill which would have eliminated the Statute of Limita-tions for cases which involved sex
 crimes against children. 

(Gotta wonder if Representative Kreiger will lead the Parade for Pedophiles next year.)  

Comic Gold!  The section demonstrates new meaning for Opposing Counsel.  When one attorney sharing office space with another involved in a divorce, hires a hit man to kill his office mate, it’s safe to assume the couples are in a better place than at least one of the attorneys.

That would be the now disbarred, South Carolina attorney Irby Walker.  Walker tried to hire a hit man to kill Doug Thorton, an attorney with whom he shared office space, but was “opposing counsel” on a divorce case.   Walker also sneaked by Thorton’s back in an attempt to get him fired.  But that’s only part of it.
 (Mental health counseling was mentioned.) Government-wise, though, can anyone top Wisconsin Senator Zipperer and the Sheriff’s Association?

WI:In an article in the Wisconsin Reporter detailing legislation co-sponsored by co-sponsored by Senator Zipperer, and the Sheriff’s Association, the reporter did not question why anyone thought it was a good idea to allow criminals who repeatedly violate restraining orders to eventually be put on GPS.  Nor did the reporter ask why these criminals get so many freebies before finally being held accountable.  

Had the reporter investigated, the reporter could have found other GPS firms which offer victim notification for the less than the $19.00 a day quoted, which include a siren on the device that could be activated for a sort of a mobile neighborhood watch.

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