-  No one over eleven believes it's working.
Kids Killed - while our courts continue refusing to protect litigants with GPS with Victim notification.  See the AOC section -  and government officials ignore - as in not bothering to read audits dealing with how kids were killed, while in State care.  Oklahoma's Linda Weeks, said "My eyes would have glazed over." These are our "leaders."  Does the latest documentary, "Don't Divorce the Kids" go there?

Ed:  Note:  We can no longer keep up with single family member murders.  As such, only multiple kids murdered will be featured here.  Yes, it's gotten that bad

But first:  Own a gun?  It could get you killed.  Consider these stats about guns in the home. 


Dad kills two kids. Journal Sentinel names no one.

Altamonte Spring PD responsible for murder of Chericia Brown and her kids,

No Fear of Further violence.

Police got this family killed. In December she reported husband threatened to kill Cherica and their kids.  But cops said since he moved out, likely no violence in the future. 

Forth Worth
Pianist's wife, apparently killed her two daughters, then stabbed herself.  Dad found the bodies of Nike and Michela Kholodenko, ages five and one.

Teenager Cameron Dooley killed his entire family, inclulding his Godmother. 
Dooley family dead

Starting the new year off with stabbing and gun murders.
Florida - of course!
Noah Carlopoli, brother of Carlo Carlopoli, blames the dead Mom and two kids - and possibly the also killed dog, for Carlo "not being safe right now."

December 23, 2015 
Dad's double murder, suicide attempt
Should have begun with the suicide.

Glenn Baxter kills his estranged wife, Danica and their three children.

other: Danica Baxter, 25;
Son: Reighn Baxter, 3;
Son: Nazyiah Baxter, 2;
Daughter: Zariyah Baxter, 1.

September, 16, 2015

Scott Westerhuis shotgunned his family to death.  Wife, Nicole Westerhuis, and their four kids; Kailey, Jaeci, Connor and Michael.  Afterward, Scott Weterhuis torched the family home and then committed suicide.  Scott and Nicole Westerhuis were employed by Mid-Central Educational Cooperative, which provides speech, language and hearing services to schools. The kids were involved in many school activites. 

MN -
Excluding "Dylan" the last person on the right, Brian Short, shot-gunned to death, his entire family.

Afterward Short, torched his million dollar home, and committed suicide.

CA - September 9

Los Angeles
As yet unnamed Dad, suspected in killing his three boys, ages 8-12 in car.

August 10

Shawn Fuller kills his two kids with his wife's gun After arguing with her. 

TEXAS - Six kids killed
August 8, 2015
Five kids killed by David Conley III, who enjoyed his lengthy criminal history record, with Harris County police failing to protect his ex, Valerie Jackson and the six children Conley shot in the back of the head, execution style.

Court records show a warrant for Conly's arrest was issued on July 8, 2015 charging hims with felony family assault. (Conley was listed as a 2-time offender). David Conley allegedly injured his girlfriend, Valerie Jackson by pushing her “head into a refrigerator with his hand.” His address for this offense is listed as 2211 Falling Oaks Road in Houston; s the address of the mass execution.  Another example of when the courts failed to issue Victim Notification GPS.  #TotalGovernmentFail.


CAModesto murder suspect Martin Martinez, arrested in murder of five, including three kids.  Two reported to be his.  Check for updates.

MDPerry Hall loses his job, so guns down sons, Julian Roary Jr., 12, and Ian Roary, 10.

Steve Hutcheson kills his wife and two kids, then partied with his mistress.

UT:  Roy
Russell Smith kills wife, two kids, Tylee and Blake.

State stats are a couple of years late, but as the LA County Death Panel noted, 78% of the kids killed in LA are killed by the biological father, or the new boyfriend of the mother.  (Statistic from 2011.)


FL:  Port Orange
David Mohney and his wife Dr. Cynthia Mohney filed for divorce on May 8, 2014.  A domestic violence attack occurred on June 8, 2014.  By October 17, David had killed two of their three children.  11 year old David, and 14 year old Savanna Mohney, below.
Lauren Mohney, 9, was also shot and left for dead.  She was just upgraded from "critical" to "stable" condition.  Some online are blaming the Mother who continued to share the family home after the first incident.  Remember their names as these are the people who chose to add to her incalculable grief. 

CA:  Torrance
Loving Mom, Carol Coronado in custody after charged with killing her three young daughters.

UT:  Lindon Police officer Josh Boren rang in the new year by killing his kids, his wife, and mother-in-law.

Sycracuse mom killed her two daughters and self after a relationship failure.


CA:  Fontana:  New Years Eve Day:
A triple murder-suicide.

WI:  Aaron  Schaffhausen was sentenced to three life sentences for slitting the throats of his three daughters.

With the exception of  murder of  Kirill Kanarikov, who was tossed off a 52 story building on December 22, 2013; for the simple reason the press coverage was for hours, completely wrong. Media accounts began with "Fall" then progressed to "plunge" but it was a full 10 hours before the murder via custody dispute was reported.  This will be a two-day only story as, dead.  But do not expect media to properly investigate why so many men kills their children; and the children of others.  There is no real interest in our children.  Our great resource.


WA:  September 18, 2013
Fun Dad Rob Kings kills his twin daughters.  The custody battle from King's point of view was "all or nothing."  Court officials refused to schedule evaluation.

CA:  September 17, AZ mother Marilyn Edge charged with the murder of her two kids, in CA.

Mom Krisit Hopper had begged the mediator for help.

The case below should have been in the appropriate court, not family court

(Please also see the PTSD section.)

Feb. Feb. 7, Denver, Co:  Husband returns to find wife, MAYRA PEREZ, shot their three children, killing two before killing herself.

Feb.4 2013:  Las Vegas, NV: No, divorce, but....Jim McCarthy killed his wife and grown step-children.  Dog, and self.

Feb. 3, 2013:  California father, Phillip Marshall spotted lying on the floor in a pool of blood.  Deputies entered and discovered his two dead boys.  Marshall had shot both boys, Alex, age 17 and Macaila, age 14, in the head.  Their mother who was estranged from him, was out of the country.  Killed the dog, too.  No mention of a note. 

November 27, 2012:  Colorado mother Kelli Lynn Murphy convicted of smothering her two kids, Madigan and Liam Murphy. See here.

Clearwater Mom kills kids, self.


OK: on 9/14/12, Joshua Durcho sobbed repeatedly for himself, after pleading guilty to strangling his ex-girlfriend Summer Rust and her four children — 3-year-old Evynn Garas, 4-year-old Teagin Rust and 7-year-old daughters Kirsten and Autumn Rust.  Durcho also molested two of the girls.   The Rust family (with her ex-husband) is below.

  Riverside.  Two little kids, one boy, one girl, stabbed to death by their father.  (Mom was too.)  All three died.  But the Riverside media couldn't be bothered to name the children.  I suppose women should be grateful the mother, Selvin Chajon Rodriguez, was identified.

Meet security guard and triple murderer Clarence Blunt.  Blunt killed his wife, three year old daughter Lianna 
and seven month old son, Richard shortly after his wife was granted a restraining order.  Blunt who had been in prison for killing before, was described by a retired police official as a misogynist.

Laura Ling's documentary on Entertainment Tonight continues to exploit a tragedy...while misleading the public. See

06/26/12:  San Diego:  Dad Kills two kids

Tonya Thomas kills all four of her children
.  No divorce, or custody issues.  Tonya Thomas just killed Joel Johnson, Jazlin Johnson, Pebbles Johnson, and Jax Johnson, all. Some got shot and ran to the neighbors.  But Tonya followed, and calmly told them to come home.  Then finished killing them.  Then herself.

Editor's note:  After chronicling hundreds of children murdered by their parents, grand-parents, or mother's boyfriends for the past ten years:  we can't keep up.  As reporters continue missing why the number of children killed surges, this page was revised to include only multiple children murdered by their parents.  Generally, when everyone is killed, reporters soon forget the story and the children.  We look forward to Family Court judges showing the same integrity as Criminal Court judges -whose restraining orders include a GPS with Victim Notification enhancement.

This page is dedicated to remembering the children;  and no, we don't know why media doesn't investigate further.


Utah to Washington:  Murder suspect Josh Powell blows up house, self and kills his two boys.  Initial autopsy reports confirm the kids' necks had hack marks from a small ax.  (A large ax is not necessary for such small necks.)  Media gives a pass to Supervised visitation monitor. Who was clueless, throughout. Police response also terrible.

Robert King.  Father.  Double-murderer

Robert King slits throats of twins daughters Caroline and Madison King. 
(Bitter custody suit - of course. Kills self too.  The double-murder of King's own twin daughters, were a final "Take that" to his estranged wife, Kristina Hooper.)

Father kills four kids, and himself.  Mother had "declined" to file charges.  (It would be great if the police recognized abuse and how battered women cower, and filed charges anway, but it's Texas and they don't.)

North Carolina:
In a collision between an affair and a custody battle, 
Mary Jane Holder opted to kill kids.

Disposable families. 

Gregory and Molly Friedlander.

When will reporters begin to report the courts refuse to get it?

Quadruple homicide.

VA: Wannabe rapper John Moses Ragin turns himself in.  Bodies of Ragin's three children and wife (after the fire was put out) had knife wounds. 

OR:  She planned she and her four kids are all dead.

  Wheatland father Everett Conant III is facing Four counts of murder and one attempted murder for the shot-gun murders of three children, and brother.  Two the children competed in the Special Olympics.  Conant is also charged with shooting his wife.  He surrendered to police. No divorce action filed. 
He just shot them.


San Diego attorney Thomas Fuchs  reported to be the latest father to murder his children and self.  Fuchs and his former wife had been divorced with Fuchs having full custody.  Rumor is she filed for custody.

Fuchs received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at
Alliant University, one of San Diego's largest, diploma mills, and very much entrenched in San Diego's Family Courts.

Post graduation, Fuchs became a "Coach."  He wrote, "During my clinical work, I saw that therapy was really designed to address only certain types of problems, typically areas of pronounced distress."

CA:  The San Diego UT reports Chula Vista police believe Mary Alvarez and her children; Anjelica, 12; and Hamid, 11: 
were beaten, then strangled by Mary's on-again, off-again boyfriend; who then jumped off a freeway over-pass to his death.


St. Louis:  Family of four found murdered.  Police not looking for suspects.  The dead are

Dennis Worden, 50, Dianna Worden, 44, Brandon Greene, 20, and Emily Dreiman, 18.

Family of four found dead in San Diego.
The Pimienta family, Father Alfredo, wife Georgina, and their two daughters Priscilla and Emily were all found drown.  The police are not looking for suspects.

Overseas and during a custody battle, American mom stabs her three children to death.    




Alan Atwater kills three children, wife, self.


Now we return to the past.


John DeBlase - two dead kids and no one had reported them missing.

Kevin Garner kills wife daughters, and some others instead of facing his upcoming divorce.


Death Penalty for Christopher Payne after his conviction for murdering his son Tyler, and daughter Ariana.

Arizona Republican columnist, Laurie Roberts, detailed 69 deaths of kids at the hands of their Mother's boyfriends at years' end.

Eric Natzel gets 25 years for his daughter's toy box killing.

Robert Fisher - slits kids's throats, shoots wife in the back of her head.  (She asked for a divorce.)   Blows up house.  Remains at large.


Custody dispute
- man hunts drown eight year old daughter and kills her, after  Killing his estranged wife in the driveway. Kills self.

Kevin Morrissey
- guns down his wife and two daughters over money problems.  Kills self.

Security guard
Walter Omondi drowns son so he won't have to pay child support

THREE families
wiped out.

Former deputy
John Hogan, kills three kids, and self after divorce.  Wanted his ex-wife to feel bad.

Trevor Branscum kills family and four kids.

Dave McGowan - Riverside DA Investigator - kills his family of six.  Self.

Anthony James Richards
blames debt.  Police find bodies of wife and children stacked in the freezer.


Castle Rock - Deja vu.  First, Father kills his three little girls.  Case went to the Supreme Court. See that section.

Now, comes Kelli Murphy who is charged with killing her two kids.


Patrick Dell kills wife and step-kids.  Spares his biological  children.

Mesac Damas who slit the throats of his wife and five kids, (one not pictured) was found competent to stand trial.

Damas has recently told the court to stop wasting his time.


Chris Benoit kills family, self.


Richard Wiley - kills his family, again.

Unidentified Man kills wife and three kids. Said he's sorry he ran out of bullets.


Eric Johnson pilots plane into ex mother-in-law's house with daughter, killing both.  Told his ex wife she would never see their daughter again.

Ex-trooper David Camm gets life for killing kids, pregnant wife.


Stanley Neache enraged over how his wife cooked his eggs.  Kills her, his step-daughter and three neighbors.

Micheal Richardson kills family, family dog on lunch break.


St. Tammany Parish Court records show Adrienne Magee had gotten a restraining order against her husband Jack Magee, citing his increasingly violent behavior and her fear for her children's safety. Later he crashed his car into hers, then shot Adrienne and two of their three children. One survived.


Thomas Mortimer IV, charged in family slaughtered.


Steven Nicholson  accused of drowning children in bathtub.  Later reports revealed they were scalded and then drown.

Update:  Nicholson sentenced to life in prison.  His mother remains in denial.



Mother kills three kids, self, in Newbergh, by driving them into the Hudson.

Mark Bailey kills wife of nineteen years, two daughters, self.


Austen Minter kills pregnant girlfriend, two kids.

David Crespi - stabs twin daughters to death.


Quintuple murder suspect to go on trial.-old Joshua Steven Durcho for five counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of 25-year-old Summer Rust and her children, 7-year-olds Kirsten and Autumn Rust; 4-year-old Teagin Rust and 3-year-old Evynn Garas.


Family of Five - Murder-Suicide.

Adair Garcia - family of five annihilated over child support


Michael Simmons - charged in Five murders. Four were kids.


Update Brian Leingang -who strangled his wife and 7 month old son, committed suicide.


Gerrard Robinson - triple murder suspect kills self.


Mohammed Goher  - accused of killing his three children while they slept.  Custody hearing for more time was scheduled.



September 2, 2006; Douglas W. Pennington, 49, shot sons Logan, 26, and Benjamin, 24, multiple times then shot himself once in the chest with a .38 caliber revolver on the Shepherd University campus, state police said. Both sons were identified as Shepherd students.

Police said the elder Pennington traveled to the campus to visit his sons, but authorities offered no reason for the shootings.

Another Department, out-of-control  - but not a single firing.  Our tax dollars pay their pensions.  Why?


San Bernardino:
Judge orders Kevin Bom can no longer be a child custody evaluator after the death of Gabriel Fernandez.

- After years of Sacramento kids killed, our hero, Judge Michael A. Savage
blasts CPS.  
There is not the slightest evidence in this case that the protection or safety of Valeeya or her brother was ever a priority, or even a significant concern, for the agency or the caseworker charged with their protection," Savage said.

 Bias contributes to child's death in CPS case.

One one firing  (just prior to a scathing audit; and one follow up resignation.  But our tax dollars are paying their pensions.  Why do law makers allow this?

LA - 65  kids die in CPS care. 
Not a single firing.  Director allowed to resign.

However, LA officials still refuse to release records concerning the deaths.

Our tax dollars pay their pensions.  Why?

It took months, but finally, William T. Fujioka is out as head of CPS.   (Sadly, he keeps his pension. We're not sure why as after After 65 dead kids, it seems more like he wasn't doing his job.) 

And yet, not a single person has ever been fired.  Our tax dollars, paying their pensions.  CPS workers generally have immunity - which removes motivation and accountability.  As why legislators allow immunity to protect these people.  The problem begins and ends in the legislature. 

Why are our tax dollars supporting this kind of  work product?

Iowa authorities will admit to dead kids in State care.  But due to Iowa's "ConfidentialityLaws" they won't name them.  Why no coverage towards legislators dedicated to protecting State employees who get kids killed?

And when it comes to sex abuse, consider Judge Monica Ackley's behavior.
Update:  Courtesy of one of our favorite bloggers, "Mom's Hugs" who added,
"The Des Moines Register published a long article about that case shortly before the first appeal was decided on narrow grounds that the judge should have recused herself. Then the father appealed again… didn’t really want to pay that child support if he couldn’t have unsupervised visits with his little girls. The Iowa Court of Appeals rendered their decision on
July 9, 2015 – ON THE MERITS THIS TIME affirming the District Court’s finding that the father was a liar & sex abuser. YEA!!! The court also affirmed he owed back child support & had to pay $18k for the mother’s appeal costs. Another BIG YAHOO!!! Of course, she’ll never see a dime of it as he’s probably in Mexico by now."
Link to the last decision:

Good news, Oklahoma parents successfully sued the State of Oklahoma and DPS.  Although the case continues to bounce around the Appellate Courts. (08-CV-074 - DJ vs. Henry.)

Bad news. 
Authorities still refuse to be accountable.  Linda Weeks, a family law attorney, on the DHS panel, never read the audit critical of DHS.  Weeks said "My eyes would glaze over."

Great news:  
Judge rules case against DHS  officials can go forward. 

State of Oklahoma loses to advocates for children.

Not so in California. What are legislators thinking?

Boston Globe.  Same old problem, no change but no charges for DFC workers. 
Dozens of 9-1-1 calls, but kid still dead.

New York

Suffolk County CPS:  Nine investigations of pedophile foster dad - but each time, found "Complaint Not substantiated" for Cesar Gonzales Mugaburu.

Nine times.

Here we go again.  New York's indifference to children, best seen with
Nizmary Brown, continues. ACS grabs a child, lies to the court and a child disappears.  Once again, immunity removes all motivation to do a good job for children.  This is not rocket science.  The problem is with the legislature refusing to protect kids, period.

Upon the recommendation of the head of DHS, Philly Judge Patrick Doughtery,  head of Family Courts, put Beatrice Weston with killer Linda Weston.  Linda Weston is the woman who imprisoned mentally handicapped adults in a cage for years.  At the time Judge Doughtery placed Beatrice with Weston, Weston had already starved one child to death, and served time.  Which is more proof lazy judges simply rely on inappropriate state and county workers, rather than do the job themselves.

DHS, CPS, they're all about as effective as the

Good news for PA parents.  After Judge rules " The parents say the Franklin County Office of Children, Youth and Families "
has a policy of relying upon doctors affiliated with the American Academy Pediatrics, whose opinions are tainted by a burden shifting medical presumption that the cause of any intracranial injury in a child under the age of one year is caused by abuse unless the parents provide an accidental explanation, to perform the medical investigation into whether injuries suspected to have been caused by child abuse were, in fact, caused by child abuse."  In the case involving this family, the child had rickets.


Nothing quite screams "No Oversight" like CPS.

September 17, 2013

Raped while in the care, custody and control of "America's Angels."

Texas CPS must now notify parents in person, when attempting to deprive them of custody of their children.

Social Services worker Lara Sobel was dead by Jody Herring, using a high-powered rifle, after leaving a family court hearing.  Herring is also the only suspect of three of her relatives, an aunt and two cousins, whose bodies were found Saturday at a Berlin home.

Herring is being held without bail.

Good news for kids abused by CPS, out of Seattle.  State agrees to pay 4.6 million in settlement, but, as reported by Seattle PI,
"While the Department of Social and Health Services has agreed to the multi-million-dollar payout, agency leaders didn't apologize for failing to act when the abuse was first reported three years before the girl and her brother were removed from the home."

Perhaps the unapologetic could lose their jobs given taxpayers have zero interest in funding child abuse.

Since this continued lack of regard for children is repeatedly demonstrated in every state, please click on the Heroes page to see children who eventually, rescued themselves.  

Although CPS work product is in some cases criminal fraud....why are Grand Jurys not indicting these people?  Why aren't DAs making children a priority?  

Why aren't legislators having fits?

How bad a nation are we in our refusal to demand better for our children...and why do we continue to agree to fund the pensions of these so-called "workers?" 


"Eight Year $42 Million Child Abuse Prevention Strategy Has Little Impact on Abuse"

An eight year $42 million dollar child abuse prevention strategy that researchers hoped would reduce child abuse and neglect by getting more community involvement has received mixed results. 

According to an Associated Press story, analysis and results released this past Wednesday showed that the experiment, tested in four cities across the nation had no significant impact on child re-abuse rates or the availability and quality of services for struggling parents.

However, researchers at the University of Chicago found families that participated in the study showed modest gains in areas of reducing parental depression and stress, improvements in child safety and renewed trust in government agencies. It was hoped that by involving neighbors, relatives and others in the community, researchers believed they could reduce abuse, re-abuse and neglect and improve stability for children in foster care.

The $41 million research project was funded by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation and involved four pilot projects in high-risk communities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ; St. Louis; Missouri, Louisville; Kentucky, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Source: Associated Press, Murray State News,

Louisville plays host to child abuse experiment
Friday, December 2, 200

(AP) IOWA CITY, Iowa - Eight years ago, researchers started testing a new prevention strategy they hoped would reduce child abuse and neglect by getting more community involvement.

But analysis and results released Wednesday show the experiment, tested in four cities across the nation, including Louisville, had no significant impact on child re-abuse rates or the availability and quality of services for struggling parents.

However, researchers at the University of Chicago found families that participated in the study showed modest gains in areas of reducing parental depression and stress, improvements in child safety and renewed trust in government agencies.

"The evaluation offers valuable lessons for improving child welfare practice and underscores the significant challenges in building community responsibility for child protection," said Deborah Daro, investigator and author of the report prepared by the University of Chicago's Chapin Hall Center for Children.

The reform model, called Community Partnerships for Protecting Children, was developed in 1996 to cast the child protection safety net beyond the traditional government agencies.

By involving neighbors, relatives and others in the community, researchers believed they could reduce abuse, re-abuse and neglect and improve stability for children in foster care.

With $41 million from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, researchers set up four pilot CPPC projects in high-risk communities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; St. Louis; Louisville; and Jacksonville, Fla.

The report acknowledged that each city participating in the experiment had residents who struggled with common child welfare challenges like high caseloads, abuse levels, poverty and uncertain government funding.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for example, child welfare officials began working with families to develop individual plans and address the risks and causes of abuse.

Social workers began expanding family support networks to help parents manage checkbooks, deal with drug and domestic abuse issues or everyday tasks like transportation to doctor's appointments or the grocery store, officials said.
Families under investigation for abuse attend meetings with a team of experts - counselors, lawyers, friends, teachers, clergy - to identify family needs and help keep children safe.

The report found the results varied in each city.

At St. Louis' test site, data shows cuts in foster care placements and abuse reports compared to other parts of the city and statewide.

In Jacksonville, abuse rates at the original test site were not as significant as spinoff locations using the same model.

The test site in Louisville showed no significant reduction in abuse, though rates throughout the county increased during the same period.

Despite the results, the principles behind the model appear to have taken hold, officials said.

"Our community believes in this ... and is convinced this is the way we need to be moving forward," said Gloria Johnson, coordinator for Partnership for Safe Families in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  (Well, no kidding.  Why kill a funding opportunity?)

In Iowa, similar partnerships have been created in more than half the state's 99 counties.

Last year in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, social workers reported 274 family meetings for 153 families, and in surveys taken afterward, 83 percent said they felt better about their family situation, Johnson said.

"The part that is so appealing is the idea of everybody coming together and wrapping around the family, with resources and support, to help that family succeed," Johnson said.

They also say abuse rates in recent years have been slow to decline as more people become aware and comfortable with reporting suspected child abuse."