Free Speech

Free speech:   Also known as politics is everything.  Media is not covering DA’s who thwart the First Amendment.  Media is not covering the DA’s job description, which is:  “To search for the truth.”  Why isn’t media covering DA’s and judges who thwart family court litigants first amendment right to say what they want about their case?  Fraudster alert

What’s up with media not covering so-called Father’s Rights groups, who look up to convicted rapists as their leader? 

What’s up with media not covering the DA’s refusal to investigate Anothony Morelli for the unauthorized practice of law at, while he and his girlfriend as the both of them spew their campaign of hate towards the mother of Morelli’s children?

Matt Lauer missed it in his  of Anthony Morelli who has for years, been targeting his ex-wife, Allison, on-line via the website titled, “My Psycho Ex-Wife.”

Morelli’s issues seem more a product of outright misogyny than true, parental alienation, although there is certainly alienation as Morelli,  egged on by his acid-tongued girlfriend, Misty Weaver Ostinato.    Misty owns which has served as a valuable income source for Morelli and Weaver-Ostinato who continue feeding off other, angry men. 

Morelli and Misty Weaver-Ostinato’s “coaching” fees begin at $29.00 per month…and go up from there.  Weaver and Morelli are financially invested in giving advice.  State Bar officials and some DA’s consider that the unauthorized practice of law.  
Ultimately, Morelli attacks to d-i-s-t-r-a-c-t people from noticing his little legal con job.

The Today Show interview missed that part.  Click the News section for details.

Although media generally whiffs most issues concerning family court, we guessed media wouldn’t have missed free first amendment issues. 

We were wrong.



Carver County Courthouse on tighter security.  Judge Richard Perkins claims to be spooked by blog postings of Lea Banken which Judge Perkins labeled, “highly prejudicial and inflammatory.”

A normal judge wouldrecuse themselves, but Judge Perkins seems to have lost sight of “fair and impartial.”

Judge Perkins order Banken to remove the posts regarding her former husband, which Banken has for the most part, ignored Perkins order.

At this juncture, it seems likely Judge Perkins will deliver a smackdown to Banken…along with the hope media doesn’t report he is hardly at this point, “impartial.”

Update:  Judge Pekins is reported to have sanctioned Banken $9,000.00 in addition to not allowing her any contact with her three children.

In general, the “watchdog press” is lap dog.  And napping.

Knock knock.  Who’s there?  

Media!  (Finally.)

When Michigan Family Court Judge Cheryl Matthews was exposed (after impoverishing Family Court litigant Sharon Streng), Judge Matthews retaliated against Streng and her gun nut boyfriend. 

You Can’t talk about me online.

So that’s the pattern.  No one is paying attention to the victim.  Media pays attention to the judge.

Indiana:  It’s not that DA Aaron Negangard  has issues with free speech as claimed by Dan Brewington, incorrectly as it turns out.

It seems the real problem encountered by Dan Brewington was first and foremost, his failure to consider the Penal Code aspect of Indiana’s laws when one is a gun owner.

Brewington’s second issue, although he may not have been aware of it at the time, was his attorney of record, Bryan Barrett.

We’ve spoken with Bryan Barrett and found both he and his staff to be the consummate unprofessionals.

Unable to find specific threats, we did learn Indiana has laws on the books to address regular fear and others for special, judicial fears.  No kidding.

Brewington’s blog criticized everyone, acording to Eagle County Online.  Beginning in Dearborn County with Circuit Court Judge James Humphrey.

Brewington also had sharp words for a custody evaluator.  (There’s always a custody evaluator); and quite naturally, although nowhere near as bad as Morelli, his former wife and her attorney. 

We’re not exactlly clear how Judge James Humphrey’s wife, and Dr. Edward Conner’s wife wife became involved; although one thing was made clear:  

Apparently Indiana has no shortage of fearful people.

Separately, Brewington’s defense attorney, Bryan Barrett went with a jury of six, which itself speaks to ineffectiveness of counsel.  Making things slightly worse, it was a jury of five women and one, lone, man. 

File that under:  What was he thinking???

Turns out, six will get you five. In prison.

In total, subjects identified on Brewington’s blog, now identified as “eight witnesses” were all called by the prosecution whereupon they all took turns testifying they were fearful.  So Dan needn’t have done anything…all he had to do was speak in a certain way.

Judge James Humphrey and his wife Heidi Humphrey, Dr. Connor and his wife, Sara Connor…Melissa Brewington, her divorce attorney, Angela Loechel, Anne Jordan, and Dearborn County Sheriff Mike Kreinhop.

Whew.  That’s just a great big mess of fearful, fearful people.Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.