Facebook –  So we made a Facebook page.  Finally.  You can find it here.  We aren’t committed to keeping it up as Facebook has a habit of doing things we don’t like.

If the movie was accurate, Facebook had its beginnings after Mark Zuckerberg hacked sororities for the purpose of allowing men to compare and grade women, as “hot” – while making snarky comments about the girl who dumped him.  Although that strikes us as typically American….when asked why people gave him personal information, Zuckerberg’s response was they were stupid.  He’s correct.  Considering voter non-reaction to Congress’s do nothing to Wall Street before, during and continuing in our foreclosure crisis, it’s clear Americans have gotten dumber.  After all, its Americans voters who continue electing people who vote down any measure of accountability.  So it’s clear Zuckerberg is right. Evidence?  People continue putting the dumbest things on Facebook during a divorce and custody battle.

Clearly anyone involved in family court – be they litigant, evaluator, judge, or attorney, who posts about their so-called private life, is someone who is supplying proof they are an idiot, imbued with bad judgment, and should not be trusted around children.  

Consider these examples.

Mark Bryon – Time to Grow up.

Regarding media’s whiffing the New Year’s Day triple, murder suicide….are readers aware newspaper editors across the country gave Facebook control of their comment pages?

On the flip side, using Facebook people can conduct their own backgroiund investigations.

Such as to discover in the case of one expert witness, and child psychiatrist, Joe Kenan,

had posted lewd pictures of himself on Facebook.

Apparently Kenan is also very keen on Bobby Trendy and wild parties featuring banners, “It’s Snowing” (slang for cocaine availability).

Also for those a bit too free with information – Facebook can sometimes  help facilitate a burglary.

So the moral to the story is, don’t be too Facebook friendly.
Facebook users have also forever changed family court and custody cases

It’s best people learn to keep some thoughts and activities to themselves. 

That’s what diaries are for. 

Also to consider?  Facebook’s donor program.  Although donor programs could be good, those involved are so predatory in going after the “harvest” please write to your legislators and ask them what they are doing to end donor abuse.  

Yes, a juror posted to Facebook.  No, you don’t get a new trial. 

Note to Jurors:  Please don’t post anything to Facebook during a trial. Doing so resulted in two appeals…and a waste of court time.

As reported by Courthouse News in the corruuption trial of former Democratic senator, Vincent Fumo, even harmless postings wasted the court’s time.

“The panel also rejected Fumo’s claim that Facebook postings by a juror while the trial was ongoing created prejudice that demanded a new trial.

The trial court had twice denied that demand, and the 3rd Circuit agreed Tuesday that there was no evidence that the posts were prejudicial.
     Buckwalter had characterized the posts as “nothing more than harmless ramblings.” The juror had updated his Facebook status with comments like “can’t believe tomorrow may actually be the end!!!” and “”Stay tuned for the big announcement on Monday everyone!”Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.