Good Cops

Good cops  are whistle-blowers.  Good cops are few.  Which is why we want to dedicate a page to good cops.  It’ll be a page, much shorter than the bad cops, but it is a necessary one.

November 15, 2015

Whistle-blowing Sgt. Ella Elias prevails after Seattle PD turns on her.  Judge Douglass North is stunned, Sgt. Elias with Seattle PD.

January 2015:  Laura Shook, another female cop gets fired for whistle-blowing in the South.  (New Albany, KY.)  The MERIT COMMISSION voted to fire Shook.  Attempts to locate number of members and those who are members were unsuccessful.

December, 2014:  Fired Buffalo police officer Cariol Horne still battling for her pension in Court.

Picture of a good cop.  Sgt. James Corcoran, (courtesy of LA Times photographer Luis Sinco, LA Times.)  

Not only did Sgt. Cocoran blow the whistle on Bell PD, when all was said and done, Sgt. Cocoran accepted a smaller settlement in order to return to work sooner.

Newport Beach Police Department:  A How-To Guide for punishing a whistleblower, and his dispatcher wife, as reported in OC Weekly, here.  
 May 14, 2013

Riverside, CA: Former Riverside Sheriff’s Association officials lose big.  Scott Teutscher won lawsuit regarding unions legal defense fund was being used inappropriately for members court cases on a trespassing charge and civil suit.  Jurors awarded Teutscher $841,750, (including pun$375,500. in punitive damages.)  U.S. Distric Judge Robert Whaley said Teutscher’s firing was retaliatory.
November 14, 2013

When Jealousy is a Factor with Co-workers

Orange County, CA: Former OC Deputy Scott Montoya prevails in PTSD case against co-workers.  

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