Breaking legislative news:   Custody battles just got more expensive.

Toxic Grandparents

When Grandma is lethal
Overbearing Alabama grandmother Sandra Hill Treadway, age 54, whose grandson was living with her, was arrested for soliciting the murder of the child’s mother.  Treadway had arranged a lay-away plan, for the hit man; and had made payments.  Media reports don’t indicate why this would be killer had custody of the child, just that Treadway’s son and the mother were involved in a custody dispute.

Boston:   Jared Remy. Convicted killer and son of Red Sox announcer, Jerry Remy, was allowed free reign for decades.  He finally admitted he murdered his girlfriend while his daughter and neighbors who tried to stop him.

And then his parents filed for custody of the little girl who witnessed her mother’s slaughter.

The Remy family was used to Jared’s outburst.  Before murder, the end result in one case involving a prior girlfriend, was brain damage.  Courtesy of judges turning a blind eye for 18 years.  

And then the Remy’s filed for custody against the dead woman’s family.

This happens a lot.  Feel free to scroll.

10-04-13:  San Francisco.

CA Senator Mark Leno promotes new law to promote more custody litigation.  It’s called SB274 and guarantees custody battles will remain a high cost,  free-for-all.  Thanks Senator Leno.  Oh, by the way, still associating with those fake non-profits?

Between grandparent visitation, grandparents with custody, and former in-laws becoming everything from nightmares to saviors; grand parents in family court fighting for custody is on the rise.  
    And that’s not counting parents of lesbian couples who never approved of the marriage in the first place, after the death of a spouse.  In that case, Sarah Farley and Jennifer Tobits, love won.  

Courtesy of a rational jurist.

Breaking:  December 4, 2013

AR:  Tim Adams kills grandkids, and daughter’s boyfriend. It is reported he stalked them first.
Regina, Tim’s wife and daughter Ashley, fled the scene after Adams began shooting.

Four year old was shot in the back by Tim Adams.  Video here.

Same old story.  Teenage parent Dylan Cox shoots Tabitha Belmonte multiple times,

killing the mother of his daughter, and then himself – while living with his parents, Darrin and Catherine Cox.

But both sets of grandparents seek custody of surviving grandchild, Emma.  Age two.  Instead of common sense, the therapists are called in.

Thanks Judge Judge David Freundlich.  Judge Freundlich ruled Julie Schultz, mom to Katie Farrell’s killer James Schultz, will share custody of the baby with the killer’s parents three days a week.


Grandma Cheryl Hepner, armed and dangerous, now charged with attempted murder

Video of shooting

Jennnifer Lopez Dejongh speaks to reporters.

The history:

Cash is King. Still.  Shortly after Jennifer Lopez Dejongh was awarded custody of her children, from the children’s very violent (documented) father, the son of Congressman Gary Miller, Miller filed for custody.  Four months later, he was awarded custody from Dejongh.

Money talks.  Even the headline,

“Former Miss Diamond Bar arrested in Mexico with congressman’s missing grandkids”
was sexist.

A camera crew showed up at the home of Jennifer Dejongh’s parents, but was called back to the station.  Something was said about Congressman Miller not wanting any coverage and the reporter and camera truck, suddenly pulled out. Excellent past coverage of the Miller-Dejongh case is here.

Clearly, influence has been demonstrated throughout.  Including Yahoo pulling the website featuring  Dejongh’s kids, and locking up the domain.

Jennifer Dejonghn will have a long road a head of her, especially if the reporting continues to be  be incomplete. 

Police non-performance would mirror earlier problems. 

The police were called many times, but seldom was a police report generated.

It’s been confirmed Brian has entered at least two treatment facilities, perhaps more, for what he describes as “emotional problems.” 

Eventually, Brian Miller sued Jennifer’s parents for emotional distress.  A jury found for the parents.  When Brian lost he cried. Brian Miller’s father, Rep. Gary Miller was voted “Most Corrupt” in CREW’s 2006, 2007 and 2008 reports on congressional corruption for failing to pay capital gains taxes after he claimed he was forced by eminent domain to sell his land to two cities, allegations both cities have denied. Rep. Miller is reportedly under investigation by the Department of Justice and the House ethics committee.

Miller’s beautiful 33 year old daughter, Elizabeth, died suddenly in Georgia shortly after the children vanished.  It was reported she froze to death.  

California News:

Hoag v. Diedjomahor, E050935

Bitter dad loses out on ending grandparent visitation.

Good Bad News! 
 Although Linda and Jim Dulin prevailed in an extremely bitter custody case between grand-parents, in the fight for custody of two grandchildren after father, Waco Baptist minister Matt Baker, killed his wife Kari Baker, to be with his mistress.   The parents of the murderer now claim the judge who decided the case didn’t have jurisdiction.

The children, who had been brainwashed against the materal grandparents, initially dispaired. 

To address that, our hope is the judge gives the maternal grandparetns a chance to over-come the grand-parent alienation the children were subjected to the all-out effort to win their loyalty.

Killer’s parents lose bid to keep grand-children

Increasingly, in-laws are becoming a focus of family violence.

UT:  6-14-13:  Ogden

Charles Richard Jennings, Jr. shoots father-in-law in the back of the head during mass in at Saint James the Just, Catholic Church.

NC:  05-09-13:   Robert Warren III, 32, kills wife, in-laws, and finally, self.

“My daddy just shot my mom and my grandma … and my grandpa,” the daughter told the 911 dispatcher. “Please come help!” 
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