-  No one over eleven believes it's working.

NEWS - Reporting on Family Court reporting remains haphazard at best.  While some reporters manage to get the facts correct;  amazingly, they continue to miss the story. 

 "The Best Interests of the Children" has become the court's own marketing mantra.  Although the evidence supporting this is striking, (custody trials for pets) somehow the reality of family court, is seldom reported.  Thus, the status quo remains.
Breaking -   Kern County. CA:  Are Bakersfield Cops the canary in the coal mine? Buying silence when the police sexually assault women.  How could County officials not know?


Pervy DA Michal McNeil taking shots of women and court reporters.  So far City Does nothing.


Judge strips Kevin Bom of social worker license needed to perform child custody evaluations.


Bill O'Reilly lost custody of kids after attempting to alienate them from their mother.


NBC Report:  How the State Bar helped ex-felon attorneys rip off clients.

Noergaard vs. Noergaard
Orange County Judge Laura T. Miller wins for the most heartless judge, ever; reversed on Appeal

New Mexico Professor John Wolf, who won custody killed at attorney's office after custody win.  

Tennessee Guardian Ad Litem and "Super Lawyr" Shari Myers requested Mother jailed over fees.  Mother did not request a Guardian Ad Litem.  Judge Donna Fields appointed her. Shari Myers went to court to demand Mother be jailed over non-payment.  And she was.

The bias against women and minorities, courtesy of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Edmund W. Clarke, Jr. has finally come to the attention of the CJP.

Sex crimes against women begin in police school.  No really.  Seems to be part of the training.

12-24-15:  Texas attorneys furious over family law group claims hires attorney to fight back.  This might be fun.

12-13-15: Utah:  Monticello Police Chief and dispatcher share a laugh, over assault of police officer's wife, by an officer on Monticello Police Department.

12-08-15:  Michigan Family Court Judge Cheryl Matthews ignores back-owed child support to Sharon Streng.  Judge Matthews orders Streng's home sold, to pay ex-husband's attorney fees.  When this is mentioned in an on-line rant by Streng's gun nut boyfriend, Judge Matthews gets a restraining order against him, signed by a second judge. As was evidenced in the Washington Post article, No one pays attention to the now homeless Sharon Streng.

11-20-15:  Judge Dawn Vann's conduct may cause her removal.  Long overdue.

11-18-15:  AP report details how U.S. military protects personnel who commit sex crimes against children.  Many times FOIA requests are simply ignored.  Also, know that military judges do not have the power to override any plea deal agreed to by prosecutors and defense attorneys.   

11-15-15  Homegrown terrorist Donnie Lee Abernathy, pays a midnight visit; shoots, kills three woman. Sylvia Duffy, 71, her sister, Clara Edwards, 68, and Pamela O'shel, 48, daughter of Clara. Abernathy then kidnaps one victim's daughter, his former girlfriend; who recently filed a custody action. Abernathy also shot and injured a man on the scene.

11-01-15:  Judge John Trice caught shafting ex-wife out of retirement benefits. Will answer to Commission on Judicial Performance.

10-04-15:   Embroilment News:  Judge Lisa Gorcyca refuses to recuse herself from the ongoing battle over the three Tsimhoni children, ages 14, 11, and 9,

09-23-15:  Claudia Wang can be sued for depriving parents of child based on a "suspicion"

09-19-15 Georgia DAs give a pass to former judge Mark Fuller, for beating his wife, and lying about it.   

(click links for details.  Also, we finally made a Facebook page for commenting.)

August 29, 2015

Another judge gets a woman AND her best friend, killed.
This time, within hours of Florida Judge Charles Tinlin letting the man - in court for violating a restraining order, go. Media spin for not identifying the judge?  "It was a pool report, we dunno who it was."

August 28, 2015

TV Judge Joe Brown begins, "Contempt of Court" Sentence.  What began 
over child support, amped up.

August 17, 2015

Medill School of Journalism school graduate, and People Magazine reporter Aurelie Corinthios
"reported" Kelly Rutherford lost a federal case to save her kids" but never identified the judge who tossed the case.

CA SB 213 - Senator Marty Block introduced SB 213 to reduce the number of peremptory challenges in a criminal trial from 10 to six.  We suspect Block did so at the request of some judges who aren't as interested in justice as they are quicker trials.

August 12, 2015

As the Kelly Rutherford custody case is standard, crazy, we created a separate page for the Rutherford case.

August 10, 2015
Shawn Fuller killed his two boys after arguing with his wife.  Shawn decided to drive the point home, to use her gun.  Yes, Shawn is another 2nd Amendment, gun nut. Details, here.

August 9, 2015
TX - David Conley, 48, executed 8 people; 3 adults and fivec children after breaking into the home of Valerie Jackson, who had changed the locks.  Conley tied them up, then, execution style, shot each in the back of the head.  For details of other multiple executions involving children, see "Kids Killed."

August 4, 2015
Tuolumne County:  Sanford's Dr. William T. Clusin, previously ordered to pay 900k for knowingly infecting a woman with herpes, collects another restraining order.  This time, Tuolumne Commissioner warns him to stay out of the county.

Just another killer cop.  Recently divorced Neptune Police Sgt. Phil Seidle, father of nine, (one daughter in the car) chases down his ex-wife, Tamara, and guns her down in broad daylight.  For details, see the "Bad Cop" section.

03-10-15:  Court of Appeal affirms Vexatious Litigant tactic to chill family law litigant.

02-20-15:  Convicted! Kelly Robarge was a  Wife killed the day she files for divorce.  Her husband James was convicted.

January:  We begin 2015 with older men murdering their wives. Stephen Mingham, 57, shot and killed his wife Janet Mingham, 56, and their adult children, Chad Mingham, 33

and Nicole Mingham.  (Then he killed himself.)       

Or perhaps, men trying t
o murder their wives.  Listen to this 9-1-1 call of the husband of Maggie McCollom is out of surgery but her police chief husband and the Peachtree City Police Department, aren't talking.  Clearly there is no anguish.

But consider a study on just one state, South Carolina and a ten year study, "Till Death do us Part" featuring 300 dead women.

December:   Court of Appeal rules financial documents no longer confidential in mediation.

December:  San Diego police, sued, again.  This time over "Stingray" the cell phone tracker.

Bradley Stone.  Now depicted as a "Lone Wolf" much like the DC Sniper and the Sidney maniac out on bail after his ex-wife's murder as a judge found him "no threat to the community."  Trouble is:  Media misreporting the issue.  All cases began in Family Court.  Second problem, company with high tech solution, not in Family Court.

November:  Ann Convertino's "custody evaluations" were deemed so biased, Appellate Court ordered them stricken from the record.

October 7, 2014:  Seventh Heaven star Stephen Collins being investigated as a serial child predator.  However, these crimes are generally ignored, or being practiced by pedophiles in the industry.  See the "Psychiatrists" section of this site.  Also, the  "Special Master" section which demonstrates, the State Boards to monitor the behavior of psychiatrists and therapists, sgenerally side with those therapists the Board thinks lied to them.  Randy Rand who was a Special Master.

July 31, 2013

In the end, love and marriage, not parents, won in lesbian marriage, survivor benefits, case of Sarah Farely and Jennifer Tobits.

July 30, 2013
Illinois -
Martha Worley told husband Kurtis she wanted a divorce.  Kurtis asked Martha to have sex "one last time." When Martha refused Kurtis stabbed her in the head. She died, he's in jail.  Step-son also stabbed when he tried to stop the attack on his mother. So far Worley's defense is "I was drinking."  Reports indicate Worley posted"Real men don't beat women" on his FB page, days earlier.

June 25, 2013
Oregon father found mentally unfit and a danger to two year old son.  Oregon Court of Appeal overturns lower court ruling to award him full custody.  For the second time.

June 11, 2013
Rupert Murdoch filed for divorce from his third wife, Wendi.  The pre-nup should be interesting.  Everyone has noted Wendi Murdoch was very loyal, once protecting Rupert from a pie thrower's attack.

May 23, 2013

Galveston, TX:  Judge Christopher Dupuy arrested for....oh jeez, where to begin. Eight counts of oppression against his ex-wife's attorney.  The only surprise was testimony from Judge Dupuy's former fiance, Tara Compton, who referenced the killing of Judge Dupuy's ex wife, Adrienne Viterna. (Viterna immediately filed for an emergency protective order after Compton's affidavit was taken.)  Compton said Judge Dupuy's goal was to to kill Viterna and flee the country with their two children.  (Destination was New Zealand .)

May 16, 2013

IRS and Domestic Violence Non-profits.

Learn how the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence - torpedo legislation to end domestic violence for family court victims, here.

Child Psychiatrist pleads no contest to sex crimes of patients

 May 16, 2013 -
Dr. William Ayres, former long-time President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, ended a six year attempt to bring him to justice, (including spending a year in Napa State Mental Hospital faking incompetence) and pleads "No Contest" to molesting young, male patients.  However, it was largely due to repeated failures by the DA's office, that it justice was delayed.  For details of that click, here.

Sexual Assaults:  Military lead responsible for ending sexual assaults arrested for stalking

May 15, 2013 -  
Uncle!  After the arrest of Lt. Col Darrin Haas, (below right) Manager of the Army's Fort Campbell's sexual-assault response program, after Haas' arrest for stalking his estranged wife, and violating a restraining order, we created the Misogyny page to illustrate misogyny in our culture, and why why contacting Congress is an exercise in futility. 

Feb. 22, 2013 - Judge in the #Reeva Steenburg #Oscar Pistorius murder trial ruled in bail, in the premeditated murder of Reeva Steenkamp is granted.

December 4, 2012:  Drill instructor Terry Achane wins daughter back after wife secretly gave her up for adoption.  Sad part?  It took two years and the adoption agency, "Adoption Center of Choice" seems to have worked with the adoptive parents to lose.

November 25, 2012:  Oklahoman District Judge Mike Claver -Judge and comedian.  AKA: Demonstrating Questionable Judgment while on stage.

November 22, 2012:  Transparency.  Information on California judges now available online.

November 13, 2012:  Both Generals David Petraeus and John Allen implicated in divorce and custody case of Jill Kelly's "unstable" twin sister, Natalie Khawam.

November 6, 2012:   Judge Pollack finally forced out of Crystal Harris case, after years of rulings so biased he inspired changes in the law.

October 14:  2012:  Therapist Colin McGrattan kills entire family.  He's not the first.

October 24, 2012:  Gloria Allred's October surprise for Mitt Romney is that Mitt Romney lied to protect his friend in a divorce. Attorneys for the Boston Globe are in court this morning to get Mitt's deposition released in the long and messy divorce of Staples' Tom Stemberg.  TMZ is also reporting this, here.  Rumor has it that Gloria Allred is representing Tom's ex, Maureen.  Does Mitt have Meg Whitman on speed dial?

September 24, 2012: 
Gov. Brown signs Kathy's Law on this date.  Now, women in  Family Court have the ability to get a restraining order that actually works!  See video on the Restraining Order page.

New Documentary:  Anyone see "Don't Divorce the Kids" to see if the number of "Kids Killed" or Kids Killed Fast" was.....ah, mentioned?
Court of Appeal delivers smack down (and sanctions) to Judicial Candidate Judy Conard.  See Court of Appeal

Killer cries

OK:  Joshua Durcho pleads guilty to strangling Mother Susan Rust, and four children.  Pictures of Rust, her ex-husband, and the dead children are at the Kids Killed page.

Durcho reportedly cried buckets while pleading guilty.  Said he didn't really remember the night he killed four people.

Judge Sandra Ikuta sides with deputies who allowed deputy's wife to bleed out after he shot her

09-14-12 Got a case for the 9th Circuit involving "domestic violence?"  Then best to bounce Judge Sandra Ikuta.  This kind of cluelessness so close to the U.S. Supreme Court, simply is not acceptable at the level of the 9th Circuit

The case here, involved a San Diego Sheriff's deputy Lowell Bruce, who shot his wife in the face, point-blank, in front of their child. (Bruce was hired after failing two psych exams.)  Sheriff's officers allowed her to bleed out.  Sheriff's deputies pepper-sprayed her father, and didn't permit anyone to go to leave for five hours.  Afterwhich they mentioned, no hurry, she died.  San Diego's top DA Bonnie Dumanis went to bat for the wife killer, Lowell Bruce.  Details at the "Bad Cop" Section.  

Such is the state of misogyny in the State California; but yes, we remember also, killer decisions in the
highest court.

Judicial Council almost wakes

03-31-12:  More shocking news.  The Judicial Council almost wakes up.

Drew Peterson decides to remain silent

08-30-12:  Shocking news.  Ex police officer Drew Peterson decides not to testify at murder trial of third ex-wife.  (Fourth wife still missing.)  Most of the police officers featured here, also don't testify.

New law works to end misogyny
8/23/12:  New law chips away at California based misogyny, although reporters continue choosing to not educate the public regarding the judge.

For once Hans Resier was quiet
07/17/12:  Computer whiz and wife murderer Hans Resier must pay his kids 60 million.  Jury ordered more than requested.

Murder overseas

07/13/12:  Billionaire Hans Kristian Rausing arrested in wife Eva's murder.

CPS workers held accountable
07/09/12:  Texas CPS workers must notifiy parents when attempting to deprive them of custody.

Also, Game over in Cruise divorce.
See Katie Holems' hold card on the "Katie Holmes Divorce" page.

On 6/28 we reported:  "Tom and Katie Cruise are two caring parent-actors who, employ people, at great expense, to be mindful of their image.  As such there will be no drama...except for one tiny, little thing.  Katie's dad is an attorney and he was never that crazy about Tom, the-couch-jumper, to begin with -
Tom might do well to negotiate his third divorce from behind-the-scenes."

However, at least the Cruise break-up won't involve murder.  Such as the case featuring attorney Jason Bohn, who screamed in a cell phone to Danielle Thomas while she was
in a police station attempting to get a restraining order:   "It’s war!  I’ll dedicate my life to hunting you down like a dog in the streets! I am going to make your life impossible!”  Thomas is dead.  Bohn is set to surrender to police today. 

Nor will the Cruise divorce in any way mirror the judicial bribery case which also had its roots in a child custody case.  That case is below.

Texas jurors deliberated three hours before finding Stacy Stine Cary guilty of bribing Fort Worth Judge Suzanne Wooten in custody case.  Cary wanted a new judge in her husband's custody case with his ex-wife.  Suzanne Wooten received ten years probation.  (Texas judges are a little different.)  Witnesses testified the couple bragged about "owning a Collin County judge."  David Cary's trial has not yet begun.

New Jersey moms learn to use Craigslist as a discovery tool after Monmouth County Family Court Judge Paul Escandon (below) awarded self-confessed murderer custody of three children.  After the appellate court reversed Esandon, he impoverished the mother, although dad is reported to earn (?) 500k a year.  Below is one such ad.

"Sean Kean is a Republican member of the New Jersey General Assembly, representing District 30 since 2012. Kean previously served in the Assembly, representing District 11 from 2002-2008. He then served in the New Jersey State Senate from 2008 until 2012. During the 2011 redistricting process Kean was moved into the same district (D. 30) as Robert Singer (R). Kean says he will now run for the New Jersey General Assembly rather than combat Singer in a primary.[1]

Kean graduated with a B.A. in political science from Seton Hall University and also graduated with a M.A.L.S in American studies from Columbia University. Kean later obtained a J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law.[2] In addition to being a senator, Kean is an attorney at Escandon Fernicola & Kean and has been since 2005. He has also been an Assistant Republican Whip in the New Jersey State Assembly.[3]

Judge Paul Escandon is a former law partner of Escandon Fernicola & Kean. Now that Judge Escandon sits on the bench in Family Court, what political favors does he feel he owes Sean Kean????
Sean Kean's Alimony Reform Bill is what guides Judge Escandon into bankrupting women, taking away their children without the legally required hearing and GRANTING everything men ask for in is courtroom and DENYING every motion that women request during their divorce. Keep political agendas out of the courtroom and help get Judge Paul Escandon off the bench. He is corrupt and ignores the laws of Family Court."

Married attorneys Jill Easter and Kent Easter arrested for conspiracy and a whole host of other felony charges two years after a school volunteer and PTA president Kelli Peters locked their son outside a room because he took too long to follow instructions. Kent Easter is a shareholder at Stradling, Yocca, Carlson and Rauth. Jill Easter is a graduate of Boalt, and not affiliated with a law firm.  No reporting why Kelli was allowed to be around kids after locking the kid out of a room, or how with this background, she became President of the PTA.

  Judge William Alexander proves kids aren't important.  Reduces every single award in the Virginia Tech shooting case from four million each, to $100,000.00 each, (half of which probably covered funeral costs) and didn't include lifetime earnings, or money saved from taking care of their parents.

Halle Berry just ordered to pay 20k a month to Gabriel Aubry,the model father of her daughter, Nadia.  Not sure why this qualifies as "news" as Berry makes much more than Aubry, and she also has the most custody.

Bad News
:   The journalist malpractice at the Houston Chronicle reaches a new low with the reporting of murder-suicide of Karen Gunn.  The headline read:  "Divorce 'not hostile' before husband shot wife, self"

although the story detailed Graham Gunn had stalked a prior wife, and had shown up with a gun which terrified Karen Gunn....and to the surprise of no one, the police said there was nothing they could do.  (Women pay taxes for police services which are then refused.)

Not surprisingly a court psychologists hired for the case said, "Graham Gunn did not pose a physical threat to his wife."  (See the Therapists) section of the site.
Reporting this incompetent is why this site was created 11 years ago.  Check the "Archives" section, which details media protecting judges who make deadly mistakes, along with not reporting the solution:  Effective Restraining Orders....and yes, they have existed for years.  What hasn't existed is public-interest reporting.
Good news....Canadian divorce litigants have problems too.  But O Canada....kinky judges?

This just in from the California Court of Appeal

California Board of Psychology finds psychologist Randy Rand Dishonest, but still refuses to protect the public from him,

Will Dr. William Ayres
, has to stay at Napa State Mental Hospital.
Ayres the accused child molester doctor who successfully dodged the criminal justice system, wasn't able to make his last con on San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe.  (Although Wagstaffe botched the investigation almost from the beginning)
.  See the bottom of the District Attorney page.

Mom Shannon Stafford shot dead in Walmart. Estranged husband Nathan Mitchell, a suspect, now has custody of daughter, Faith.

Oklahoma attorney James Albert Conrady
 breaks in the home of his former girlfriend Janice Pierce, after she dumped him for a co-worker.  Shoots up the place.  Good thing Pierce's daughter wasn't home as some of the bullets penetrated her room.  Janice Pierce and her new boyfriend file a report and receive restraining orders.  Conrady stops drinking and fights disbarrment, but just before the court decides, begin sending Pierce and her new boyfriend demeaning emails.  Guess what happens?

The USA:  Dennis Rodman was on and in the news again. 
This time about his illness.  (Rodman doesn't believe his illness is alcohol related.)  Regarding Rodman's $700,00 - 800k in back child support, Rodman's attorney didn't address imputed income.  Meanwhile the attorney representing Michelle, Rodman's former wife, is no great shakes, either.  Mostly Rodman demonstrates the ongoing example of Family Court not working.  While continuing to put together strange, short acts, the courts allows Rodman free reign.  His wages are not to be garnished.  His kids live in hotels.  The court allows this to be in the "best interests" of Rodman's children.  But the attorneys get paid.

New York:  Keeping it in the family.
New York's Judicial Commission investigation reveals
Judge Luis Gonzalez hired family members for court positions. No other applicants need apply?

  Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge David Prosser might finally face a consequence? Turns out the Wisconsin Judicial Commission finally decided Judge David Prosser should be disciplined for choking out fellow jurist, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley.  Details at just how long this took to happen, on the DV page - bottom right.

New York:  
Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley reveal why ex's shouldn't email.

Judge David Barrett pulls gun on DV victim who was testifying against a former deputy who attacked her.

Patricia Gregory sentenced to jail after stealing client's money.

Sacramento Juvenile Court Official
arrested....for annoying children.

Washington:  Media continues getting the Josh Powell story so. very. wrong.
Elizabeth Griffin-Hall isn't a social worker.  She's even less qualified. Also, when Griffin-Hall first smelled gas, she called her supervisor, not 9-1-1. See the transcripts, here.

Robert King.  Father.  Double-murderer


WasWaRobert King slits throats of twins daughters. 
(Bitter custody suit - of course. Kills self too, in a final "Take that" to his estranged wife.)

01-07-12:  Judge Feinstein refuses to swear-in San Francisco's newest sheriff while police investigate him smacking his wifeYes, there are pictures.

Meanwhile, San Diego checks in (given San Diego's government, no one should be surprised) with high DV rates

2012 began with another courthouse murder-suicide

:  Riverside h
usband murders wife at the courthouse.  Takes his life later on.  Earlier DV charges in a prior marriage were not acted upon.  There was no restraining order.   See the "Trending" section.  Woman are increasingly getting killed prior to getting to court.   Newspapers usually do not publish the names of judges who decline to put restraining orders in place.  See the "Archives" section.

CA: Long Beach - one less domestic terrorist as man convicted of "domestic violence" (why don't they call it assault?) falls to his death after not accepting the judge's order for the bailiff to take him into custody.  Story developing.... 

West Virginia:  No, we don't know why DAs and judges aren't connecting decades of abuse with PTSD, but the West Virginia Supreme Court got it right when it overturned the murder conviction of 
Rhonda Kay Stewart who shot her estranged husband.

Perhaps DA Mark Plants (right) and his sideick Mary Claire Akers, along with Judge Tod Kaufman will educate themselves about the relationship between abuse and PTSD.
(California has a long sad record in this area also, courtesy of former
Gov. Gray Davis).  However, PTSD, or Battered Women's Syndrome is not limited to soldiers in war. Especially when the homefront is the war zone.  Because for many American women, domestic terrorism begins in the home.


  More funny business at a San Diego courthouse.  Is Judge Gregory Pollack striking back at Crystal Harris?

11-30-11:  Patricia Gregory has returned to
practicing law on-line.  (It only took 11 days before Gregory violated the court order to take down her site...pending her 11 felony count, trial).

Remains of 
Kathleen Scharbarth found.  

The problem is judges refusing to add a
GPS with Victim Notification enhancement to their restraining orders. Enhancement which would make restraining orders viable.  Media touts snazzy Predictive Policing software programs, although there is nothing more "predictive" than GPS with Victim Notification.  Nothing.  GPS with Victim Notification assists the would be victims to save their own life, while being cost-effective is almost, is almost radical.

We salute Kendra Beebe, who stays brave and true no matter what.  And there's plenty of

The dirty little secret family court judges keep is Judges have the power to order GPS with victim notification, but won't.

Previously family court judges would offer, "But it's a civil court," and reporters wouldn't call them on the fact that many people go to jail after violating civil court orders.   However, no n
ew laws are needed. Family Court judges must finally begin protecting the people who come before them, just as criminal court judges do. The public should be aware that since judges have the right to curtail civil rights as they do when making restraining orders in civil court...they additionally have both the right as well as the moral obligation to make the restraining order as effective as possible. GPS with a Victim Notification enhancement renders for the first time, an effective restraining order.

Since family court judges are adjudicating crimes commited against family members, it's long past time these judges begin protecting the litigants before them.

San Diego:  Sweet deal for California's Patricia Gregory!  The family law attorney charged with 11 counts of fraud and embezzlement from three clients was allowed to leave Vista Court after her arraignment without being arrested.  (San Diego has a history of being at peace with its corruption.)  Her attorney?  Same guy who defended Shelley Malil; the 40 Year Old Virgin actor who tried to murder Kendra Beebe.  Malil got life in prison.  (This makes us want Patricia Gregory to testify on her own behalf.  Click here for a video of Gregory refusing to answer when she'd take down her website as previously and repeatedly ordered by the State Bar.)

Reality star Kim Kardashian is set to file for divorce or annulment ending her 72 day marriage.  Anyone who thought the marriage was legit, probably didn't watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as Kim's acting skills left a lot to be desired. Please check the Prenup section.

Seal Beach murders - so far, eight dead.  Murder suspect Scott  Dekraai had been served with a restraining order the day prior, during his child custody dispute.  

Los Angeles

Seriously.  It took LAPD a year to arrest a knife-wielding, gun-toting Detective Richard Womack?  Really?

San Diego

Just in time for October's "Domestic Violence Awareness" month, San Diego Officials ended all pretense of ending "domestic violence
."   Meanwhile, media continues ignoring the available solution: GPS with Victim Notification. - which saves lives (including officers as well as targeted victims) as well as city, county and state resources.  And people ask why the State has run out of money.

Monroe County

Judge Tracy Gilbert
beats a $200,000 back child support rap

Trial of Alejandro Baeza continues. Prosecutors claim Baeza killed his two year old son as he was tired of paying child support.  The child's mother repeatedly told San Bernardino County family court judge, John Pacheco, he was hurting the child...and was accused of making it up to gain exclusive custody rights. On September 4, 2009, Judge Pacheco is on record stating, "I think you're over-reacting, all right?  And if you continue to act this way, what I have to do is I'll take custody from you and let -- because I will give custody to the person who that is most willing to cooperate with the other parent, and giving them custody, okay?  That's what we do.

On April 10, 2010, Baeza called 911 and reported his son was in respiratory distress. The boy was rushed to a hospital, where doctors discovered he was bleeding cranially, to the point that his brain was "actually pushing out from his skull.  Although this is the second time in two years family court judges have played a part in a child's death, judges show no plans to alter their bias  Mothers continue to fail to insist - often before reluctant police officers, that criminal cases have absolutely no place in family court. 

Los Angeles Court of Appeal
Jon Cryer
August 30, 2011

Jon Cryer is likely crying himself a river...but jeez and, ugh...he seems...well, not manly.  Not even by half.

New York
Staten Island
August 19, 2011

Charles Baeza is living proof you can't teach an old dog new tricks. 

After serving 20 years for murdering his wife, Baeza tried to buy a gun to kill his new girlfriend. 

Still, Baeza can't compete with the Chicago's Richard Wily.  After Wily served 22 years for the murder of his his first wife, he married church secretary Kathryn Wiley-Motes. Wily killed her with a Civil War replica rifle nine years later.  Then he killed his step-son; and finally himself.

August 16, 2011

Just spoke to Ken Chavez, one of the editors of the Sacramento Bee regarding the Bee's incomplete coverage on the family court related murder of Madeline Fey Samaan, after the custody ruling.  Marcia Fay was the Petitioner, and represented by Frank Doughtery, from "DivorceSpecialists."

Chavez was questioned since the Bee did not identify the name of the Family Court judge who presided over the case.  The public suffers from a long history of newspapers
protecting the identity of family court judges - although the public has a right to know the history of any elected official.  Chavez's response was  "Whether we decide to publish the name is our decision."
Nabil Samaan, brother of the murderer, who claimed he did the right thing, is also divorced.    Better reporting
here.   Shocking reporting here.

August 15, 2011

In honor of Jori Lirette

Palm Beach 
August 15, 2011

Ruth Madoff finally gets a clue.  Planning to divorce Bernie and restore relationship with sole surviving son. 

Bucks County
August 10, 2011

How the TODAY Show got played.

Misty Weaver-Ostinato and Anthony Morelli (left) who operate the, "My Ex-Wife is a Psycho" website, also provide "coaching services" and give advice,( Forums clearly states, "Share Thoughts, Receive Advice, Laugh" and another site Morelli recently testified Misty Weaver Ostinato owns;  "" 

Some say it appears the happy venom spewing couple continues practicing law sans license.   Clearly, they don't practice what the site preaches - which is not bad mouthing the ex.  But this information begs a couple of questions:

1.  Is it free speech when Tony Morelli is charging people $29.00 a month; (we contacted the Today Show which clearly did not fact-check); and,

2.  Click to see what else the Today Show whiffed in their interview, as well as the clip, below.


When contacted, the Today Show said they might make a correction.  Sometime.  Maybe.  Online. 

New York
New York
August 9, 2011

A quick review of NBC's three major mistakes regarding the interview of Allison and Anthony Morelli, over Anthony Morelli's  website, the "Psycho Ex-Wife" (PEW)  including how Judge Diane Gibbons missed the key point, which was happy kids, not free speech.  

August 7, 2011

Three cheers to Randy Ellison who called a spade a spade; "Basically this is a bill designed to protect husbands in divorce cases. This is a bill written by men for men" while Oregon legislators wasted taxpayer dollars with yet another unnecessary piece of legislation.  Specifically, House Bill 2183  which is a duplicate of  ORS 162.375 which makes making a false report a crime. 
Who lobbied for this?  A bunch of anonymous
angry types.
 So once again, lobbyists rule.  Oregonians have Sal Esquivel (R-Medford - below)
and House Judiciary Co-chairman
Wayne Kreiger, (R-Gold Beach - below right), to thank for their monumental, and potentially dangerous waste of time.

What was Kreiger's most recent contribution to protect criminals? 

Easy.  As Co-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Kreiger most recently blocked a bill that would eliminate the criminal Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse.  (Gotta wonder - is there a priest in Kreiger's family?) The bill, sponsored by Dave Hunt, then died in Kreiger's committee. Way to do go Wayne Kreiger! Way to make sure crime pays.


August 1, 2011

Bad reporting continues.  In the child custody case of child killer Kristine Cushing, John Cushing and Trish Conlon; missing is  the Unidentified therapist who doesn't seem to believe in her profession.

New Mexico
July 15, 2011

File this under under You've got to be kidding.  Nine year old Luke  Velasquez was with with his father, Jose Velasquez ,in a State-ordered custody agreement.  Luke tells police his Dad injected him with heroin.  Tests confirm Luke's claims.  (Mom returns to court for a modification.  It's likely not to be a slam dunk.)

July 15, 2011

The jury returns a parental alienation verdict in the case of wife murderer and Baptist preacher, Matt Baker.  Although Baker's parents previously had custody, the jury decided the children should live with  Baker's dead wife's parents instead.   The children wept of course.  The kids believe she committed suicide.  (That's how brainwashing works.) 

July 14, 2011

We noticed a trend in the area of family court and it's a bad one. Whether LA gold selling billionaires such as James Fayed, whose wife was killed the day before their first divorce hearing, or Alabama flower shop owners, men are increasingly trying to take out their wives prior to divorce proceedings.  

ut in the case of Larry Butler, we gotta wonder.

In Butler's case, he wound up hiring a hit man to kill the first hit man who didn't do the job.

How many hit men can one attempt to hire before calling it a day?

According to Courthouse News,

Thankfully, both Reba Butler and her mother, Ruby Mays 
survived.  Better news?  Larry hasn't made bail.  Yet.

July 14, 2011

Police Code of Silence against women
, finally 

How good are the good old boys on the State of Wisconsin's Judicial Commission when it comes to protecting the Chief Justice David Prosser after he was reported to have assaulted a female judge?  Pretty darn good!

In spite of obvious and continuing rage issues of Wisconsin's Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who, it was recently reported "allegedly" grabbed fellow justice, Ann Walsh Bradley
around the neck with both hands.  (After a moderate investigation Prosser wasn't charged.)

This is coupled with
 Prosser's history of offensive past behavior toward Judge Walsh including calling her a bitch (while portraying himself as a "victim".)  The body which supposedly addresses this behavior is the, Wisconsin Judicial Commission which remains heavilyi stocked with good ole boys.

However, it's important to note that often, once women are given a seat at the good ole boys table, they often will do anything to keep the seat warm.

In Wisconsin, this would include Cynthia Herber, Emily S. Mueller, and Ginger Alden

New York
June 24, 2011

New York's Court of Appeal delivered a victory for innocent spouses of suspected fraudsters.  Judge Eugene Pigot, Jr, partially dissented from the pragmatic findings of Judge Victoria Gaffeo, by Business Week, below.

"It has long been the law of this state that `money obtained by fraud or felony' cannot be followed by the true owner into the hands of one who has received it bona fide and for a valuable consideration in due course of business,'" Judge Victoria Graffeo wrote. That's rooted in New York's concern for "finality" in business transactions. "Similar concerns are relevant in New York's matrimonial realm," she wrote. 

Graffeo said as a practical matter - where an innocent spouse and divorce court are unaware assets are tainted, distributing settlement assets and undoing settlements years later would become unworkable." 

Business Week
reporter Michael Virtanen reported the story without once identifying Walsh's former wife Janet Schaberg, by name.   Better reporting on the subject was turned in by NY Times reporter Peter Lattman, who did identify Ms. Schaberg.

San Diego County
June 24, 2011

Voice of San Diego reported although San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne

wanted police officer Anthony Arevalos prosecuted, he sent him back out on the street. 

Fast forward, Arevalos now charged with 21 felony crimes, including multiple allegations of soliciting sexual bribes during traffic stops. 
City Council remains mute. 

The reason for this? 

Current mayor of San Diego is Jerry Sanders, who was Police Chief during Arevalos' purported nineteen year crime spree.

Palm Beach County
June 6, 2011  

The train wreck known as Mindy McCready filed suit against her mother Gayle Inge, and America Media, the parent company of the National Enquirer.

Mindy McCready takes offense over her mother speaking out against her in a June 8 National Enquirer article entitled, "Shameful Mindy McCready Child Custody No-Show." The suit claims this defamed her and caused "harm to her reputation." The article featured Mindy McCready's ongoing custody battle for her 5-year-old son, Zander.  McCready's mother claimed Mindy McCready is an unfit parent and should not have custody.

Fulton County
June 6, 2011

Shannon Lawrence
 is the latest in a string of  "custody exchange" murders.  One wonders when Judges will begin ordering exchanges should take place at police departments, an effective use of our tax dollars.   Meanwhile, two children have no mother, and their father, Christopher Erdman is on his way to prison.

Practice Hint:  Due to the increased number of custody exchange murders, we recommend attorneys request judges order any custody exchange to be made at the local police department.  Should a murder occur, not only is it likely the crime will be recorded on a number of video cameras in an around the area, but any number of police officers would already on hand to effect a quick arrest.  The video could later be used as part of a plea deal, which would save the state trial costs.

June 3, 2011

Call us flabbergasted:  Kate Elizabeth Queram writing for the Wisconsin Reporter, writes about a bill co-sponsored by, Rich Zipperer, RD-Pewaukee, and supported by the Sheriff's Association that would allow criminals who repeatedly violate restraining orders to eventually be put on GPS.  No explanation why these criminals get so many freebies before being held accountable.

San Jose
June 3, 2011

Here's a quick news flash that might cause family court litigants to weep. 

Former DA Dolores Carr who was defeated after just one term for exhibiting significant political tactics rather than a search for the truth, is now a visiting Family Court judge. 


June 2, 2011

Five dead in "divorce gone bad" including attorney  Jerrold Shelley who represented the ex-wife of gunman Carey Hal Dyess in their divorce.

Bay Area
May 27, 2010

Judy Johnson, the largely reviled Executive Director of the California State Bar is quietly attempting to gather support for her efforts for a judicial position.   Just say "No."

Described by former State Bar President Howard Miller as having "been the heart and soul of the State Bar for the past decade," the problem being Johnson long embodied everything wrong with the California State Bar.

This would be separate the matter of her being small, vindictive and inept.  In one example, Johnson had no idea 
Sharon "Shari" Pearl
was embezzling and refused Audits.

Judy Johnson is not judicial material. 

There are too many stories to choose from regarding her mean-spirited nature to detail.  Just say "No." 

Okay, in Johnson's case, "God no!" might be more appropriate .

May 23, 2011
Sharon Osbourne
on THE TALK - just said, "Dr. Drew is exploiting people who aren't well."  So true, and yet, not a single Journalist has done so.

TMZ features a horrible picture of Maria Shriver to accompany coverage Maria's people leaked story of Arnold to the media.  Immediate cries of "So what" shower their site.

Will Maria Divorce Arnold?

The question why Arnold's cheating is only now coming to light, remains. 

Although the physical split began years earlier when she refused to join him in Sacramento, on May 9, 2011, Maria Shriver  and Arnold Schwarzenegger announced they were separating after twenty-five years of marriage.  Initial reaction toward Maria was, "You're a smart cookie, what took you so long?"

However, and historically, women stick by men who don't stick by them.

Continuing -

Judge Frederick Shaller
ruled Abbie Dorn had the right to see her triplets.  No matter that she's brain-damaged and paralyzed.

Charlie Sheen to go back to court after Brooke Mueller bails on drug test.

Marin - Sacramento

State Audit Reveals Courts using incompetent attorneys,
therapists...and Marin Court mischaracterizes audit.   Auditor incensed, responds.

Santa Barbara
Diandra Douglas
attorney shopping in Santa Barbara to enforce divorce agreement.

He's baaaack
  (Claiming to be a "retired" attorney Ron Lais is now in the "consulting" business.)  Bogus attorney Ron Lais out of prison
.  Only served five plus years.  Victimized dozens we know of - probably more we don't.

Private eye arrested for stalking with GPS device

Paul Gonzalez beats wife during court hearing before Judge Ronald Rothchild.

Recession Saturday
Family court open for business on Saturday.  400 divorced.  Free parking

New York
New York City

White Plains Mayor Bradley convicted of attempted assault.

North Carolina

If you're a good mom like
Alaina Giordano, 
but have cancer - initial media reports when you lose custody won't identify the judge.   (That only comes later.) 

We will.  That would be Judge Nancy E. Gordon. 

Judge Gordon based her decision partly on the ...surprise, therapist - custody Dr. Helen Brantley, as the result of a report that was described as,
"full of half-truths and mis-quotes, quotes taken out-of-context, or just downright erroneous."

In military terms that would be described as a "Snaful."


An angry Judge Donna Fields sent Sherrie Daly, golfer John Daly's ex to the slammer for messing around with their custody schedule.  Previously, Sherrie spent time in prison for stealing from Daly.

Cold Springs

Predrag Perisic
debuts the holiday murdering season
by shooting his kids.  Kills one.

Update:  Good news.  Predrag Perisic's recovered enough to stand trial.

Another suicide in the  LGBT Community. warned reporters this was going to happen at least four years ago.

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