Kendra Beebe

Kendra Beebe

May 22:  2014:  

Kendra Beebe Update:  While the country learns about Rick Perry’s  “Come on down” tax-friendly, business beckon, women executives familiar with the lack of regard towards women Texas favors are not inclined to settle in or for, Texas.  However, former San Diego County resident Kendra Beebe left for other reasons.  Paying taxes for police services the police and DA  continually refused to provide.  For months Beebe begged Carlsbad PD to do their job and for months Carlsbad PD pointedly refused.  So who’s surprised when a woman walked into a bank and took Beebe’s funds?  Certainly not anyone living in Carlsbad.  Why does the Mayor and City Council accept tax monies in exchange for a police department that continues to refuse to protect or serve?

Although true in any number of counties, Kendra Beebe remains the sadly perfect example why women remain unsafe in San Diego County.  After spending over $100,000.00 in attorneys fees, this Carlsbad business owner remains a crime victim, due to the ongoing refusal of Carlsbad Police Department to provide basic police services, (including 2011 warm, fuzzy message from Carlsbad Police Chief, Gary Morrison, who brags about quick “response time and lowered crime stats.”)  And therein lies the rub.  Getting police departments to first make, then investigate crime reports.

In this case, Including after Kendra supplied all necessary documentation evidencing online crimes.  (This is Carlsbad, but it pretty much is true for San Diego, Solana Beach, etc.)

You may remember Kendra Beebe.  In 20018 Kendra somehow survived 23 stab wounds from her ex-boyfriend, actor Shelley Mailil.

Backstory:One horrible stabbing

While the San Diego District Attorney’s office admitted Kendra’s ex-husband likely had some kind of involvement in Beebe’s attempted murder, (phone records indicated Malil called Kendra’s ex, Chetwyn Archer, the day before attacking Beebe, and then just prior to stabbing her mulitiple times), the DA’s joke, “Family Protection Unit” headed by Pat McGrath did  –  absolutely nothing.  

After recovering from her many stab wounds, Beebe relocated to another Carlsbad community, this time gated….and continued her custody battle, albeit with a family court judge who seemingly was, oblivious on matters impacting Kendra’s and the children’s safety. (See San Diego Judges.)

But Kendra continued putting her life back in order.  Then in  November of 2012, Kendra attempted to protect her neighbor, the soon to be murdered, Kathy Scharbarth after seeing a man acting suspiciously just outside the gates of her community. Kendra gave chase in her vehicle and snagged a picture of fleeing man.  It was Scharbarth’s ex. Who returned the next week and killed Scharbarth. 

In a way, Kendra was lucky, but the fact is Kendra is alive today in spite of the police.  The women below, were all failed examples of San Diego police and District Attorney services.

You can visit them in the graveyard.

Fast forward:  Soon to be 2014, and good citizen Kendra Beebe, is now entering year Five as a continuing Carlsbad crime victim.  Solely due to the determined inaction of Carlsbad Police Department.

Perhaps it’s the mindset of Carlsbad Police towards women, as relayed by Carlsbad Sgt. Greg White, which best illustrates why women will continue being killed.

In early October of  2013, we contacted Sgt. White concerning the latest crimes committed against Beebe, this time, online. Our simple question was to ask why Carlsbad PD continues allowing Beebe to remain a crime victim.  Sgt White, who said he was working on his day off, immediately replied he was offended by our question.  (All questions from us and all and non-responsive statements from Sgt. White were cordially made.) 

Long story short, Sgt. White said the department is busy.  Fighting crime.  


Separately, on the matter of empowering women to save their own life, at a savings to city, county and state personnel, we suggested real-time GPS in Family court would save lives.  Sgt. White’s response was both immediate and typical, in that he immediately referenced the “civil rights” of, the person causing the harm in response.  

That’s right. Sgt. White’s immediate response was to get a little huffy about the rights of the individual causing harm.  Although Sgt. White’s response was as typical as it was wrong, it is an accurate portrayal of police attitudes towards women.  (Hardly news in San Diego.) 

So we told Sgt. White the reality is,  real-time GPS merely is an enhancement of an existing restraining order – not a civil rights violation. And one more reality is clear:  It is Carlsbad Police who are violating the rights of Kendra Beebe to live a safe, crime-free life.)

Meanwhile, Sgt. White continued missing the point – he again illustrated his mindset towards female crime victims.  How else can one explain continued police refusal to serve or protect?

Making things slightly creepier, Sgt. White referred to a 9th Circuit decision nixing GPS devices planted on vehicles to illustrate his point.  Yes, we were talking about a device women could use to save their own life which would additionally save city, county and state resources; but Sgt. White?  

Sgt White quoted a 9th Circuit decision impacting property rights.  We’re talking about saving lives, Sgt. White somehow equated that to knocking the 9th Circuit’s decision regarding property.  What we learn from this is Sgt. White seems to equate women as property.  Ewwww.

So the bottom line for Carlsbad’s Kendra Beebe is this:  Five years post her attempted murder – as far as Carlsbad Police Department is concerned, Beebe can remain a crime victim.

Because Carlsbad Police is very busy.   That’s the bottom line.  

Update:  A week after our conversation with Sgt. White we learned of another Carlsbad Police response to the latest cyber crimes on Beebe to her bank.  An officer Beebe spoke with said in response to the hacking of her bank accounts,

  •             “Since no money is missing, what’s the problem?’

(Wanna move to Carlsbad?)

The agency took a report, for Penal Code Section 502B1 PC assigned a case number, and then…nada. 

One last thing.  Kendra’s ex, Chetwyn Archer, is awaiting deportation.  Yes, he has a record.   Guess why!?!  Still, Carlsbad Police remains firm in their refusal to provide actual, police services.  Including for the latest attack on Kendra, hacking her accounts.  As a final insult, Kendra at her own expense, provided evidence.  Archer, her ex, is clearly a suspect; or would be should Carlsbad PD opt to investigate. 

So after spending over $100,000.00 in attorneys fees, what is Carlsbad business owner Kendra Beebe getting for her tax dollars for police services?  Zip.  Carlsbad Police Department continues refusing to provide Beebe basic, police services.  End of story.  

Well, except for this one, question.  

If Carlsbad Police Department is going to continue their pattern and practice of  refusing to provide police services to crime victim, (now year Five) for Kendra Beebe…

shouldn’t she get a refund?

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