Hiring Hitmen

Hiring Hitmen

Hiring a hitman instead of a filing for divorce.  Just ask Houston attorney Jeff Stern.Arizona 


Arizona millionaire Fred Knadler, 75, and in jail pending trial for the attempted hiring a hitman to kill his wife after she filed for divorce, attempts to recruit another hit, from behind bars.


August, 2013

Survivalist and small business owner, Jason Simione – stockpiles weapons now accused of soliciting hitman to kill wife, her mother, and their nine-month old child.

Miami:   The trial is in New York, but the planning of the murder of Ben and Bernice Novack was hatched in South Florida.  


Seattle: Seattle PI reports  McChord Lt. Col. Robert E. Underwood is facing charges for hiring hitman for hit on estranged wife and his boss. Told one of his daughters he was “going to do something crazy and it would be on the news, the world would know about it and he was going to resign his commission.”   The paper was more specific, about the threats, his girlfriend and hidden accounts.

California –

San Bernardino – a do-it-yourselfer.  Or, hitwoman, with friends.  The SB Sun reports that Laurie Jean Cone, 47, Gary Gallion, 29, and Shawna Bayless, 39, all of San Bernardino, are each charged with one count of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree residential robbery and one count of first degree burglary in connection with the fatal bludgeoning of Laurie Cone’s estranged husband, John “Jack” Cone, 64.
San Diego – and the worst kind of Mamma’s Boy.  June Carol Pickard as a really bad mom, and Francis Richard Noble, and a son no woman really wants.

Mom and son charged with soliciting a murder of wife for two thousand dollars.

As reported by ABC, “Judge Herbert Exarhos ruled there was enough evidence to order Pickard to stand trial on charges of conspiracy and attempted solicitation to commit murder, and for Noble to proceed to trial on conspiracy and solicitation to commit murder counts. 

El Cajon police said they were tipped off to the alleged murder-for-hire plot by an acquaintance of Pickard and Noble.

“Basically … she wanted to have Richard’s wife killed,” testified Christopher Bragg, a high school acquaintance of Noble’s. “I believe the quote was ‘I want that [expletive] dead.'”

The 31-year-old alleged victim has been married to Noble for three years and the couple has a history of domestic violence, Lt. Steve Shakowski said.

Noble’s wife, Rita Mansour, told the court she thought their relationship was fine.”
Texas –  No, we don’t  know why everything’s crazier in Texas.

Third time wasn’t the charm and so millionaire Houstand attorney Jeff Stern was caught.

The kicker? Stern’s wife, (she was shot in the stomach) reconciled.

The trial focuses on Stern’s lover hiring the poor-shot hit woman, and her three attempts to kill.Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.