Dating – announced it would begin checking for sex offenders.  Great.  Except, have they?  And what about murderers and sex offenders on parole?

December 31, 2013

TX:  Mari-Louise Larsen sued her estranged husband Andre Jones
Chicago Title of Texas, and five people and four businesses she claims helped Jones pull off the fraud after he ripped her off to the tune of 1.2 million, and also married someone else.  Bigamist.

NY:  Steven Lalacita duped his bride into spending $744,000.00 on his mistress.  Said mobsters would kill him if he didn’t pay off an (imaginary) gambling debt.

July 30, 2013

Tulsa World reports arrest of fugitive Joshua Schneider in murder of beloved professor, Tiffany Rene Maher.

Women fail to realize dating sites are large, corporate ventures, catering to profits.  
Remember Darren Mack, the Reno based millionaire who murdered his wife Charla, (then attempted to murder his divorce judge, Chuck Weller)?  

Mack beat feete to Mexico and wrote on and Yahoo personals that he was a fun guy looking for a woman with “a respectful attitude.”

Below is a list of other “fun” guys who are really out there. Enter at your own risk.

March 13, 2013
Del Mar, CA

Sean Kelly of back in jail after more sex crime victims contact police.

Meet Michigan’s David Dean Smith.  David has HIV and a hatred of women.  Infecting them excites him.  So far, David Dean Smith claims to have infected over 3,000 men and women with HIV.  Some of whom David Dean Smith met on Yahoo Personals. 


But wait; there’s more!

Freed convicted killer looking for love on

Just in case you wondered, – or didn’t think to ask:  please know on-line dating sites don’t do background checks…except for credit.

It’s not like they couldn’t.

This lack of – oh, everything worked very well for awhile for convicted killer, Abraham Fortune; a man looking for love. 

Fortune has been looking for his soul mate on, Yahoo Personals, and a bunch of other sites, too.

He’s had a lot of time to search since selling his motorcycle shop, along with enough money to render himself attractive.   

Familylawcourts guesses that Abraham uploaded a nice, photo-shopped picture of himself on all of the site he’s registered.  

Below is one photograph that wasn’t.  The State of Texas doesn’t photo-shop. 


According to Texas Department of Criminal Justice records, Abraham Fortune was convicted of killing two people in 1970.

He served less than eleven years. 

And while the San Francisco Chronicle reported Fortune killed two people, The San Antonio Express named three.

Including a four year old child.

One more thing.  Abraham Fortune used to be Michael Paprskar.  He was Paprskar when he killed the child and sentenced to die in the electric chair.

According to the San Antonio Express:

 “A more deliberate, cold-blooded murder of an inoffensive child … would be hard to imagine,” a federal appeals court judge wrote in 1980. Paprskar thought he had been sold “bad heroin,” the judge wrote.

(Separately, Fortune pleaded guilty to heroin possession in 1983; the charge was dismissed after he served about five years’ probation.)

Paprskar was sentenced to die in the electric chair for the child’s murder, but the sentence later was reversed because items seized during a warrantless search hadn’t been suppressed. He never was retried, but he pleaded guilty to the two other murders and received concurrent 20-year sentences, though it appears he served less than 14 years.

Oh. Just one more thing.  Fortune/Paprskar is awaiting a new trial after he shot someone else at his former motorcycle shop.

Back to love!

According to the Chronicle, Abraham Fortune/Michael Paprskar wrote he “loathed betrayal, meanness, duplicity.”  

He didn’t mention his multiple murders.  Or dual identities. Last, and this is just a minor point – he also lied about his age. 

Naturally, given Fortune’s/Paprskar’s temper, I began to wonder how quickly he would shoot anyone he felt was mean.   Or committed (at least in his mind) a “betrayal.”  

But as bad as Fortune/Paprskar is, please also consider another guy.  Dave Evans.   A “good” guy.  Now Evans hasn’t killed anyone, much less, three people.  And I’m reasonably sure he only has one identity. 

But check out Evan’s attitude towards women.  Because Dave Evans runs a dating blog site.

As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle.

 “We’re dealing with a lot of people who lack those street smarts,” said Dave Evans, editor of Online Dating Post, a blog about the business.

 “They assume the site does everything. People say, ‘I thought everybody on here was supposed to be legitimate.’

 What rock did you crawl out from? Every single dating Web site out there has child molesters and murderers,” he said.

I’ve often joked for some people, being on probably constitutes a parole violation,  But jeez…this is way over the top. 

So, just as a reminder:  Ladies, Moms, and Dads…remember;

On-line dating sites do not conduct background checks for killers.

One last thing.

A San Diego friend of mine once worked at one of those, brick-and-motar, “Let us find your soulmate”  relationship businesses which essentially, sells romance.  They’ve been sued several times, but their chi-chi office remains located in an upscale area of the county. 

This particular company brags about conducting background checks.

My friend quit the relationship business the day some guy’s credit card worked.  He had plenty of money – but he also had a prison record for child molesting. 

However, since he was out of prison, had money, and his credit score was good, as far as the dating agency was concerned he was good to go. 

So they signed him up.

So much for the background check.

What happened to my friend?

She’s fine.  She switched to selling on-line legal advertising.  



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