FinancingAmazingly, some professionals will ask you to encumber to them, the very things important to you to keep without a fight.  

Billionaire Ron Burkle had a long marriage and a very 
public divorce; largely due to Burkle’s willingness to back extreme measures geared to prevent his wife’s attorneys from finding the couple’s assets. 

Laws were passed to assist Burkle in his efforts with breathtaking speed.  The first effort was successful and just as swiftly was struck down as unconstitutional.

Burkle’s second attempt, supposedly citing identity theft, failed outright.

Soon after a sometime Page Six contributor Jared Paul Stern tried to extort Burkle, who promptly (good for him) called the FBI.   Later, Stern sued Burkle – and tossed in Bill and Hillary Clinton for good measure.

(No word on a mental evaluation for Stern.)Post-Nups
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