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Harris County Prosecutors jail rape victim for breaking down during testimony

District Attorneys – Bam!  Avoid Georgia if you want to live.  Georgia DAs will overlook a significant wife beater if the beater is a federal judge

Sometimes the problem is District Attorneys refusing to prosecute because the police haven’t filed reports.  But check out the Bad Cop 2 of this site.   Those candidates seeking an endorsement from law enforcement, might want to reconsider.

But ultimately, it’s the, asleep-at-the-wheel, public that allows crimes against women to flourish.  How else to explain:  from the small, such as Santa Clara DA Deborah Medved…no, Reece, no Medved!  See here.)

San Diego

When the DA is a perv.  San Diego Deputy District Attorney, Michael McNeil had to work hard to do this in court. But after work?  Yikes.


03/11/15  BAM!  Judge Thomas M. Goethals removes Orange County DA Tony Rackaukas from Seal Beach Family Court mass murder case, for prosecutorial misconduct for using jailhouse sources.

Beginning with a bang, no less than the former top judge of the 9th Circuit said there is a problem with corrupt DAs.  Not news to us.  We’ve been documenting this for years.



NH: Rockland County DA appeals his suspension (had checks to DV groups lying in his draw, uncashed.)

Update:  Deputy District Attorney Tom Reid, the latest Rockland County DAto resign amid allegations in the DV unit.

AZ:  10-25-13 –  Since 2001, Prosecutorial misconduct alleged in half of all cases.  Only two actions have been taken against the prosecutors, and a number of them were later named “Prosecutor of the Year.”
:  10-13-13 – Need any more proof we live in a misogynist country?  Look no further Missouri’s Nodaway County DA Robert Rice.  In response to a drugged child rape, rapist supporters demanded an apology.  Crime victim, Daisy Colman, was dumped on a freezing lawn.   Update: 10-15-13  Looks as if was DA Rice who exhibited a pattern of lying outright.

The police did a great job gathering evidence, but DA Bob Rice refused to file charges.Perhaps because there was an abundance of evidence. The problem as DA Rice saw it, was maybe there was too much evidence considering one suspect, Matthew Barnett, is politically connected, and later tweeted: 

“If her name begins with A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, she wants the D.”

Matthew Barnett currently attends the University of Central Missouri, the school his grandfather went to.  

The Colman’s left the area and their house was burned down.

The Colman’s left Maryville in part, because Melinda Coleman lost her job at South Paws Veterinary Clinic.  (Why would anyone expect their pets would be well treated, when South Paws doesn’t seem to care for their employees?)  

Our hope is the national spotlight shines on DA Bob Rice’s corruption.

But in fairness, we couldn’t ever recommend living in Maryville, Missouri.  It strikes us a real, God forsaken kind of place.  

CA:  Kern County DA won’t prosecute cop for on-duty rape (instead of DUI arrest.)  Ask DA Lisa Green, why.

WY:  09-04-14:  Is there a worse DA than Yellowstone’s, Scott Twito?  Perhaps Ray Souza.  In a cover one’s backside approach, today Souza argued Judge Baugh’s sentencing order was illegal.  See MontanaJudges.com.  

While most loathe the sentence Judge G. Todd Baugh imposed for rapist Rambold, (including blaming the fourteen year old girl who committed suicide) it’s important to remember Twito and Souza Structured the deal for rapist Rambold.  Twice.

CA:  08-29-13:  Sutter County:  It’s probably better if the DA doesn’t have an affair with the escort.  But DA Carl Adams didn’t do that.

CA:  08-27-13:  In the case of Dr. William Ayres however, Wagstaff, bungled it after inheriting it from the previous DA.  (See below)

Other times, such as when a Sacramento based parole officer is accused of rape, the District Attorney is simply accused in pleadings, of being, well,  cowardly.  

Other times District attorneys refuse to prosecute family law attorneys who steal from clients; (Bonnie Dumanis) and sometimes the problem is DA’s sexually harassing their own employees.  (Hel-lo Oregon!)  But on the other hand, we should also remember how City Attorneys foster ongoing child endangerment.

Below is a list of misogynistic District Attorneys.  Taking the cake though, as in, “hands down” is Sacramento Deputy DA Alan Van Stralen Assistant District Attorney Albert Locher for the continued jailing of a juvenile rape victim.  Prior to this report, which detailed the request and agreement of Judges Lawrence Brown and Kevin McCormick to continually jail a rape victim, television media hid the names of the judges responsible.  (After that report and in a later hearing, Judge Brown apologize to the victim, but declined to put a GPS device on her.  The rape victim remains in jail, although the DA has DNA evidence, Judge Brown continues to ignore the girl’s rights.)

Next at bat, goes to Pope County, Arkansas Prosecuting District Attorney, David Gibbons, who right along with the family of the now dead Candace Harvey, demonstrates just how expendable women and young girls are.  David Gibbons initially charged Colton Harvey with murder, after he went into his sister Candace’s bedroom and shot her in the forehead as she was sleeping.  Candace Harvey woke up, screamed, and Colton Harvey shot her in the head twice more.  But David Gibbons backed off a murder trial…after speaking with the family (who likely didn’t want publicity although no one was certainly standing up for the now dead Candace), and hey, lets save money.  So Gibbons offered Colton a plea deal!  Astonishingly, Judge William Pearson, after inquiring if Colton loved his sister, offered Colton, the triple-shot killer a sentence for second degree murder, 45 years, and a consecutive term for using a gun.  Earlier reports repeatedly indicated Colton hated his now dead sister.  Newer reports mentioned Colton Harvey was once knocked out while playing football, which means women should expect the “football defense” excuse in future cold-blooded killings.  Bottom line:  Gibbons represented the “people’s desire to save money” which didn’t include the shot-three times in the head, murder victim, Candace Harvey.  

What if San Francisco’s top misogynist is a woman?  

Consider the so-called prosecutor of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi for first beating up his wife, and then refusing to allow her to leave their home for 18 hours.

Elizabeth Aguilar Tarchi couldn’t offer the San Francisco’s wife beater a deal fast enough.  When asked afterward if justice had been served, Elizabeth Aguilar Tarchi, said, “I believe it has.”   Stack of Bibles.  That was Aguilar Tarchi’s misogynistic response.  Also, Aguilar Tarchi expected the victim to make the case for the State.  Women afflicted with BWS don’t do that and lazy prosecutors cave in the blink of an eye.   (Given it’s San Francisco, look for a story in the food section featuring Elizabeth Aguilar Tarchi’s traditional family recipes, as she chats about the importance of the family, and home.)

What if it’s the 

DA who is sexually harassing employees?  OR has a history of that, including a former long-time DA, then judge – now registered sex offender.  But today, we an entire DA’s office backing the offender in Dean Gushwa.

Unfortunately the entire DA’s office backed the bad guy. 

In the Bay Area, Contra Costa County DA, (in addition to their Dirty DUI divorce cases), has another problem.  The Contra Costa DA’s office has a sex club.  Which may explain in part, San Francisco’s 900 unsolved rape cases.  Prosecutors dropped charges against Gressett, but may refile.

San Diego’s problems are more complex.  DA’s trying to date Defendants.

Or worse, ADA Kelly Mok, head of the family proection unit has repeatedly failed to perform.  From Joyce Murphy, (and not bothering to rise from her chair to argue for Murphy to read a two minute victim’s impact statement) to the children of stabbing survivor, (23 stab wounds) Kendra Beebe, Kelly Mok continues either downplaying crimes, or continuing to put victims at risk.  And why was the fact that Kendra’s husband’s conversation with the stabber, not an important part of the child custody case? 

Some counties have District Attorneys who are right on top of things.  Others, more like San Diego and harmful to the public will be featured here. 

Including federal attorneys, such as San Diego’s Laura Duffy, who as noted in the North County Times, allowed trafficked children to remain at risk for months, sometimes, as in the case of one young female, two years before “rescuing” the child.

San Diego, in particular, isn’t safe for women.  However, with Bonnie Dumanis as DA or mayor, San Diego women and children will remain at risk, although Bonnie Dumanis goes to great lengths to protect herself from perceived threats, by letter.

 San Diego ….Good weather, and an easy to be killed, while Dumanis disbands the Public Corruption Unit….and hedges against public disclosures in a lawsuit where Dumanis, ultimately, settled.

San Francisco :  Zen judge Mary Morgan on the other hand, presided over a behavior court.  It’s why Danielle Keller was killed.  Although Jim Mitchell blew off court appearances regarding his violating court orders, Judge Morgan brushed aside prosecutor’s request she jail the son of a convicted murderer. 

For his part, Mitchell, promptly returned to Novato and beat in the head of Danielle Koller with a baseball bat.  Judge Morgan later retired, but not before being feted at a dinner where officials could express their appreciation.
California:  2010 – 2011 
San Diego:  Bonnie Dumanis

Should resign.  Instead, Dumanis is running for mayor of San Diego, while refusing to prosecute some attorneys who admit to white-collar crimes.  Mercifully, Dumanis came in a distant fourth.

Responsible for the death of Diana Gonzalez, after not prosecuting her husband after he kidnapped, raped and beat her.  Dumanis “declined” to prosecute him and Diana Gonzalez was knifed to death a short time later.  Dumanis also  wasted taxpayer dollars on her vendetta against Cynthia Sommer.

But things are different when Bonnie Dumanis feels threatened, as this news clip demonstrated.

Yolo County

Jeff Riesig

Yolo County:  How badly does the state treat women?  Consider the misspent funds that were to go to rape victims, badly.  Thank you Yolo County Probation Department, and DA Jeff Riesig

San Mateo County

Meet Dr. William Ayres, long-time, highly respected President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

But Ayres last con failed.  He has to stay at Napa State Mental Hospital.  It’s not prison, but it’s no walk in the park, either.  UPDATE:  AYRES WILL BE RETRIED.  A huge thanks to Assistant DA Karen Guidotti and Judge John Grandsaert. 


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ayres “saw hundreds of adolescent patients referred by San Mateo County’s juvenile justice system, its court-appointed attorney program, pediatricians and social workers. County officials praised him in 2002 for his “tireless effort to improve the lives of children.” 

Also, arrested after an apparently long career as a pedophile.  As in straight out of Harvard.

The problem now?   Still no prosecution by the DA.  Foot dragging much?  The DA said in 2009 he would retry the case.  Soon.  He then left office without doing so. 

So the problem is it’s 2012 and DA Steven Wagstaffe

has not brought Ayers to trial.

Our tax dollars at work. 

Texas:  2008
Houston:   Chuck Rosenthal
Resigns during an affair, a misconduct investigation and racist emails….Rosenthal deleted 2,500 e-mails that had been subpoenaed.

Blamed prescription drugs.
Colorado:  2011 
Montrose County District Attorney 

Myrl Serra initially refused to resign his elected office.  

Charges against him include indecent exposure, extortion, felony unlawful sexual contact and of course, official misconduct. Serra is collecting his $120,000 annual salary as things are sorted out.

Meanwhile Myrl Serra was arrested for a second time for violating a protection order while out on bail. 

Update: Serra finally resigned on January 11, 2011

Kentucky:  2011 
Kenton County ADA
Amy Burke

Report a rape – Amy Burke will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Ohio:  2011 
Delaware City Attorney
Darren Schulman
(when it’s a council-run government, sometimes it’s better to focus on the people who hired these guys.)

Schulman, a Harvard attorney with Admin experience, seems (based on past interviews) a little overly excited to Prosecute which further depletes the public coffers. How else to explain how a drunk woman spraying police with breast milk winds up over-charged with “assault” and winds up pleading guilty to assaulting her husband and obstructing official business?

Our recommendation?  

The city council might want to counsel Schulman to take his foot off the gas. 

PA:  2011 

How judges protect  stalkers who are judges.  

Hint:  the police aren’t called.

It’s important to remember female attorneys are likewise stalked by some judges. At least when Judge Gerald L. Alonge is on the bench.   And fellow jurists gave him a pass.

Wisconsin:  2010  
Calumet County: DA Ken Kranz.
Sex Crimes Prosecutor.  Texted victim he was a married man with a big salary, looking for a reckless romance.  .

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