GPS Restraining Order

Restraining orders with a GPS enhancement – A restraining order that works.  Considering what’s trending in family court – why aren’t attorneys demanding Family Court Judges protect litigants by asking Victim Notification GPS be added to some restraining orders?

If Predictive Policing is good enough for the police…see this Sacramento News clip

demonstrates….why isn’t it good enough for inter-family crimes?

Check the AOC

AOC Director of Families and Children Diane Nunn is largely responsible for advising family court judges not to use active GPS with Victim notification as an enhancement to restraining orders.

Active GPS means a GPS Monitoring staffer would notify the protected person ahead of time that person restrained was about to enter the court-ordered distance to stay-away, in time enough to leave the area.  This life-saving technology would empower women to save their own life, and ultimately, state resources.

Yes, the AOC is against victims of violence being able to save their own life.

Good news – the man who cut off his tracking bracelet, which is completely different from real-time, true GPS monitoring bracelet, and then hunted down and murdered four police officers, was found guilty.  Those officers would still be alive had the killer been wearing a true monitoring bracelet.

As much as we appreciate the hard work of most Family Court judges, the simple reality is family court judges are not known to embrace technology as judges whose practice involves cutting edge technologies from IP cases, to the criminal courts.

Unfortunately for victims, this intellectual foot dragging by family court judges continues getting people killed. 

It’s sadly ironic that the world could together with the latest in technology to rescue 33 trapped Chilean miners, while family court judges and various non-profits supposedly continue to “grapple” with how to end “domestic violence.” 

Clearly, that’s just not a credible response anymore.

We favor any company offering GPS with victim notification

as technology changes so fast.

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