-  No one over eleven believes it's working.

Murder is Right  - As stated by a divorced California attorney. 

New!  Traditionally, family court cases don't make the five o' clock news unless a murder is involved.   Although the defense is generally, "She made me do it" California attorneys usually don't appear on TV saying murder was right.  Not so for California attorney Nabil Samaan, the reason for this page. 

When Nabil spoke about his brother, Mourad Samaan, murdering Mourad's two year old daugher Madeline Samaan, Nabil said, "I think he did the right thing."  Nabil didn't stop there, but continued rationalizing the 
murder  adding, "She's at peace."    Which make us wonder how  comfortable his kids feel.  

Nabil Salmaan saved his character assassination of mother Marcia Fay, for the camera in the clip below.

More bad news.  The Sacramento Bee continues its long history of not 
addressing judicial accountability by refusing to identify Judge James Mize as the judge over-seeing the Samaan-Fay case, although it's in the best interest of the public to do so.

More bad news.  The father of both the murderer and the son who says murder is right, is Makam Samaan, a family therapist removed as tenured professor,  currently 
facing charges involving fraud.  Next hearing date is September 22, 2011. 


Since both parties are dead, this will be a two to three day story at most. Thus reporters will continue reporting the facts, (more or less) and missing the

Another child custody murder-suicide.

Initially was not critical of Judge James Mize...the family court judge in the Samaan-Fay matter, and who by all accounts is reported to be a good judge.

Initially because no violence had been alleged felt it would have been hard to see Madeline's murder coming. 

However it was later discovered although an 
anger management program was ordered, (the DV stats page reveals they are often ineffective) was ordered, it was not completed. 

Which, along with Samaan ignoring court orders five times, should have been a signal.  Why would reporters not question a judge allow 
five violations of a court order?

Still it turns out the problem was the same.  Loss of control. 

Samaan couldn't abide losing  any control.  This seems a component of a number of murders.

Judge Mize was also likely harmed by initial, (incorrect) media reports.

However, there are enough cases of judges repeatedly ignoring warnings and pleas for help.  As the murder rate continues, to realize GPS with Victim Notification is long, long over-due for family court.

GPS with real-time Victim Notification

How many more will die before Family Court judges join the 21st century?