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How the courts show their disregard for litigants.  (We noticed this about 15 years ago.)


Susan Rubio awarded a restraining order from her soon to be ex, termed-out California State Assemblyman Roger-Hernãndez.  Who is running for Congress.  (Kind of makes one want to rush out and vote for anyone else.)


December:  In the Department of “OMG” How is it Judge Edmund W. Clarke hasn’t offered his resignation?!?

September: The Court of Appeal reversed Judge Michelle Williams. 
But why did they tip-toe when Judge Michelle Williams was so wrong?

January:  Watch out ladies.  Judge Lee Edmons is going to be Presiding Judge of Division Three.  See December of 2014.

In the last judicial election, the Los Angeles County Bar Association recommendations were. about what one would expect.

As such,it’s time to thank the Bar Association for their “service” and form a more realistic commission to vet candidates.

Please contact us confidentially, if you are interested in serving on a judicial review, vetting commission.  The goal being to seriously examine judicial candidates for 2016 elections, based on a variety of relevant factors.  Attorneys, minus those in a leadership position with the Los Angeles County Bar Association are welcome to participate.  

When contacting us, please also know, we are mostly interested in facts.  Dates, case number of reversals, etc.  Also, please state why you are interested, and keep it short.  (Long, harangues will be filed to be read at a later date.) Anonymous missives or those not using their real names will immediately be discarded.  

(We are snarky, but fair.)  


December:  CHP allows drunk, disoriented girl to wander off.  She wanders on freeway and is killed.  Parents sue.  LA Judge Lee Edmon says, “Not on CHP.”  Appeals Court agrees with Edmon.  Who is slated to rise to Presiding Judge of Division Three. Watch out women.

NovemberBiased custody evaluator Ann Convertino ordered removed from case.  Appellate Court rules Judge C. Virgina Keeny  erred in  failing to see persistent bias in favor of the father.  As Convertino’s “work product” was ordered removed, a return of fees would seem the next, logical step.

Los Angeles Judges:  LA Times initial reporting was incorrect.  Shannon Knight defeated long-time Commissioner Debra Losnick.  We were happy to help. 

Given Commissioner Debra Losnick had a long record of putting kids in harms way since 1996, in a year of low turnout, voters turned out to end her judicially facilitated abuse.  Losnick had the support of Alan H. Friedenthal, itself frightening.

This page was created on 6/21/12 the day Met News reported Commissioner Alan H. Friedenthal was elected, without opposition, Secretary Treasurer of the California Judges Association.

The Met News article made no mention of Commissioner Friendenthal’s discipline record, which included misconduct in five, separate family law cases.

(Making things slightly worse, Friedenthal is now the Presiding Judicial officer in Juvenile Court, a closed court.)  

Although judges often speak of “restoring public confidence in the judiciary” the actions of the California Judges Association reveal restoring confidence in the bench along with the Commission on Judicial Performance, is clearly not an issue either organization cares to address.
As such, the children of California are destined to remain severely, at risk.

May 12, 2014:  Sung to the tune of “When Will They Ever Learn”  Retired jurist called back to the bench, Ronald Sohigian admonished again.  Lititgants.  This is a waste of your money, and the court’s time.  If your attorney accepts Sohigian – we recommend another attorney.  Click here for Sohigian’s latest wrist slap – and his first, here.

Making things worse for women litigants, California has its own version of Todd Akin.  

Sadly on the LA bench in the form of Orange County Judge Derek Johnson, who some say sits on the front lines of the war on women.  This came to light after a prosecutor asked Judge Johnson for a 16 year sentence for a rapist and Judge Johnson complained the rape victim didn’t fight back enough.  In 2012.

Judge Derek Johnson said from the bench, in front of the victim, that the case was “worth” just six years.  Judge Derek Johnson was bothered that the victim was too terrified to report her rape for 17 days although the victim’s rapist threatened to mutilate her face with a heated screwdriver…after he beat her with a metal baton. The rapist also made other violent threats before committing rape, forced oral copulation, and other crimes. 

Though the victim reported the criminal threats the next day, she did not report the rape until 17 days later which prompted Judge Derek Johnson, a former DA in the sex crimes unit to remark,

THE COURT:  I just found the threats to be technical threats.
                       I found this whole case to be a technical case.
                       The rape is technical.  The forced copulations is technical.
                        It’s more of a crim law case than a rape case – I don’t know
                        what else to say.

Judge Derek Johnson also said this:

“I’m not a gynecologist, but I can tell you something: If someone doesn’t want to have sexual intercourse, the body shuts down. The body will not permit that to happen unless a lot of damage is inflicted, and we heard nothing about that in this case,”

(Judge Johnson also said he’d seen vaginas shredded by rapists.  Makes us wonder how long he looked at the pictures.)  The Judicial Commission did not man up so to speak; but chose to ding Judge Derek Johnson with an ever so tiny wrist slap.  

“In the commission’s view, the judge’s remarks reflected outdated, biased and insensitive views about sexual assault victims who do not `put up a fight.’ Such comments cannot help but diminish public confidence and trust in the impartiality of the judiciary,” wrote Lawrence J. Simi, the commission’s chairman.

But hold the phone, Martha.  This isn’t Derek Johnson’s first rape rodeo.  Check out his Technical Rape mindset in the case of Reza Gurel.  

Prosecutors have a duty to make Johnson’s courtroom go dark. His courtroom is a costly waste of taxpayer dollars.And that’s just the beginning for LA

We highly recommend firing any attorney who does not move to bounce Commissioner Friedenthal upon assignment, as allowed by CCP 170.6. This includes attorneys provided by the County or State to poor litigants who may feel they have no voice.  This is incorrect, they do.  Prior to hearing a case, California residents get one free bounce.  Use it.

The sheer variety of charges the Judicial Commission found against Alan Friedenthal, were breathtaking in their range.  From ex-parte communications, to making jokes at the expense of litigants.  The Commission found Commissioner Friedenthal also appeared embroiled in cases and our near-favorite, “conveyed the appearance of bias.”  Our favorite was “failing to disclose on the record information that was reasonably relevant to the question of disqualification.”  

Commissioner Friedenthal is now in a closed court judicial officer.  This does not bode well for any kind of “justice.”  

Commissioner Friedenthal also has a habit of reading internet postings litigants made about him and announcing “I’m not going anywhere.”  (The founder of this site is not in family, juvenile, or probate court.)

As the chances Commissioner Friedenthal will undergone a personality transplant are frankly nil; we urge everyone to use their one, free, preemptory challenge. to increase their chances of litigating before a courteous, unbiased, not prone to exparte communications, judge.  

[Sidebar]  It’s worth noting every member of the Judicial Commission voted for a public admonishment of Commissioner Friedenthal, except Erica R. Yew.

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