Domestic Violence Stats

Domestic Violence Stats in the U.S.  Murder.  Assault.  There’s a reason the Statue of Liberty stands alone – on an island.  Islands are the only safe place in the U.S for women crime victims.  Continuing a nightmare, 31 states have no laws on the books prohibiting rapists from asking for custody.  Breaking:  Kathy’s law passed.  Women trying to get a divorce can now get real-time GPS in Family court.  See the Restraining order page for “how.”

May, 2016
When women in the military report a crime, the crimes are not investigated.  The women are diagnosed.  Same thing for women in family court

March 2016
San Diego 
Just in case anyone thought City Attorney Jan Goldsmith was serious about “Domestic Violence” comes news not only did Goldsmith allow the Statute of limitations to run on of 90 cases,  on the advice of “Domestic Violence Advocates” he allow the victims to think the city wasn’t going forward for other reasons.
City attorney delivers everyday misogyny to women in San Diego.

January 19, 2016
A drunken Track Palin decked his girlfriend for texting her ex boyfriend.  Some will claim “He’s a vet” which is a separate conversation. It’s still all about controling women; not military service.

June 29, 2014
San Diego tops State Audit in short-changing DV victims.  (Okay, not news.  Most women aware San Diego is  a Misogynist’s dream come true.)

February 21, 2014

Democratic candidate for Harris County District Attorney Lloyd Oliver believes domestic violence is “over-rated” and prosecuted too much.  Lloyd says he’ll stop that nonsense.

Meanwhile, The Dallas Morning News is doing a year-long, three part series exploring why the domestic violence murder rate, continues.

November, 21, 2013

San Diego CA:  
How San Diego short-changes those who survive attacks, as reported by thVoice of San Diego – an organization that generally, studiously avoids any look in this direction.  

Likewise, in New Hampshire, as reported on November, 13 2001, officials were unhappy to discover $65,000.00 in uncashed checks for advocates sitting the the desk drawer of Rockland County DA James Reams.

TX:   Dallas Police discover Deanna Cook’s body 2 days after her 9-1-1 call begging her ex not to kill her.  They didn’t enter Cook’s apartment the day of the call.

:  Police go to the Van Buren township home of Michael and Linda Vanderlinden after Michael Vanderlinden kills himself in car crash, and discover entire family, Mom and kids, murdered.

8-27-12 Wife killer Kevin 

Cleeves, apprehended.  Cleeves shot and killed his estranged wife Brandi Cleeves, her boyfriend, and mother.  Over custody arrangements.  Was captured with his four year old daughter.

7-17-12:  Increasingly, men are killing their families instead of simply filing for divorce. So now that San Francisco wife murderer Hans Reiser has been ordered to pay his kids 60 million, perhaps men will re-think the murder idea.

Billionaire Hans Kristian Rausing arrested in wife Eva’s murder.

The gun loving, Peter Keller springs to mind.

City officials aren’t helping.

On September 26, 2011, San Diego officials ended all pretense of ending domestic violence.

File this under, “only reporters seem surprised,” in 2012, San Diego then posts very high DV stats. San Diego has a history of Stalker Cops, (former “Officer of the Year” and predators who use the job for sexual gain.  The San Diego City Council refuses to hold the Mayor, San Diego’s former police chief, or the current police chief accountable.

As such, so federal funding should end, also.  In other news, media continues to ignore the life-saving, taxpayer saving solution: GPS with Victim Notification – which saves lives and city, county and state resources. 


Another “Tragic Failure” of Anger Management programs.

Also, as these programs have proven to be next to useless, “Stabbed during an Anger Management Class”

The Courts continue ordering these classes because jails are full.  However, at no time is the victim actually protected. 

We look forward to Family Court judges demonstrating the same integrity as Criminal Court judges -whose restraining orders include a GPS with a Victim Notification enhancement, that enables women to receive notification in Real-time, and in time enough to vacate the area shouldthe restrained person come close to violating the stay-away distance, and save their own life .

Please add your name to the growing list of Americans wantingto implement the common sense solution to end family related murders. 

This is why GPS Monitoring with Victin Notification is more effective and practical.

See a live demo here.  Sex offender monitoring could be adapted for Family Court.  Thus victim notification, plus a siren for a mobile neighborhood watch would alert potential victims the person restrained from contacting them was approaching….all so the victim could be empowered to save their own lives.  Saves lives, save time, and save state resources.  All while leveling the playing field for victims.

As long as Family Court judges continue adjudicating crimes in family court, they should offer victims the same level of commitment to safety as criminal court judges.

Bonus points:  The straps have steel inside.  No cutting.
Murder rates continue because women are disposable. 
So disposable that sometimes – their bodies are never found.

An analysis of males murdering females – 2008

  • In 2008 1,817 women were murdered by males in single victim, single offender incidents.
  • 92% of the victims were murdered by someone they knew.
  • 86% of these murders were not connected to another crime.


2006  American Roulette

81% of California women are likely to be killed by the person across the breakfast table.

94% of murder-suicide are instigated by males.  Most murderers are older than their victims.

Murder At Home – A Full Report

Outside California:

Women getting killed with no warning.  In Texas, at birthday parties in front of the children.

Equal rights?

Not in pay or when attacked.

When Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

is allowed to grab with both hands,  a female colleague he’d previously called a “bitch” and get away with it – seriously, what chance do women truly have?

How good are the good old boys on the State of Wisconsin’s Judicial Commission when it comes to protecting the Chief Justice David Prosser after he was reported to have assaulted a female judge?  Pretty darn good! 

In spite of obvious and continuing rage issues of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who, it was recently reported “allegedly” grabbed fellow justice, Ann Walsh Bradley

around the neck with both hands.  This is coupled with Prosser’s history of offensive past behavior toward Judge Walsh including calling her a bitch (while portraying himself as a “victim”.) 

The body which supposedly addresses this behavior is the, Wisconsin Judicial Commission which remains heavily stocked with good ole boys.   Including some girls.  After a moderate investigation he was not charged.  For months.  Months!

One indication the war on women begins in childhood, arrived courtesy of Ellis McSwain, Chief of Parole for the State of Missouri, after child-killer Searl Lee Dunn was paroled from a 150-year prison term in 2005.

As reported by the St. Louis Post Dispatch, within five months Searl Dunn was accused of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl and sent back to prison.

Charges were dropped.  However, Ellis McSwain, Chief of Parole, thought it was okay for Searl Dunn to be released again.  Why? 

Turns out, that information is not available to the public.  We do not know when it was decided State Personnel are allowed to operate in secret while putting the public at risk; but our hope is reporters keep on legislators until the sun shines in.  We have a call in asking why this happened, and will keep you posted.

Who caught Searl Dunn?  The parents of the child that Dunn, ever the predator, was grooming for his next attack.

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