Elkins Task Force

Elkins Task Force:   In a Contra Costa case, one Mr. Elkins represented himself in a custody action – with the Court dismissing 34 of this 36 Exhibits.  Elkins appealed all the way to the California Supreme Court…and won.  Then died.

Then Chief Justice Ronald George appointed the Elkins Task Force to revamp family court.  This would be the same Ronald George who in Zelig vs. LA County – after Eileen Zelig repeatedly telephoned bailiffs begging for their help at the courthouse, telling them her physician ex-husband was going to kill her because he was tired of paying child support, (he did, right in the court hallway in front of their six year old daughter), famously compared the murder to a landlord tenant dispute, writing after family members sued, “In the present case, the risk of injury was not increased or intensified by the condition of the property, and the necessary causal connection between the condition of the property and Harry’s crime was not present. Indeed, the risk of injury to Eileen at the hands of her ex-husband was at least as great outside the courthouse. For example, he could just as readily have shot Eileen as she picked up one of her children from a public or private school.”

That Ronald George.

A call was made for public input shortly after the creation of the Elkins Task Force.  The public responded but the AOC initially prohibited the public from attending task force meetings.  The AOC was also instrumental in assuring the Elkins Task Force would not implement major, needed changes.  Beginning with the AOC contracting with Ceres Policy Research (for 50k) to compile a study of California family court litigants throughout California.  Or so Californians were led to believe.  Instead, 84 AOC members participated; and for the entire state of California, information was obtained from just 53 family court litigants. 

Following the earlier study from 2001; the AOC worked to ensure the status quo remains.   Details below. 

The AOC was in charge of the Elkins Task Force.  However,  members of AOC affiliated with the Elkins Task Force thought it was a good idea to require family court litigants to drive hundreds of miles from every part of the State, for the purpose of speaking for three minutes, in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Familylawcourts.com suggested a telephone line be installed so litigants could call in.  The AOC’s first response was, “But that would cost $150.00 to install.”  A line was installed.
  The Smoking Gun: 

In 2009, the Elkins Task Force, created to revamp family court policy and procedures, was asked to implement a GPS with Victim Notification enhancement,  (Page 875) in order for women to be able to save their ovn lives, along with saving city, county and state resources. 

The Elkins Task Force judges punted.

Familycourts.com then wrote to the Elkins Task Force suggesting San Diego be dropped from the Elkins Task force.   (Below left.) 

As such, and courtesy of California’s long-time chief justice Ronald George, women will remain targeted. 

George set the tone for continued judicial shrugs regarding the safety of women with Eileen Zelig who repeatedly asked for help. Her case went all the way up to theCalifornia Supreme Court
However, in the area of Predictive Policing, and the AOC hampering justice by concentrating on software while costing lives of Californians, and wasting taxpayer millions…. comes Bonnie Dumanis who expended a fortune to make sure she was kept safe with 24 hour guards.

Thus, the bottom line is judges are getting women killed, and media plays a role in it by not alerting the public.

For the record….the real question comes down to attorneys:  Why aren’t attorneys demanding GPS with Victim Notification to protect their clients?

All judges have the equal powers to protect victims.  Any judge after a hearing in which evidence demonstrating a need exists, could add to any restraining order they might make, a GPS with Victim Notification enhancement.  Instead, the Elkins Task Force chose to ignore their duties to protect those litigants coming before them.
Meanwhile – and not just for sex offenders anymore, a woman under house arrest, used the two-way radio featuredhere, embedded in GPS for house arrest, to call the GPS Staffer for help while being choked to death in her own home.

Familylawcourts.com supports any company which makes this type of product. To date, we are aware of two….and welcome knowledge of others.    Meanwhile, San Diego holds the national record for most families killed in the nation.  Four in a thirty-day period.

In just five months California Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher got Chelsea’s Law passed, which was aimed at sexual predators.  However attempts that Fletcher protect adult women have been ignored.  For two years.  Fletcher is now running for mayor….and the war on women, continues.  Efforts to motivate other judges (such as San Francisco’s Kathleen Finestein, to legislators to save lives and taxpayer dollars, from Garrick, Kehoe, Wyland, Finestein, Boxer, and DA Bonnie Dumanis….have all been met with silence.  In the case of Senators Boxer and Finestein, decades of silence.  Instead, monies go to various Non-profits such as the Family Justice Center; resulted in officials clearly and in no uncertain terms stating they have no interest in GPS to empower women to save theor own lives.  Their focus is endless funding to promote endless conferences featuring Domestic Violence Awareness.

The Violence Policy Center releases its annual rankings by state of women murdered by men in domestic violence cases. A total of 1,818 women were murdered in this country at the hands of a partner, with the highest rate of such murders per capita in Nevada. The greatest number of deaths of women, however, was in California, with 193 deaths, although because of its size, the state was ranked no. 31. Illinois ranks 48th on this list, with Alabama, Louisiana, Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia, S. Carolina, South Dakota, Hawaii and Missouri in the top 10 of murder rates from domestic violence for women.

So now that we’re all aware – why isn’t GPS with Victim Notification being used to save lives and costs to city, county, and state resources?  Why aren’t family law attorneys demanding this on behalf of their clients at risk?  Our suggestion to all clients is this: 

If you are a victim of family crimes which can be independently documented, and your attorney doesn’t request a victim notification GPS enhancement to any restraining order; fire them.  Then hire an attorney who will advocate for your constitutional right to be safe.  Otherwise, to quote from the Joy Luck Club,

“you could be charged as an accessory to your own murder.”
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