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January 2016:  

Father’s rights?  Skip to the bottom to read about Matt Gonsalves;Great Dad.  Real man.

The other males featured on this page?  Nope.  In no way do these types resemble, “men.”  

WA:   Another lunatic fringe bill.
HB: 1524 and SB 5006 – both nuts.

San Diego’s “Coalition of Men” seems to be getting a leg up in WA state, where the legislature is set to pass a law to address paternity fraud, but in reality, these bills allow a father to sever financial ties to a non-biological child, allowing a non-biological custody, and creating multiple parents in the child’s life.   That’s for starters.  The reality is – it’s still all about control of the mother.

The San Diego group behind Washington’s potential newest mistake? They offer articles concerning ending women dominating men, (Never mind a lack of equal pay and a murder rate of men to women remains, spectacular) these guys want to end their perceived Privilege of women over men.  Like the privilege to earn less and be killed.

But good news.

Ladies:  Should your judge need a demonstration as to  just how crazy some American men are, print this page and bring it to court with you, because;  Jack Barnes!  Paul Elam.  (Also check out this page  or, this one as all three should easily demonstrate to a thinking judge, what real life looks like.  How did these cretins come to be?  Extreme inferiority.

Filed under:  “Cartoon characters” as Jack Barnes vows to squeeze feminists throats until they all admit to not being one.

 (We suggest a mental exam.)  Some decent American men believe Jack has been watching too many bad movies.   Our take?  A rivalry between Jack – and Paul Elam, our favorite fake “Mens rights” pipsqueak, over who can out-bluster the other.

Yes, the ever crafty Deadbeat Dad, Paul Elam turned being a deadbeat dad, into a full-on, money making enterprise. by convincing other unhappy men:  it wasn’t their fault.  Never mind their behavior.  As such Elam began by harnessing the wallets of other, pissed off men with his eternal chant:  They are the true “victims” – a variation on the “women are evil” theme.  

Every wrong thing in their life is due to women.  How nice of them, as their dying moment gasps, to post threats, proving what has long been said of them.   

Bad News:  January 2014:   Nebraska:

After Judge James Kube decided to reduce parenting time of a mother who decided to keep the child conceived through a rape….in favor of the man who attacked her, fathers rights groups might just decide Kube is a rapist’s dream.  (Especially since Kube also presided over the attacker’s trial.  We can see the signs now:  “Rapists for Kube – he’s the MAN!”)

So Nebraska Legislators:  Please pay attention.  In LA County, the death panels (yes, death panels for figuring out why so many dead kids):  turns out 78% of murdered children were murdered by their biological father; or Mom’s new boyfriend.

But in Nebraska’s Madison County, so precarious are the rights of women, the victim decided to negotiate time.  Then Judge James Kube awarded “visitation” rights – to be “revisited” in six months.  The father claims he just wants a “relationship” with his daughter.  No regard for her mother.

Which explains many “father’s rights” group members.  Oh, and some are stocked with convicted rapists.  See below.

Worse news?  Judge Kube was given a 91.6 over-all rating by the Nebraska State Bar in 2012.  

(Before Kube’s appointment as judge, by Republican Governor, Dave Heineman, Kube practiced at Stratton & Kube  and taught Agriculture law.  Perhaps Kube views women as breeders.)

After reading Sen. Ernie Chambers’ comments in the OWH – about wrongful convictions, we called to speak with him.   We figured perhaps Senator Chambers didn’t remember the rapist plead guilty.

(Generally, Senator Chambers is referred to as “outspoken.”  Our experience was Senator Chambers finds it impossible to listen to the sound of his own voice.  The man couldn’t shut up. )

Chambers heard our questions only when he paused to breathe.  But then, Chambers railed on, missing the point of the call, and tried to filibuster our question.  The guy is a real piece of work.  Senator Chambers makes us feel badly for the people of Nebraska and other legislators who have to work with him.

Fathers Rights Rapists

We wonder how many men are aware that Pete Clark of Livebeatdads is a convicted rapist.   Pete Clark was convicted of aggravated rape.  Pete used to write us angry letters demanding we remove his name from this site.
Perhaps because initially, we directed readers to Pete’s picture on Megan’s List.  After a few years Pete Clark completed the terms of his probation and was allowed to get off Megan’s List.

This is Pete Clark.  

What’s a good dad?  A good dad first of all, is not a rapist.

February 8, 2014:  
Second, he’s not an uncle.  Imagine the problems this Delaware woman is going through.

A good dad is Matt Gonsalves.  (See below.)  He’s the gold standard.

Matt is friendly with his former wife, the mother of his children, and spends his time rearing children to respect both parents.   Matt’s story is the gold standard.

Currently, as clusters of Fathers rights types jockey for a guru, non-profits abound.  Then angry men like Pete Clark step in.  These angry men remain focused on finances, ignoring the fact that women still do not have parity in the job market.  Seldom do these types speak of actual child-rearing…their focus is generally money-centric.  As such, some actively use their children to attack the other parent, by filing for sole custody for two reasons: 

1.  To reduce their child support obligation while delivering,
2.  A final attack on their former spouse.  Angry over anything resembling less than full control, these emotionally stunted Anthony Morelli types spew hatred incessantly on blogs as well and websites around the nation. 

Separate from that, some men can not or will not accept when a relationship is over.  Hence the murder rate.  These guys kill and of course, blame the victim.  Others quickly pick up new girlfriends and strive to alienate the children.

In thirteen years Familylawcourts.com has never voiced opposition to a single fathers rights group.   (The murder rate speaks for itself).  That changed after some vocal members of fathers rights groups voiced support of mass murderer Scott Dekraai, after Dekraai, who had primary custody, murdered eight people when his request for total control was rejected.   Shortly after that, attorney Sam Friedlander  murdered his entire family.  Enough.

Left unaddressed, the predictable end result of openly misogynistic fathers rights groups, will be a generation of mass-produced emotionally stunted adults who fully believe women are disposable.   Exactly why a heroic male father figure is needed. 

Familylawcourts.com recommends  Matt Gonsalves, the divorced dad featured below, as a model for how to be a great dad, in an article swiped from the Sacramento Bee, with appreciation for reporter Whitney Mountain and photographer, Lezlie Sterling.     
Good news:  With harsh words for the adoption center, Judge rules for Terry Achane, the drill instructor fighting for his daughter after his wife secretly turned the baby over to Utah’s “Adoption Seller of Choice.” Achane spent two years fighting the couple who illegally adopted the child. 

Historically, fathers rights groups have spent enormous amounts of time and energy expressing extreme anger over child support, instead of developing deeper relationships with their children. Excluding Desmond Hatchett who fathered 30 children with 11 separate (dumb) women.  Hatchett would appreciate the courts reducing his child support payments.

Meet our pick for Best Dad: 

Matt Gonsalves.

Matt Gonsalves celebrates life two decades after accident left him a quadriplegic.

He grew up going to the waterfall at Jamison Creek, taking turns with friends plunging into the icy water coming off the mountain and into a pool near a small town north of Truckee. 

So when Matt Gonsalves brought his Chico State friends home to Portola in 1991, he wanted to show his then-girlfriend and another couple a good time in one of his favorite places.

So he dove. He didn’t hit any rocks, but he did hit the bottom of the pool 15 feet down after breaking his neck when he hit the water.

Gonsalves, now 43, has spent the past 20 years of his life as a quadriplegic. 

Today, instead of bemoaning the anniversary of that day, his friends and family are gathering at Central Park in Davis to celebrate the two decades of success he has made for himself.

“I am nervous about it,” Gonsalves said. He sits in his motorized wheelchair and uses the muscles in his left arm to maneuver the joystick that allows him to get around his Natomas home. “I just want everyone to have a good time.”

After the accident, Gonsalves was unconscious for three days, and the doctors told his mother, Teresa Gula, that it was time to think about taking him off life support.

Gula went to him, looked into his face and spoke to him slowly and deliberately. He opened his eyes for the first time since the accident. Not only did his mother see his familiar blue eyes, but she saw recognition and slight annoyance at her tone of voice. She told the doctors he was going to make it.

“The prognosis was so dire that every little thing on the plus side was something to rejoice,” Gula said. “It wasn’t time to grieve. We just kept counting these small things that he was overcoming.”

After months of rehab, learning to breathe and communicate again, Gonsalves moved in with his girlfriend Luanna Putney, who was getting a Ph.D. at UC Davis.Shortly thereafter, Gonsalves enrolled at UC Davis to earn a bachelor’s degree in public policy.

“It was really tough,” he said. “It was a program that required 20-page papers, and I was typing one letter a second. So I was at a one-finger typing pace and took two classes at a time.”

Gonsalves and Putney married two years after his accident, and Gonsalves got a job with Contra Costa County as a contractor. He used public transportation – two hours each way – to get to his job.

In time, the couple had two daughters, Tessa, now 8, and Jacy, 7. Although Gonsalves and his wife are no longer married, they are raising their daughters together.

At first, Gonsalves home-schooled his girls while his wife was at work. These days, Tessa and Jacy attend a school for gifted students. After school, they go home to be with their father, who helps them with their homework and supports their extracurricular activities until their mother, who lives minutes away, gets off work.

“It’s great being a parent; they treat me like every other dad,” Gonsalves said.

When asked about what motivates him every day, he pointed to his daughters and said, “You’re lookin’ at ’em.”

Recent examples of America’s continued
march towards misogyny.

2011:  Arizona
:  Father’s Rights groups put former felon Terry Decker (he decked a teacher) on a state panel for child Support

2011 – Kansas:   Proving the point government officials consider women disposable, Shawnee District Attorney Chad Taylor decides not to prosecute DV cases after budget cuts.

2011:  National: Ignoring that Scott Dekraai had primary custody, Father’s Rights groups came out in support of Dekraai, after Dekraai committted mass murder.  (including Dekraai’s call to 9-1-1 advising he was going to kill himself and others.)

2011:   National:  Haley Barbour’s run for Presidentafter releasing a stalker, ex-wife killer.

Three years after her divorce, Adrienne Klasky’s ex-husband, Michael Graham continued stalking her.  Eventually Graham pulled up next to Adrienne at a Pascagoula intersection stoplight, pulled out a shotgun, and shot her in the head as Adrienne waited for the light to change. 

A jury convicted Graham of murder and sentenced him to life in prison.  Instead, Graham became a “Trustee” who worked at the Governor’s mansion and was befriended by Gov. Barbour.  In 2009, Gov. Haley Barbour released Graham.  In 2011 Gov. Barbour announced his intention to run for President.  He remains governor of Alabama where he continues his refusal to protect half the voters.

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