-  No one over eleven believes it's working.


Here's a State hearing in San Antonio on sexual assault in the military.  (crickets)

The U.S. Air Force Academy leads the way on the war on women.
Colorado Judge Thomas Mulvahill grants defense attorneys for charged with rape, cadet Jack Warmolts, to victim's newest address so they can interview her new neighbors about her "truthfulness."

(It's another case of giving an athlete a break - and regretting it.)


May, 2015 - Mirroring child custody cases, military women who report their rapes, are treated to a mental health "evaluation" quickly followed with the label, "personality disorder" instead of a forensic investigation.  

Quick question:  Where are the real men?  Why are men who think they are good guys,  tolerating this?  

December 19, 2015
Well now.  The Army still protecting sexual predators in Command positions.

November 18, 2015
How U.S. military protects pedophile personnel.
Consider the San Diego case of Navy pedophile, Darren Yazzie; and ignored FOIA requests.  Unlike the State of California, military judges do not have the power to veto plea deals

September 19, 2015:  HOW DAs condone misogyny.  Drop charges against judges, such as former Federal Judge, Mark Fuller,  who beat his wife, and lied to investigators.  Thanks Georgia.   

January 6, 2015:  Heads up:  How reporters and State and Congressional staffers are getting women killed. 

Twice Betrayed.

Videos detailing how the military is a great place for rapists!

December, 06, 2014: Congressional hearing of Domestic Violence in Sports.  As we are aware of the high-tech solution, to prevent family related crimes, we contacted representatives working for Claire McCaskill, asking Krysten Thomas return our call.  Staffer who answered the phone, Pete, (who refused to provide his last name while providing hers), was openly hostile.  Our call was not returned.

Also contacted Rep. Kelly Ayotte. Staffer John Pearson refused to provide any information about Ayotte's COS.  Also, our call was not returned.

Also contacted staff for Richard Blumenthal.  Spoke with the very nice, Joel Kelsy, but, making our efforts, 0 for 3, our call was also, not returned.    Mind you, the solution is available.  However,  this is our government at work.  For the 115 scheduled working days in 2014, this is our government at work.  Or, rather, rude staffers (remember Elizabeth Lauten) keeping their bosses completely in the dark.

Of note:  our repeated calls to all the New York offices as well as the DC office of Kirsten Gillibrand resulted in; zip.  Again, the solution is available.  But, staffers?

                            Staffers can get a body killed.


November, 24, 2014: Lt. Col Raymond Valas (left) convicted of child trafficking
Judge took a moment to remind the four officers testifying in Valas' defense, what was wrong with that, given the Pentagon's "zero tolerance policy" including, Jason Peltz, the sexual assault response coordinator for the New Hampshire National Guard.  Or, put another way; Duh.

November, 23, 2014: Holiday surprise. The Military doesn't follow up on Sex Offenders. Report here.

Update June 10, 2014
  Only the dates, branches and names change as Congress supports both preserving, and continuing America's rape culture.  By now, a time-honored practice.  The only wrinkle is victims are denied benefits, and often mustered out.   Examples below.

Coast Guard:  June 10, 2014.  In San Francisco, Coast Guard assault prosecutions reflect sex crimes as usual.  Nice plea deals.

Top Army prosecutor charged with  - you guessed it:  gropingDuring a legal conference.

How family court mirrors the military
:   DOD (again) documents years of attacks on women. Shrugs.  Seriously, is anyone surprised by America's dedication to preserving misogyny, when this much evidence in this report is ignored by Congress and the military alike?

Sound Familiar?  Just like in the military, attempt to report a family physical or set crime, and wind up with some therapist telling the court you have a "Mental Disorder."

Turns out, women in family court share a long, bad, refuse-to-be-addressed, history of abuse after reporting crimes, as military personnel. 

It's worth noting State officials, including law enforcement, are and remain, a huge part of America's ongoing culture of misogyny.

5-16-13:  KY:   Lt. Col. Darrin Haas, manager of the sexual-assault response program at Fort Campbell, KY was arrested for violating a restraining order, and stalking.  Col. Haas has been relived of his post.
We expect him to "retire" shortly. 

The war on women continues to display itself in a variety of ways as state legislators and Congress, chat about change. Both California senators Boxer and Feinstein have long ignored pleas by women.  (Probably don't remember Marin's Paula Oldham, the banking executive.)

When contacted, both Boxer and Feinstein would deflect with, "it's a state issue" but then funded non-profits which in turn threatened legislation to protect women in family court. 

Examples here

Background checks and assault weapons bans aside, for decades both senators have seriously imperiled the safety of women trying to remain safe during a divorce, after police refused to investigate cases of criminal family assault, simply because a woman was going through a divorce.  This continues.  But then, the law enforcement is a para-military organization.

Which is why we applaud Senator Claire McCaskill for addressing the actions of Lt. General Susan Helms.

Because sometimes, women in power hurt women.

Such was the case with Lt. General Susan Helms, after she went against the advice of legal counsel and overturned a sexual assault conviction.   General Helms, pictured below, is another Air Force Academy graduate.  As this type of behaviors continue, Helms is Exhibit A it's time to get new management at the Academy.

 But wait, there's more!  

More evidence of a need for a management change at the Air Force Academy.

05/06/13 - Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski,
head of the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response branch was just busted for sexual assault. Krusinski is an Air Force Academy graduate, which highlights that the Air Force  Academy seemingly remains a large part of the continuing sexual assault problem.  It's past time for the Air Force Academy to get new management.

In Lt. Col Jeffrey Krusinski's case, and based on the photo on the left, it appears the "alleged" victim didn't cower.  Krusinski was the suspect in the Arlington, VA, crime report below.

"SEXUAL BATTERY, 05/05/13, 500 block of S. 23rd Street. On May 5 at 12:35 am, a drunken male subject approached a female victim in a parking lot and grabbed her breasts and buttocks. The victim fought the suspect off as he attempted to touch her again and alerted police. Jeffrey Krusinski, 41, of Arlington, VA, was arrested and charged with sexual battery. He was held on a $5,000 unsecured bond."

:  Italy - Lt. General Craig Franklin throws out military jury's guilty verdict of sexual assault against Lt. Col. James Wilkerson and returns Wilkerson to air. 

But what happens when sex crimes during military are ignored, is sometimes, good cops are killed.  Such was the case when two Santa Cruz cops were killed when they went to investigate Jeremy Goulet, as noted by Leon Panetta, former Secretary of Defense.

01/21/13:  Florida:  MacDill officials lied about Sgt. Sgt. Ralph Daniel Wright Jr. accused of killing mother and infant.  Another child support issue turns to a double-murder.

In California, the Sacramento DA who has DNA evidence, is apparently okay with Parole Officer on-duty rapes. We're betting Parole Officer O'Shea Nero is very pleased.

Texas women have their own problems.  Brazoria County might be on the hook after allowing the firing of two women who led a wave of complaints against Judge James Blackstock claiming Judge Blackstock fondled their breasts and sent them pornographic text messages and emails.  An investigation found more women with similar stories. Coates and Green said the commission faulted county supervisors and judges for failing to prevent Blackstock's sexual harassment in the workplace. 
     An EEOC report found for the women, and recommended reporting those Juvenile Board judges who "knew of the sexual harassment and did nothing," according to a complaint that was later filed.

The seven month investigation by the San Antonio Express revealed that:

Among the findings of a seven month investigation:

* An estimated 26,000 troops were victims of sexual assault in 2012, a 35-percent increase from the prior year. By the Pentagon's own estimate, 89 percent of those assaulted do not report the sex crimes.

* A staggering 31,000 troops were discharged over the last decade on the basis of having "personality" disorders.

* A government review found that the military illegally discharged hundreds of victims.

* Women are being disproportionately discharged for personality disorders, even though records show they typically had no history of a mental condition before they were assaulted.

San Antonio Express investigation

Arizona women discover the state of Arizona has thousands of untested rape kits.

Not to slight corporate America, does Reddit win as America's top misogynist company?  Considering their relationship of many years with Michael Brutsch, we think so.

It's a question worth asking since after being contacted by Gawker, Brutsch quickly whined to the reporter not to out him because....wait for it: 

Michael Brutsch claimed he has a disabled wife to support. 

Yes, Michael Brutsch who for years devoted hours to the encouragement of bashing women, then used his his disabled wife as reason not to lose his job. (Update: he lost his job.)

However while at Reddit, where Brutsch toiled for free and for fun and acclaim by others, he did so hours longer than perhaps his paying job. 

Brutsch mewled he shut down his years long account as Reddit's ultimate insider, where, writing under the name "Violentacrez" Brutsch spent years unleashing his inner misogynistic monster.  He first created, then moderated these forums:
  • Chokeabitch
  • Niggerjailbait
  • Rapebait
  • Hitler
  • Jewmerica
  • Misogyny
  • Incest
Problem is, Brutsch continues to return to post.

(In fairness we didn't ask if Michael Brutsch is America's dumbest misogynist for the simple reason that's a much too tight a race.)

Also in fairness, Brutsch who programed for the public, pawn shop First Cash, (ticker symbol "FCFS") is merely a reflection of our culture.  Beginning with the military and decades of under-reported rapes; as well as reprisals targeting victims who insisted on the right to be safe.

Military accused of promoting attacks on women

Following the federal lead long-standing, consider the recent law enforcement example of Alex Guaderrama, son of San Diego Police Captain, whose grand-father was once assistant police chief; and their version of family values.

After Guaderrama went on an alcohol and personality backed rage, according to San Diego paper the UTSandiego, Guaderrama grabbed the back side of a woman while he waited in line at a taco shop.  When she and her two girlfriends protested, Guaderrmaa grabbed the breast of one of the woman and then punched a third woman in the face.  San Diego police arrived on scene, instead of arresting him, they helpfully drove Guaderrmaa home to his Momma.  Later San Diego Police officials said this was the right thing to do as Guaderrmaa seemed a little drunk.

Why this is typical of San Diego is due to the fact their mayor is the former police chief and the city council is inept.  There have been no calls for the firing of the current police chief, which is possibly why so many San Diego police officers eventually wind up charged with sex crimes. Bottom line?  Like most cities, San Diego remains unsafe for women and children.

(The federal tone sets the state tone, and explains why para-military organizations such law enforcement continue to demonstrate abject failure).  Meanwhile,

Good news:
Check out the video clip of misogyny addressed head on by none other than Julia Gillard, Australia's prime minister.  As Gillard denounced misogyny directly, she squarely aimed her response towards toward Tony Abbott; who smiled.  However as the clip continues, Abbott soon found the focus on him by by Prime Minister Gillard less amusing.  As she zeroed in on Abbott's record, the smirk on Abbott's face was slowly replaced by a look of concern.  Perhaps for his career.

A UK paper weighed in, declaring, "It was the first time an Australian leader – and possibly any world leader – had delivered such a forthright attack on misogyny in public life.

Gillard cited Abbott's past description of abortion as "the easy way out" (Abbot's long record of bizarre comments remains available for all to see).  The paper continued, describing Abbott's terrible, and terribly long record of a dismissive attitude towards women, including his characterization of Australian women as housewives who did the ironing; suggesting men were better adapted than women to exercise authority and issue commands.

Gillard listed Abbott's calls for her to "politically speaking" make an honest woman of herself, as well as his appearance at political rallies in front of placards that described her as a "witch" and another man's "bitch". 

Excluding the issue of Slipper's vulgar texts, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard's remarks were nothing short of brilliant.  One can only hope British and U.S. officials take note.

Editor's Note:  We like to be frank with our readers.  In the 11 years has been operating, the site has from inception, drawn larger reader numbers from Australia.

We have no idea why.

However, we appreciate our readers from the Land Down Under, and were long-time fans of Men At Work.  The death of Greg Ham after the band lost an important court case, saddened us.

Our best to his children.