In May of 2007, Joan Walsh wrote about Men who attack women online for Salon and vowed to fight it.  Not so much.  Open Salon’s editor, Kerry Lauerman, supports men attacking women on-line, where the worst offenders post often.   Women who complain, have their accounts deleted.

Most media firms have evolved to posting standards.  Salon remains a free of standards, public corporation.

Which may explain Salon’s stock price. When we last checked it was at .03 cents a share.

In family court Anthony Morelli, and his SEO girlfriend below, opted for on-line character assassination of Morelli’s former wife, Allison, “My Psycho ExWife” which also serves as a daily drip of parental alienation.   The children learned of the site as Morelli and Misty talked about their postings while making them while the children were around.

Morelli’s ‘My Psycho Ex Wife’s blog, (with his girlfriend’s help) takes the cake in that only know, after years of invective, did a judge give him additional time to come to his senses as a good father.  Buck’s County is looking into Morelli’s practicing law, sans license on Misty’s where the charming couple charge other angry men who hate the mother of their children, for advice. Advice which includes not talking poorly of the ex.   Since neither Morelli nor his girlfriend Misty Weaver-Ostinato, take their own advice, regularly and viciously profiling Allison, one must wonder why anyone would pay them for legal advice in the first place.

However, if the boys adore their father – one wonders what kind of abuser Morelli is raising.Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.