Judicial Council

The Judicial Council oversees implementing laws, setting policy and relys on a completely out-of-control, AOC.   See the latest report.

Bear in mind the judges who continue allowing the AOC to run amok, are the very same judges who are deciding cases throughout the state while wondering about restoring “confidence in the judiciary.”  Or so they claim.  The reality is far different.

A brief history of the Judicial Council throwing in the towel in the area of well judiciousness.  As reported in Courthouse News, as of December 15, 2011, the California Judicial Council continues assisting the hurling of California over its self-made, financial cliff.  The Alliance of California Judges sees a solution.  The Judicial Council prefers not gutting the AOC.  The Judicial Council has not once suggested the AOC reduce its own ranks, including after an Emergency Meeting called by Chief Justice Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, on Monday, May 6, 2012.  

Not once has the Judicial Council questioned the status quo of the AOC, which continues sending the State of California to its financial demise.    The question becomes… why? The Alliance for California Judges.

Their history.

Breaking!  We thought it would never happen but the Judicial Council finally got a clue and abandoned their plan to accept funding (after a year of secret talks) for privately run court access from the billionaire likewise funding data mining companies.Who really runs the Judicial branch of government?  Might want to read an insider’s view from Sacaramento County Judge Maryanne G. Gilliard, to the LA Daily Journal.

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