Kids killed right after a custody hearing:  Or, when Amber Alerts fail, or as in the case of Lindsey Lowe, just after birth.This is the opposite of the new documentary, “Don’t Divorce the Kids.”August, 2012

Violet Holmes was shot and killed by her father, Dean Holmes who then went to McDonalds for breakfast.  When he returned, he placed her body next to her mother, Kristi, whom he had also murdered while she slept.

Daryl Benway was having marital difficulties with his wife.  Daryl’s solution was to shoot both their kids in the head, and then commit suicide.

July 29, 2012

Daryl Benway was having marital difficulties with his wife.  Daryl’s solution was to shoot both their kids in the head, and then commit suicide.

AB 681 is a weak law, dedicated to ensuring more “discretion” for judges in cases involving ending spousal support which should be obvious to anyone.

AB 681 began with teeth.  But then, legislators.

History   AB 681
A reminder.  “Abuse of Discretion” is often cited in Appeals. 
All laws have lobbyists.   No matter the language, check to see who supports it.

Also, men who believe women and children are disposable, continue to demonstrate their beliefs, as the murder stats demonstrate.

April 13, 2012

Kevin Allen shot and killed his wife, Katherina, 10-year-old daughter Kerri, and shot and wounded daughter 10-year-old Kayla at Cracker Barrell, shortly after his wife said she was leaving him.  On Kerri’s birthday.

December 15, 2011

Could it be Andrea Yeager, post partum psychosis?Sara McMeem shot and killed her three children, including infant daughter.  Then she shot and killed new boyfriend before killing herself.  The older boys, were shot and killed moments after joyously getting off the school bus happy to begin the Christmas holidays.

November 22, 2011

Within two months of paternity being established;

Jackson Police Detective Natyyo Gray  is arrested for killing his daughter. Natyyo Gray has been employed on the police force since 2001.  He also goes by the name Devon Whitfield. 

DC Metro Police Vice Detective Richmond Phillips – two killings.

Richmond Philips is charged with the murder of his child Jaylin Wright, (the day before a paternity hearing) and her mother Wynetta Wright.

September 14, 2011

Lindsey Lowe killed her twin sons (after hiding her pregnancy) within minutes of their birth…in her parents home, below.

and hid their bodies in a laundry basket.

September 12, 2011

TX:  Houston.  Motive is unclear in the double murder of Hunter Archer, 10, and Jhaden Archer, 8, who were stabbed by  Joseph Winchester Thornton who later shot himself to death.  So far neither mental illness or alcohol seems to be a factor.  Except of course, killing kids is just plain crazy.

September 6, 2011

NY:  Lake George.  Noel Parcells, 10, of Rochester, and Mia Parcells, 3, of Hilton, are dead.  Murdered by shot gun by their father Adam P. Parcells before commtting suicide.

Mia Parcell’s mother reported her missing to Rochester police last Friday. Rochester Police did not issue an Amber Alert.  No one knows why.

August 21, 20011.

CA:  On August 18, 2011, Alyssa Rakov filed for divorce from Kevin Collier.  

On August 20, 2011, 
gunfire erupted.  Early reports claim Kevin Collier (below) shot and killed his mother-in-law, and baby daughter.  He also shot a police officer who responded.  Then the house caught fire.

Two bodies are inside.

August 19, 20011.

Annaliese Grace Bias

Annaliese Grace Bias was shot multiple times while she slept.  Mudered by her father, Matthew Bias.

KY:  Matthew Bias of Henderson, was biased against his new custody arrangement.  Rather than comply, Matthew Bias then shot his daugher, Annaliese, multiple times; killing her while she slept.  Then Bias killed himself.

Some children just don’t have a chance.

August 14, 20011.

Tired of a disadvantaged son Father decapitates his second grader, Jori Lirette
 then puts his head in the street so the child’s mother Jesslyn Lirette “will feel stupid when she drives up.”

Meet Mourad “Moni” Samaan, age 49.  Samaan lost custody of his daughter, Madeline Samaan-Fay, age two.  

Both were found dead shortly after.

The day before Samaan kidnapped Madeline he was served notice from the court stating full custody had been awarded against him.

Before the ruling both parents shared joint custody.  

When everything fails.Meet Jeanene Bonner.  Well, you can’t as she was murdered by the father she was so afraid of in 2002.

But Jeanene stays with us because of the efforts she made to stay alive. 

Jeanene had wanted to speak to the judge in her parents custody case, Judge Aviva Bobb, so she could tell Judge Bobb how afraid she was to be with her father.  After all, therapists always say to validate a child, one must listen to them.  

But Judge Bobb wouldn’t allow Jeanene to speak in court.   Jeanene’s mother suggested Jeanene write Judge Bobb a letter and she did.  

Poured her heart out.

Write a better letter little girl

Later, the Court spokesperson described Jeanene’s letter as “contrived.”  He was speaking on the occasion of Jeanene’s body being found.  

Reporters were asking why Judge Bobb made the now dead, then fearful Jeanene, go with the father she so feared.

As a send-off  (Judge Bobb
transferred to Probate Court) 

In 2005 Judge Bobb was awarded the “Benjamin Aranda Access to Justice Award.”  

We wondered why Judge Bobb accepted the award considering she thwarted both attempts made by Jeanene to speak to her.

Scarier still was Judge Bobb had been the Supervising Family Court Judge from 2000 – 20004.  

Apparently the Blue Ribbon panel that selected Judge Bobb wasn’t aware of her part in getting a little girl killed.

So yes, Jeanene Bonner stays with us.

What become of Judge Bobb?  Well, Californians still aren’t safe.  Judge Bobb went on to contribute to the deaths of older people.

Someone even dedicated a website to Judge Bobb’s disdain for older people, *and* the law.

Curiously, (check the link); Judge Bobb’s property holdings have increased since she transferred to Probate Court.

Judge Bobb is one of a few judges we’d bounce immediately.
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