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Lower courts  – Also, helpful?  Always – always check the “professional” license. 

New!  Traditionally, family court cases don’t make the five o’ clock news unless a murder is involved, either just before or just after.  That’s why this space is reserved  for those cases.  Send us your lower court experience.  Name names.   Media might get interested in examining just how badly the courts and DAs fail to serve the public.
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5 murdered by 73 year old Hal Dyess, although Dyess’s fifth divorce was mostly over.  Family law attorney Jerrold Shelly was killed by Dyess the day Shelly retired.  For more on the case, see theYumasun.com 

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(official photo from Psychology Today)

Quoting Psychology Today, Feldman said,

“I have been treating children, adolescents and families since 1993. Difficult or troubled adolescents are a particular strength, as are children of divorce/high conflict divorce. Couples who need help with relational or marital difficulties are also a specialty, as are depression, anxiety, existential and spiritual issues, and life adjustment issues. My role is to facilitate the growth process with you; to provide the guidance, validation, support and collaboration that will enable us to identify how you can most effectively reach your personal goals and improve your quality of life.

As a Board Certified Professional Counselor, my experience is broad and comprehensive. As we move through the therapy process, you can depend on me to be honest,non-judgmental,forthright, empathetic and compassionate; to work with you, side by side,as you face and work through your challenges.

My fees are flexible and on a sliding scale. I will accept your insurance copay amount as full payment. I believe that finances or lack of insurance should never limit treatment access.”However, the Saratoga County District Attorney’s office rolled over as this former Saratoga County provider (fake) therapist,Steven B. Feldman pleaded guilty in a plea agreement, to just one count of first-degree offering a false instrument for filing, although evidence against him was mounting. 

Reporters did not question the DA for the reason for a lack of aggressive prosecution.  The best interests of the children, whose cases Feldman worked, suffer.  No word whether their parents will sue Saratoga County.  


Arnie Newman ran so-called non-profit, CustodyDisputes.org.Now facing charges of practicing law without benefit of license.  Claims brillance in manipulating the courts.  Owes back-child support.  

Officials in all states seemingly snowed. See “Comic Gold.”
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