FamilyLawCourts.Com   –  A Wiki-like, bible for reporters and family court litigants.  California judges information now available online.  As we know more about family law than most, this site came to be as a result of poor media coverage of the nation’s busiest, most used most often, court.   Currently, the most insightful coverage of America’s Family Court debacle, is out of England.  Particularly in attempted murders.  Example here.  (American Media is typically, misogynistic.  See how CBS reporters attacked Curt Schilling, who went after college boys who attempted to thrash his daughter.)

Welcome to Hell:  Also known as Washington County, PA. As the Richard Kopko family learned.

For coverage on the solution of Effective Restraining orders, see our page on GPS in relation to Restraining Orders  that work.

Nowhere is systemic bias against women more prevalent and quietly demonstrated, than Family Court.  From being forced to call the police, (the one government agency that boasts the highest rate of assaults on family members) for protection. 
Next we have the huge of amount of police, DA, and Judicial “Discretion” in how to address everything from battery to attempted murder, to murder. How the epidemic of family murders is addressed in America is:   Low bail and another chance to harm.  

Add to that a complicit media (excluding WPIX) that does not inform the public what is being passed off as GPS, isn’t; and the bias against women winds up not being factored in the 1,600 women who were killed last year in America.

The short version is women pay taxes for police and court services that are refused.  I would ask for a refund.

When divorcing a pervy DA  —> Be aware of Patti Chavez-Fallon

Patti Chavez-Fallon is a Supervised Visitation monitor who recommend the guy in the video below, be awarded 50-50 custody.  Given this is San Diego, the Mother will likely be put on Supervised Visitation!


Rare win for Moms from the Court of Appeal!  Evidenced denied – must be heard!

Normally attorneys are our clients.  However, we have been biting the hand that feeds us in the interests of accuracy, by also working with litigants.  If you’d like to hire us to give your case higher exposure, please know we are evidence-based.  Feel free to contact us here.

Word to the wise:  Not all “Super Lawyers” are.  Shari Myers springs to mind.  One does not demand a client be jailed when one is court-appointed. But Shari Myers did.

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Breaking:  California’s new law AB 1014 (bye bye guns) will protect family court litigants.  Well, as long as the person harming them isn’t their police officer spouse.  

Click to Learn how to combat the Force Multipliers working against women in Family Court.

November 18, 2015:  AP report Military protects personnel committing child sex crimes.  Unlike some states, military judges cannot override plea deals worked out between Defense and Prosecutors.

August 28, 2015

Force Multiplier:  Within hours of not being arrested for a restraining order violation, while in Judge Charles Tinlin’s court, Both Amanda Coffey-Cloaniger,  the blonde woman on the right, and

Lindy Dobbins, her good friend, on the left, were gunned down.

Within hours of Judge Charles Tinlin’s “Unsupervised probation: including ordering he turn in his guns…later: both women were dead.  It wasn’t as if he said he didn’t violate.  Colley pleaded “no contest.”  

 Thanks Judge Tinlin.  What exactly are women receiving for their tax dollars?  Certainly not police and court services.  As such, please consider the below an Open Letter to you.

“Dear Judge Tinlin:  Here’s a thought.  How about Next time, skip the thoughts of the police, DA, and defense attorney and try use some life-saving, common sense?  I watched the court hearing.  You were conflicted, but ultimately, you agreed to let Colley walk.

So next time,  protect people.  Order real-time GPS.  Like the kind here

The police don’t like losing control, but wouldn’t you really rather want the guy watching the screen in Real-Time notify the would-be target as soon as a potential violation looked to be at hand, first? As in ahead of time, and then call law enforcement? Wouldn’t you really rather the guy watching the screen give a heads up to the would-be victim, who would have enough time to save her own life?

Also, Bonus points Judge Tinlin: You can’t cut the straps off this GPS.

Wouldn’t that be a swell idea Judge Tinlin? I ask because the double murders of Amanda Cloaniger and Lindy Dobbins are on you.

You allowed yourself to be talked out of remanding Colley for his restraining order violation . . and because of that Judge Tinlin, unlike you; Amanda and Lindy no longer have the opportunity to pose for fun family pictures like those below. Act now Judge Tinlin.  Be Pro-Life!

Effective restraining orders are available. Please enable would-be victims to be in direct contact with the guy watching the screen.

Cut-out the law enforcement, middle man as the first to learn of a violation. Make law enforcement the second call. Contact me for details, if you care enough to implement cost and life-saving solutions.

Thanks.”- – – –

What happened after the murders?

So glad you asked!  Mealy mouthed statements from attorneys!  Judge Tinlin?

Judge Tinlin  had no comment at all.  This, is a problem.

The Florida State’s Attorney Office said:

“We are in the process of reviewing all of the facts and circumstances involved in these cases. But because these cases are pending, it would be inappropriate to comment at this time.”

Florida Attorney Kyle Bedran of the National Republican Lawyers Association said:

 “I think both Judge McGillin and Judge Tinlin, the Assistant State Attorney, and myself made the right call with the facts before us. No one can predict the future unfortunately and we can Monday morning quarterback this all day but nothing at that time indicated Mr. Colley was preparing to do this.”

I would characterize Kyle Bedran’s  comments the smarmiest I have seen in a good long while.  Also of merit?  Kyle Bedran’s comments were directly opposite the evidence.  Which is why the plea was “No Contest.”  

It should be noticed, Kyle Bedran is an associate of Kenny Leigh & Associates 
one of those, “Men Only” firms with a chip  on their shoulders.

Bedran, a member of the National Republican Lawyers Association, has experienced some legal problems during elections.

– – – – 
For updates on the David Conley III mass murder in Harris County see either the “News” or “Kids Killed” sections of this site.  To understand the profit motive by local law enforcement – why this will continue, see the Predictive Policing section. 

(Media slow to pick up on crime treated as a civil matter in family court.  The real meaning of “domestic terrorism” many families deal live with on a daily basis as demonstrated on  June 13, 2015 by James Boulware  – who had threatened to do so since 2013.  Bouleware lost custody of his son and blamed, everyone else.)

The Kelly Rutherford custody case, demonstrates how it’s really, all about the money.
For more on Kelly, see the Kelly Rutherford page.

Recent news:  Why Judge Melissa Blackburn addressed Judge Casey Moreland‘s use of bailiffs to intimidate.  More examples listed on the Bailiffs section.

Georgia Police Chief’s wife, Maggie McCollom, complained of mental and pysical abuse in the past.  She is now out of surgery from being shot in the back by him. Unsure of prognosis.

December 31, 2014 –  Hey, we finally made a Facebook page, if you want to comment.  (No swearing.  We block for that.)  But if you want to contact us direction, please fill out this form.

December:  Hiding Assets from Mediation.  No longer  happening, according to the Court of Appeal. 

As Metnews reported, “Div. Three Thursday granted a writ of mandate to Gina Lappe, the ex-wife of Beverly Hills physician and medical services entrepreneur Murray Lappe. The writ requires Murray Lappe to produce the financial disclosure declaration that he prepared for the couple’s 2011 divorce proceedings, as discovery material in connection with Gina Lappe’s motion to set aside the judgment on grounds of fraud, duress, perjury, and mistake. ”  (Case began after Murray Lappe convinced Gina Lappe, to sign off on her shares of their company for 10 million, and then sold his for 75 million.)

Also,  the killing fields, and the Bradley William Stone, head fake.

Media not covering the high-tech solution to former soldiers who go berserk, then slaughter family members, that has long been available.  It’s not a “lone wolf” scenario, but officials overlooking the obvious complaints about threats.  (The DC Sniper case was the result of a custody case.)

Good news!  For those who have been targeted by county social workers, California attorney Mark Ankcorn filed suit against Riverside County personnel, who inappropriately grabbed kids from one woman, with no history of drug abuse or mental instability.  Contact Mark at 619-870-0600, or better;  here.  (Hint:  Please include case numbers and personnel in charge of your case.  From the countless emails we receive, we know people often forget critical information.)

Ankcorn is trying to ascertain how often this happens in any of California’s other, 57 counties. 

Another issue when real danger exists; is no remedy is available in civil court…although family court judges often preside over criminal acts when the police fail to do their job.  Part of the problem is companies skilled in high-tech crime prevention, don’t hire personnel to promote their brand in Family Court.  Details here, and be sure to watch both videos.

So expect more women, children, new husbands and innocent family members, to be killed as pundits pitching their “threat assessment” skills sprinkle the airwaves.

Recent news:  Supreme Court heard 2nd amendment case regarding homeless woman who had a stun gun because police refused to protect her.  

TMZ reports 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins is being investigated as a long-time, serial child molester, based on a tape secretly  recorded by his wife, Faye Grant; who then gave the tape to the police, two years ago.  However, as most serial family criminals luck out, the police failed to investigate.  (Again, paying taxes for police services the police refuse to provide.)  Generally, afterward, Family Court judges agree with the criminal, who blame the wife for “trying to alienate the child.”  Update: December 18, 2014:  Stephen Collins finally admits he’s “flawed.”

This practice has worked for decades.  See one San Diego example, (and which is repeated throughout the nation.)  Note the news anchor mentioning this began “six years ago.”  More recently, in the case of Stanford scientist, Annelise Barron,  it could be years before the truth comes out given, Palo Alto PD’s refusal to investigate.  

(In Barron’s case, her kids told her what was happening, and she immediately reported it.  And was later arrested.)  Barron’s attorney accepted a retainer, then did nothing.  Until nothing became malpractice.  

However, the industry of so-called custody “professionals” must be also examined.  See  the “Therapist” section.  Bottom line?  The public continues paying taxes for police and judicial services the police often refuse to provide.  State and federal elected officials, yawn.

This is why Faye Grant asked for the case to be bifurcated.  (See documents.)
Ultimately, the continued failure of police to investigate causes great harm.  In Faye Grant’s case, the police failure might ultimately also harm Grant and her children, financially.  Separately, in the State of South Carolina, neighbors sued and lost after wife did not disclosure she married a pedophile.

Greetings~ If you’re experiencing family court in a way that simply doesn’t make sense; fear not.  It’s not supposed to.  Family Court is designed to benefit those working in the divorce and custody industry.  Litigants are merely fodder.  This explains the hows and why the therapist lobby became entrenched, and why, coincidentally, people wind up dead.

Consider the Cindy Holzer case.  Cindy tried to report her concerns, but as so often happens, lost custody as a result.  Now, everyone is dead.  But it’s important to remember, that first, court officials shot the messenger.

September  2014:  Same for meth-head fathers.  South Carolina father of five, and meth-head, Timothy Ray Jones (whose father claims he’s not a monster) is charged with killing his five children.  Timothy Ray Jones had primary custody of the kids.  Mainstream media is not likely to visit his family court case.  Same for the sex crime, arson murders of the family of Dr. Petit by the Joshua, Komisarjevsky.  Komisarjevsky was awarded sole legal custody of his five year old daughter.)  When we contacted the courts, the case became “closed.”

Breaking:  June 29, 2014 How the Hobby Lobby decision impacts women, consider the number of male family law attorneys who support a decision in which Hobby Lobby a “religious” company that refuses to pay for birth control for women, including IUDs, but does pay for vasectomies for men.  Then decide if you want to be a client of such an attorney.  Such as @JeffLalloway, frequent donor to causes that limit the rights of  women.

Jeff Lalloway is a Ted Cruz delegate.  Think about that when making hiring decisions.

Recent News:  

Sacramento County:  Linda Boblitt defeats Motion to Dismiss in Statute of Limitations Case for injuries suffered during her divorce.  Attorneys in Law & Motion courtroom, stunned.  Perhaps because earlier, with a broken jaw and missing teeth, Judge James Mitze found her testimony, “Not credible.”

Some what Elliot Rodger’s related:  The con of counseling.  Yes, there are good therapist.  However, the good ones are not on TV nor in the courts.  Need proof.  Please check the individual examples of custody evaluators the psychiatrists, and therapists to begin to see how various mental health organizations and lobbyists they hire, have infiltrated the Courts to replace common sense.  Our favorite is the “Special Masters” section which features Randy Rand.  Mainly because while the board overseeing Rand said he lied, essentially, Rand got a wrist slap.  This is part of the con of the divorce and custody industry.  For the best appellate decision, (and  quite informational in discovering the lengths some therapists will go to placate the relationship with the attorney) read   Tharp vs. Tharp  from the 5th District.

Update:  Fabulous Reversal by Court of Appeal after LA Commissioner Patricia Ito denied Restraining Order Extension.

For Media Only:  Click here to learn how Scripps Media and Democratic leaders are leading the war on women, to assist Parole and Probation hire additional personnel.

Best example of family court not working?  Charlie Sheen.  In “the best interests of the children” why aren’t reporters focusing on why attorneys for two people with significant drug and anger issues, are controlling the case?  Why aren’t reporters asking why the judge in the case hasn’t ordered attorneys for the kids?  

Best example of a misogynistic culture?  Nebraska.  Specifically Madison County’s  Republican Judge James Kube who awarded visitation rights to a guy who plead guilty to a sex assault resulting in pregnancy. Although Judge Kube exceeds the creep factor,  so does Nebraska!  In 2012, the Nebraska Bar Association rated Judge Kube with a 96.1 with a judicial performance level, thus, increasing the over-all creep factor to a record high.  Another problem with Judge James Kube?  He presided over the criminal portion of the man who plead guilty to sexual assault. 

Family Court is the nation’s largest court.  It’s the one court most used most often, media nearly wholly ignores.  Also, it’s the one place that one’s children will be killed.

Partial good news:  those who seriously want change will be pleased to know Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer just ended CPS as it is currently known.   As such, donating your time and efforts to seems a better plan.  After all, 40 years of attempted, “reform” silently attests to quiet, legislative, and judicial, push-back.

For behind-the-scenes details of the documentary “DivorceCORP” (which we were initial participants), please click  to John Nazarian, “DivorceCORP.”

For other scenes, click  here.

Also,  another shrink bites the dust.  Attorney General’s office files Complaint against   San Diego County shrink Keith Kanner….sexting mom of patient….and blaming her for his behavior when caught.

Which reminds us:  Misogyny.  In reporting:

Begging the question:  How is it media could miss Judge Cebull of Montana – for his entire career?


Perhaps we should have also mentioned – trying to work.  Click for this lawsuit against the NY Post which begs the question;  Should women reporters get combat pay?

Proof we’ll help anyone rescue their children in need….although TMZ’s misogynistic reporting annoys us, we did reach out to them so they might alert Charlie Sheen the problem is in large party these so-called workers have immunity; and the AOC2 is dedicated to prohibiting accountability in the field of supervised visitation.  Then we tweeted him.  So, Charlie, if you read this, also go to the right-hand column, here.  Then contact us.  There is so much you need to learn.  This site is 86 pages, but we’ll give you the Readers Digest version.

New York: 

#GMA – Lara Spencer’s take on Cryer child support as “demand.”  No mention of  the calculation determining supporting Time and income earned.  The lazy bunch at GMA trotted out media whore and relic from the past, Raul Felder, who played to the slant of the story, rather than cite facts of the Cryer’s California case.  #LazyMedia. This happens as GMA wanted a quick sound-bite rather than, (And why it’s called “media” and not “Journalism.”)  Shame on @laraspencer.


Consider for a moment the misogynist style of reporting by TMZ after 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage.  TMZ said his wife “Wants a piece”  (of his earning.) 

Do your calls to the police produce the same results as Kendra Beebe?

We offer this as family court – long completely dysfunctional, has now turned for want of a better word, lunatic.  How else could a child rapist Jamie Melendez, demand visitation rights?

The problem is and partly remains, is media.  Or, more accurately, media not investigating the nation’s largest, most used most often, court.

September 1, 2013.  Reporters used to describe Familylawcourt litigants as “disgruntled.”  No more.  Judges accused of plotting to kill their ex-wives, help end that practice.  Thanks Judge Christopher Dupuy!  Now.  if only officials would be as concerned with talk of killing his ex as they are with the eight counts of retaliation against attorneys representing ex, things would be better.  (In fairness, it is Texas.)

May 22: 2013 – DATELINE   Update

May 20, 2013: 
 GO DAD!  Producer  Brian Grazer asks Court for less nanny, more Dad, after stating nanny fed her racist views to kids, along with meals.  Ex-wife Gigi has yet to respond.

May – 2013:  DATELINE
 to air this feature the last week in May. (As with all things, schedule subject to change.)

For the short version, click here
 But in a nutshell, Government has essentially abandoned women, who continue paying taxes for police services, the police refuse to provide.  Non-profits are involved, but only in a self-serving kind of way.

Moving along. 
 The documentary  “Don’t Divorce the Kids” doesn’t cover a key aspect to family court:  That therapists or the threat of therapists is generally a game changer.  See Katie Holmes divorce, or the brilliant report by the California appellate court opinion in Tharp vs. Tharp….which echoes what various litigants have been reporting for decades.

But wait there’s more!

The con of “domestic violence.” exposes non-profits purporting to “address” Domestic violence, are in fact, secretly lobbying against the solution empowering women to save their own life.  That is real-time GPS that would warn potential ahead of time, and in time to vacate an area.  See two videos here.

The dirty secret of non-profits is this:  crime pays.  California’s largest non-profit, “The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence knows this.  Which is why they threatened legislators they would pull their support of Kathy’s Law if Family Court was included in the law.  See the Non-profit section for details.  We encourage legislators to resist their grant requests, and others to resist their seemingly endless fundraisers and donation requests. 

Also see the Predictive policing section.
  The police are keen on predictive policing software as long as it is used for property.  Lives?  Not so much. But then, the police have their own issues with women.  They don’t want to take reports involving Family assaults.  See graph here.  The upshot being women pay taxes for police services the police refuse to provide.  This is not a secret to government officials.  Which is why the killings continue. 

But wait there’s more!

Breaking:  Double murderer Jeremy Peoples wins custody of his two kids upon release from prison. Colorado Magistrate Magistrate Ruben Hernandez said the parental bond was “sacrosanct.” The kids aren’t interested, but no one is listening them them.

But wait there’s more!

Also, for the five people in America who didn’t know Fox’s Bill O’Reilly care nothing for family, please review the lengths O’Reilly went to alienate his kids from their mom, at the Parental Alienation section of this site.

Feb. 3, 2013:   Indiana’s Stephen Perry asks black co-worker to find him a hit man so he doesn’t have to go through a divorce.  Perry’s thinking was his black co-worker would know who would get the job done.  “I just want this to be over and done with,” Perry said, according to a five-minute recording described in the affidavit. “So if she dies, I can drop the divorce lawsuit, she’s dead and I’m free.”

November 13, 2012:  Generals David Petraeus and Allen Wood implicated in custody action of Jill Kelly’s sister.

Recent:  November 2, 2012:  In an age of  “Super Lawyers” consider this Dallas and Plano group from Texas.  It kinda makes one wonder about what exactly makes a group of seemingly sexist attorneys, “Super Lawyers.”

Mitt Romney involved in divorce action isn’t as surprising as people might think, given his position as church elder.  As reported by TMZ, Mitt committed perjury in an earlier deposition in the very protracted, very messy divorce of Staples’ Tom Stemberg.  Supposedly Mitt claimed Staples stock was overvalued.

San Ramon family law attorney Mary Nolan pleads “Not Guilty” to a variety of charges, although others have already plead guilty.  Nolan practiced in a few areas of law, not just Family Law.

Problems with the police and the utter failure of the courts, including up to the 9th Circuit are demonstrated at the Bad Cop section, under “From bad to Incomprehensible.”

Seldom reported by media is the men who choose murder over divorce, because DAs seldom prosecute family crimes, until the after the fact, murder.  Also problematic, the long history of abusive-to-criminal, police officers, and their failure to investigate family crimes.  This is a top-down, problem.

As Family Court is typically devoid of media attention,  explains why the Family Court system isn’t broken, but one which morphed into an out-of-control, unregulated, litigation machine benefiting those employed in the divorce and custody industry. Family court litigants (and reporters) learn Family Court is no longer a forum to resolve issues, but a platform for continued litigation until the children age out.  However as an income-producing fuel source, it can’t be beat.

Since 2001, and with over 12,000 records on file…

Gov. Brown signs Kathy’s Law on September 24, 2012.  But women are not safe in family court because the California “Partnership” to End Domestic Violence, lobbied hard against protecting women via GPS.

See video on the Restraining Order page to understand how real-time GPS works.  
(We especially like the siren.)

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook reveal why, in addition to Facebook, ex’s should never fight by email. 

Meanwhile, Montana Judge Richard Cebull demonstrates  why, since misogyny is our national culture so many women wind up dead after simply trying to leave a relationship.  He’s retiring and the 9th Circuit has shelved the investigation into Cebull’s conduct.

Meanwhile, lack of competent reporting remains significant in the nation’s largest, most used most often court..  And now this:

Call us flabbergasted:  Kate Elizabeth Queram writing for the Wisconsin Reporter, writes of a bill co-sponsored by Rich Zipperer, RD-Pewaukee, and supported by the Sheriff’s Association, which would allow criminals who repeatedly violate restraining orders to eventually be put on GPS.  No explanation why these criminals are awarded so many freebies before the courts decide they should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, media disinterest in the lack of police protection which both standard, remains world-wide.

Judges can end relationship murders, but they need encouragement.  Please Sign this encouragement.

The materials on this site demonstrate the  perfect failure of individuals, media, government, and non-profits claiming their goal is to end “domestic violence.”   Meanwhile the murder rate continues to climb although the solution, GPS with Victim Notification is available.

Cost-effective while empowering victims to save their own lives, the lack of wide-spread use of GPS with Victim Notification instead demonstrates government’s lack of regard for individuals and the family. 

However, one must always be hopeful the solution will be embraced soon so lives willnot continue to be needlessly be lost.

Always keep your eye on the judge.

The Charlie Sheen – Brooke Mueller custody case provided an excellent demonstration of terrible coverage when it could have ramped up public awareness of the reality of Family Court.  (Ex-parte restraining orders being a standard-issue strategic tactic.)

The early advantage to Brooke for using Charlie’s Porn Love Goddesses….and “violent love” to change the visitation time.

Counter went to Sheen for taking advantage of Mueller’s repeatedly choosing to use drugs, although as long as Brooke’s mother steps in, Brooke has (at least in her mind) no reason to stop.  Unfortunately, competent reporting was not a result.  

One concern was Judge Hank Goldberg never, on his own motion, called for supervised visitation of the children although clearly aware there is much drug abuse on both sides of the case.

As the Sheen-Mueller pattern seemed lost on Judge Goldberg our second concern was that Judge Goldberg put the children at risk by not appointing counsel for either child.

third concern was Judge Goldberg did not order mental health evaluations for either party.

But our fourth and deepest concern was once Judge Goldberg suspected abuse, short-hand for criminal activity, he kicked media out of the court…and didn’t refer the matter to the police or CPS. 

Why did not one media outlet not report that?

This ongoing lack of action on the part of Judge Goldberg does not appear to be in the best interests of the children, which is supposed to be the standard Judge Goldberg bases all orders.Greed

Didn’t work.  Bernie Madeoff victim and real estate attorney Steven Simkin wanted a “Do Over” in his 2006 divorce settlement. 

Simkin and his wife of 33 years agreed to distribute their assets more or less equally; with Laura Blank taking hers in cash, and Simkin investing his with Madeoff.  Guess who wants the do-over?  

The Sub-title in this NY Times piece should have been, “It’s a win for attorneys either way.”  

Simkin lost.  There are no do-overs in a divorce.

Returning to the need for competent reporting, the question in need of an answer remains the same:

Never mind Kelsey Grammer’s custody ploy, keep your eyes on the activities of the judge.

Less known, is the courts routinely compel so-called Mental Health experts to weigh in – at significant cost.  Or that ultimately, these so-called experts, control the case.  

The attorneys are essentially out of it.  (This information generally comes as news to the client.)  In some family court they are identified as Custody Evaluators and should be avoided at all costs.  Sometimes they’re just referred to as therapists.  Although as these cases reveal, these so called “professionals” are seldom vetted.

Although we looked forward to Judge Goldberg applying the best interests of the children in his rulings, it never happened.  Currently, it appears Judge Goldberg gave in to the attorneys for both.  Judge Goldberg at the very least, could have included Supervised visitation for both parents.  Instead, the children remain, at risk.

We are mindful however, that Supervised Visitation is the very first step in the process of Courts facilitating parental alienation.  

We are also mindful Supervised Visitation is also the process used to adjudicate family related crimes, in the form of dumbing down language.  

(How else could kidnapping be described as “parental abduction?”)Sadly, Judge Goldberg invoked no standard of behavior for either parent.

“Oh no – I hired Ron Lais!”

Bogus lawyer Lais to be released from explains:1.  How absent any oversight, Family Court became the one court most used most often, and for the longest period of time, in the nation; and as many cases prove, the most deadly.
and without any media attention.  

Also, and fyi…31 states don’t have laws prohibiting rapists from asking for custody.  As such women should be aware it’s a stacked deck.  And then there’s government.  From Law Enforcement, to the courts; and too cozy relationships with so-called special master “therapists” children simply aren’t safe.

California Family Code Section 7507, states:

“The abuse of parental authority is the subject of judicial cognizance in a civil action brought by the child, or by the child’s relative within the third degree, or by the supervisors of the county where the child resides; and when the abuse is established, the child may be freed from the dominion of the parent, and the duty of support and education enforced.”  This code is largely, useless; as the County, at least in San Diego, refuses to act.  Please advise if County supervisors in  your county are better.NY:  No media unless a judge like Judge Gerald Garson comes along.  Match Judge Garson with the extremely unlikely occurrence of a DA’s office that actually listens, and pretty soon the judge and other court officials are arrested.  The Judge for accepting bribes.   (Note:  Family Court judges not being different than other judges.)

However, for the most part, the non-criminal part, judges demonstrated a propensity to rubber stamping reports from unqualified “experts.”

Click here for a State Audit of Marin and Sacramento which revealed the courts continue to appoint unqualified (and in some cases, unlicensed) attorneys and therapists.  Check out Seattlefor how one “highly respected” therapist fought his way back in the system, to continue shredding lives with the help of State officials and various Psychology Boards. 

Crooks are not just in family Court.  Consider Federal Court. Richard John Schwalbe, a court Appointed consultant in Bankruptcy cases  just pleaded guilty to embezzling 1.4 million from a tech firm.  Schwalbe is on house arrest until sentencing with the home he shares with Cheryl Clarke. Clarke works as a fundraiser for non-profits.

Separately, media labors under the false assumption because Family Court is a civil venue, family court judges aren’t ordering litigants to jail.

New York’s Saratoga County Family Court judge, Gilbert L. Abramson who was finally thrown off the bench himself, demonstrated that fallacy.  Also see the Child Support section for the latest Supreme Court (June, 2011) ruling on unpaid child support and jail.

Separately, we remain hopeful Family Court judges will soon display the kind of integrity Criminal Court judges do when they order GPS with Victim Notification for victims of crimes.  Currently Family Court judges do nothing to protect vitims of crimes ranging from assault, to attempted murder.  As the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, the police aren’t madated to to enforce Civil restraining orders. Ergo, women need a level playing field.

(Also, seemingly only reporters are unaware criminal matters are heard in family court. Check the form for Supervised visitation.)  

Practice Hint:  Due to the increased number of custody exchange murders, we recommend attorneys request judges order any custody exchange to be made at the local police department.  Should a murder occur, not only is it likely the crime will be recorded on a number of video cameras in an around the area, but any number of police officers would already on hand to effect a quick arrest.  The video could later be used as part of a plea deal, which would save the state trial costs.

2. That after filing for divorce – people often do not realize that unless they can come to some kind of basic agreement, they are inviting a judge to wholesale order services, for the purpose of micro-managing their lives and the lives of their children – including vacations, until the children reach the age of majorit.  There is also the matter of couples setting each other up, with “Dirty DUIs.”   

3.  This is due to the failure of people to realize business of government is: business.  As such, family court judges “outsource” much like sales reps; ordering a variety of “services” designed to interpret – instead of speaking to all involved, especially the children.

Who would prefer to be heard.   

4.  Lobbyists hired by the National Association of Marriage and Family Services, continue lobbying for more involvement in the divorce and custody industry.  As such,  Children remain the marketing cog which turns the litigation wheel that fuels the entire industry.

Changing this basic, outsourcing court dynamic, is in the best interests of the child.   Once a judge has direct contact with children, the need for the variety of other services often falls away.  This is why those in the divorce and custody industry hire lobbyists.  Change does not bode well for their bottom line.

5. In the event of family crime, police officers will often encourage victims to “take it to family court and get a restraining order” instead of providing actual, police services.

6.  And don’t take it personally.  San Diego Director of Emergency Service, Dr. Bruce Hadley hired former deputy Jesse Thrush, a convicted felon, as an EMT.  Thrush had been convicted of killing his girlfriend’s daughter, a toddler with Downs Syndrome.   He applied for the job and was certified after his release from prison.

7.  Sometimes things get really bizarre.  Such was the case with Catherine Scott Gonzalez, whose two  prior requests for a restraining were denied.  Paul Gonzalez felt okay about beating Catherine to a pulp in the judge’s chambers.  

No bailiff was present at the time.  This case was out of Florida, and Scott-Gonzalez’s attorney restrained Paul Gonzalez, who was finally arrested after the bailiffs appeared.  The reason for the beating was Gonzalez was unhappy about paying child support and visitation time.
But judges denying restraining orders is what’s getting women killed, although the solution, Victim Notification GPS would be easily implemented…if judges cared enough about safety.

Update:   Citing fear of Paul Gonzalez violating any restraining order he might issue, Broward County Circuit Judge Geoffrey D. Cohen, denied bail for Paul Gonzalez.   Interestingly, neithter Catherine or Paul Gonzalez has any memory of his attack.  Catherine Gonzalez because of her head injury. Paul Gonzalez, we do not know.  Effects of the taser?  On his attorney’s advice?  Either way, Gonzalez wound up with 15 years. Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.