Judges to Avoid

Yes Virginia, judges really are this clueless.

Beginning at the top, 9th Circuit Bush appointee Judge Sandra Ikuta

Judge Ikuta sided with deputies who delayed medical help for a San Diego Sheriff’s deputy, who shot his wife in the face, kept the family from her for five hours, and pepper-sprayed the woman’s father.  In the area of “Doesn’t get it” Judge Ikuta breaks new ground.

Sadly the record continues.

Not much better at the Supreme Court.

California’s Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye claims to have a domestic violence background.  Wouldn’t know it by her refusal to address the  AOC getting kids killed.

Georgia judge pulls gun on victim, assaulted by former deputy .

Recently, San Luis Obispo’s Criminal Court judge, John Trice, was caught stiffing his wife out of her earned, retiremed benefits.

But will West Virginia Judge Rhonda Kay Stewart learn from her mistakes? 

Murder conviction overturned after Judge Tod Kaufman refused to allow testimony regarding decades of abuse.
(and why these judges aren’t connecting years of abuse with PTSD…remains a mystery.)

Californians at risk:

“You’re saying Dr. Kenan should be disqualified because of a goofy Facebook page. What on earth does it have anything to do with this court?” CommissionerMary Lou Katz asked in denying the removal motion.  Yikes!  We wouldn’t trust her in any family court case involving children.

Judy Johnson

She’s baaaack.

We’re not rid of her yet.  Judy Johnson, perhaps the most vindictive, ill-mannered, obnoxious state employee,  and who while running the State Bar, didn’t know Sharon “Sheri” Pearl was embezzling from the bar, now wants to be a judge.  Johnson is is quietly mounting a campaign of past State Bar bigwigs,  looking for support.

Just say no. 

In another area we  recommend bouncing  Santa Clara Judge Erica Yew .

Would you trust a judge who believes the AOC is run by, “a group of well intentioned, well-run and well-led people.”

We wouldn’t either. 

Judges thrown off the bench, or convicted of crimes. 

(It’s not that there aren’t any…it’s a questions of how to group them.) 
But then, there’s also killer judges – and the laughter stops.


Our favorite was Mary Moran, Zen judge out of San Francisco. 

Although there was a family history of murder, Judge Morgan didn’t seem seem to mind (perhaps because she was a Zen judge) when the defendant blew off a prior court hearing on a DV charge.  Deciding against a DA’s request for jail, the defendant walked out of court a free man.

He then drove to Novato and beat his ex-girlfriend and mother to his daughter, to death with a baseball bat.  Then he left with their one year old daughter.

Judge Morgan retired a bit later, with a nice dinner and many judges thanking her for her hard work.  A Marin Jury convicted Mitchell pretty fast.


Then there’s the matter of sex offenders being awarded custody.

But that’s Florida for you.  Thanks Judge So and so.

We say “So and So” because the reporting was so lame, the press hid the name of the judge.


Rockport Family Court Judge William Adams, screams obscenities while beating his daughter with two belts….later claims “She wasn’t hurt.”   An investigation has just begunA few examples of some hilariously bad judges.  But not before mentioning a potentially deadly one.

NJ:  Misogyny, thy name is: Judge Paul Escandon.  Awards custody to self-confessed killer. 

After Appellate court reverses, impoverishes mom, although her former husband makes 500k a year.  

Sometimes the women are exceptionally clueless.  Consider, Arizona’s Coconino County Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Hatc

AZ:  Judge Jacqueline Hatch,  (a Republican appointee of Gov. Jan Brewer.)

At sentencing of an off-duty DPS officer after he walked up behind a woman at a Flagstaff bar, and put his hands up her dress to grope her, Judge Hatch told the victim,  “Well, it never would have happened if you hadn’t been there.”

Duh.  These people would likely vote for North Dakota’s Rick Berg; who wants to criminalize abortion, and sentence women to life in prison if they are convicted of obtaining an abortion.  (This most invasive form of government is courtesy of the party which claims it wants less government.)

CO:  Judge Mary Celeste

Denver judge Mary Celeste was not prosecuted for leaving her six year old grand-daughter in the car during the summer.  In 2011, Judge Celeste was awarded the Mary Lathrop award.  Mary Lathrop first women to open a law office in Colorado, the first woman to argue before the Colorado Supreme Court, the first woman admitted to the United States Supreme Court, and the first woman to join the Colorado and Denver Bar associations.  We’re thinking Mary just might be turning over in her grave.


Dubuque County District Court’s Judge Monica Ackley 

An incredible tale of judicial hubris surrounding mountains of evidence of sex abuse, we wonder why the public allows judicial immunity to prevent Judge Ackley from not being charged as an accessory after the fact in the Michael Kozen matter.

New Mexico

Judge Albert Murdoch

who was arrested, having been caught on tape, for rape.

Murdoch joins other judges in this regard, and for the Update:   Judges protect each other.  Often with a DA assist. 

Murdoch agreed to retire as the Chief Justice of New Mexico’s busiest criminal court, and never again run for office, Murdoch will not face disciplinary proceedings.   Welcome to America boys and girls.Moving along….

Montgomery County
Judge Patricia Warner

As 74 page complaint – from the State revealed, Judge Warner had been reversed in 27 out of 29 appeals.  We believe  appellate attorneys in her area were saddened to learn the speed of Judge Warner’s sudden retirement – in a cloud of dust.  Never mind a violation of 11 codes of conduct for judicial ethics in one case alone.  Most of the complaints centered around conflict-of-interests, as it applied to – well, everything.  We’re not saying Patricia Warner is crooked…we’re saying criminal charges wouldn’t surprise us.

San Diego County
San Diego Judge Lisa Schall strikes again.

Los Angeles County
Judge Hank Goldberg.

We wonder how long will Judge Goldberg will keep Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s kids at risk?
Just wondering.  We gotta ask?  Why would a judge allow himself to be controlled by attorneys for two drug addicts?  Goldberg was part of the team that prosecuted O.J. Simpson.  Enough said.

Marin County
It’s been ten years and no changes since judicial cronyism was exposed in Marin in a piece titled, “Odor in the Court.”

Orange County
Judge Nancy Pollard
Pollard’s a nasty bigot, but also a star-struck one. 

When chinless George Peterson from the OC Housewives appeared in front of her, he got everything he wanted. 

Sacramento County
Judge Peter “Chainsaw” McBrien.   

Chainsaw has been charged in criminal court for cutting down a tree that blocked his river view.  He’s also been slapped by the CJP for abandoning a trial.  In response the Family Law Section of the Sacramento Bar Association nominated him as “Judge of the Year.”

That’s how it works.  

We wonder why anyone bothers writing fiction. 

Judge J. David Roper

“I define arrogant.”

See how Judge Roper ” Voided” the Court of Appeal order which over-turned his ruling against a mother.

Broward County
Judge Rhonda Hollander 

Yikes! Why did Judge Rhonda Hollander turn herself into a paparazzi aiming for penis popping photos?

St. Tammany Parish

Why did Judge Reginald Badeaux, who hasn’t made  a second mortgage payment in 16 months, continue on a case when he was friends with one side, including vacationing together?  Because the result was a significant loss for the other side.  Or, as the Court wrote,
Judge Badeaux, “signed a legally unauthorized order that deprived a mother of her right to visit her child for at least four weeks and that exposed her to the difficulties and cost of overturning the wrongful ruling.”

Montgomery County
Family Court judge and dead-beat dad,

Judge Tracy Gilbert

See theChild Supportsection of this site.  Number Four.  This guy sort of defines justice, Texas style.

Gilbert won a child support case and will not have to pay nearly $200,000 in back child support according to a story by Nancy Flake in The Courier.  A DNA test last determined Gilbert is the father of the 18-year-old male, who was the subject in the child support case filed by the mother of the boy.

According to attorneys involved in the case, Gilbert had knowledge of the boy since at least the mid-1990s but had no contact with him and did not pay child support as the boy grew up.
Lucerne County.

Where to begin? 

Will sort out the indicted from the convicted and report back.

The solution to family murders, is GPS with Victim notification.

Unless, one is interested in a continued growing, murder rate.

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