Katie Holme custody

Katie Holme custody case:


7/9:  Part One of the divorce is settled.  Interestingly, not a single media outlet is giving credit to Katie’s father…although clearly he was the attorney Holmes first consulted.

Child custody issues are separate from the divorce action…and claims of settlement with Katie as the primary care-taker and Tom with tons of “visitation” will likely be short-lived should the nanny and body-guards hired to follow Tom’s visitation report anything hinky.

Still not reported?  The lack of oversight regarding so-called mental health “experts” which likely worry Tom Cruise.  Cruise’s concerns are well founded.  Click on Psychiatrists or therapists, and Supervised Visitation monitors

7/7:   Some outlets are reporting “calm negotiations.”  Consider that the “calm before the storm” because of Katie Holmes hole card.

Katie Holmes ace-in-the-hole, is a psychological evaluation.  This is a common tactic in custody cases.   See, Custody Evaluators, or psychiatrists, or therapists…and the latest from mental health lobbyists, “Special Masters.

Match the history of the lack of oversight with these organizations, with Tom Cruise tearing up Matt Lauer on the Today Show over the entire history of psychiatry….and clearly, Katie’s hold card, ace-in-the-hole, is a family court judge ordering Tom to undergo an “evaluation.”

7/5:  Holmes’ father’s office has been advised of facts not yet into evidence.

Likewise Radar Online has been informed their coverage of July 5th, which included the line,

“The custody proceedings in Los Angeles are closed to the public, including the press because of child protection laws,”  was 100% inaccurate.

Custody hearings in California custody cases are closed only after a petition for such is made. They are rarely granted.  Unless the judge is star-struck.   Most judges agree that’s not in the best interests of justice, or the public to not treat stars differently.  (But again, some judges are significantly star-struck)

Except when it comes to finance.   Ask California billionaire, Ron Burkle, who got lobbyists to make financial records secret.  Twice.  Burkle failed both times.

Which is not to say there aren’t secret dockets.  There are. See Secret Dockets.

Katie Holmes attorneys may have filed Ex-Parte applications for an “emergency” hearing before July 17th.   Holmes’ attorneys filed as with court backlogs, it normally takes a while before matters are heard.  Hence “Emergency” petitions for whatever.

The Katie Holmes – Tom Cruise divorce page was created to demonstrate how public opinion is first guided to, then shaped by inaccurate media reporting; instead of personal research.

English papers reported Katie Holmes filed in New York for a sole custody advantage.  According to the English rags, sole custody is easier for mothers in New York, than California.  Although the English reporting was highly inaccurate, initially, that news swept outlets on both sides of the pond.  

However, few realized the bad reporting was the result of the deep ties to media the filing firm has. Thus press from Katie Holmes’ east-coast attorneys point-of-view is likely to continue in spite of Katie Holmes quietly renting another apartment prior to filing.

Also, in regard to Katie Holmes initial choice of counsel, the word is she could have done much better.  Familylawcourts.com expects a change as soon as Katie’s father realizes this.  

See below.

We received the below from a former client of Pam Sloan.

“Good luck to Katie Holmes. I had her exact lawyers, and they ruined everything in my case from A to Z. They ignored the laws of the State of NY, the Judges looked the other way, they forged my name on documents. They put me on Trial and held dates and conferences without telling me. In other words, I was not present and I, too, was the plaintiff. These lawyers are running an industry, not practicing law.  Good luck Katie. I don’t know how you found ’em, but they might have your back, and then again….”Tom’s preferred move?  

Bifurcated divorce

We would expect Tom Cruise to fold on the divorce, perhaps through bifurcation, then gear up for a custody battle later.  Any such battle would likely be filed in California.

New York divorces vs. California

Sometimes it’s about secrecy…and sometimes it’s not.

Please note, absent Charlie Sheen’s custody case in which the judge, Hank Goldberg, continues to allow the case to be run by attorneys rather than appoint counsel for the children, FamilyLawCourts.com doesn’t generally profile “celebrity” divorces. 

However the Holmes-Cruise divorce can be used as a learning tool to educate reporters and the public alike that minus media attention, Family Courts on either coast often and simply, don’t work.  

The courts don’t work in part, because judges have too much Discretion to exercise their bias.  Often, unless one has financial or personal clout, only media attention encourages judges to actually follow the law.  

No Media?

The lack of media exposure means litigants often receive the kind of justice featured at Los Angeles Judges

However, one reason Katie Holmes might should have taken the long view and filed in California is the need per CCP 170.6, of a free-bounce.  Prior to hearing a case, California residents get one free bounce.  Katie’s early filing had the advantage; but if the case is bifurcated, that could disappear.

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