-  No one over eleven believes it's working.

No GPS Restraining order

Making the case for GPS with Victim Notification in Family Court

August 19, 2014

Las Cruces - New Mexico

The body of Jenny Bates-Solomon was found beaten and repeatedly s
tabbed to death on Saturday in her home.

Police found her ex-husband, Horace Carlos Solomon Jr., asleep next to her body. Deputies woke Solomon up and arrested him without incident.

Their two older children escaped to the neighbors after Solomon threatened them, but an eight year old had remained in the home throughout the night.

Sometime during the prior evening Horace Solomon forced his way into Jenny's home where he beat her before repeatedly stabbing to death. 

Bates-Solomon filed for divorce against Solomon and custody of their children in 2009, according to court records.

Their child support case had just gone before District Court on Wednesday, court records show.

Jenny Bates-Solomon The victim also had a restraining order against Solomon.  But because she did not have GPS with Victim Notification she is dead.

This is just one example of a thoroughly preventable murder, and the heartache of children.

In 2009, Solomon was previously convicted of felony charges including breaking and entering, criminal property damage and resisting arrest, according to court records.

Solomon was booked Saturday morning into the Doña Ana County Detention Center under a $150,000 cash-only bond. The case remains under investigation, but Horace Solomon was charged with an open count of murder.  

Which begs the question

If Predictive Policing is good enough for the police, and women who were attacked earlier are likely to be attacked again, why not use the Best "Predictive Policing and equip the intended victims with
GPS with Victim Notification, so they could save their own lives?

It gets slightly worse.  Giving criminals multiple chances.

Call us flabbergasted:  Kate Elizabeth Queram writing for the
Wisconsin Reporter, writes about a bill co-sponsored by, Rich Zipperer, RD-Pewaukee, and supported by the Sheriff's Association that would allow criminals who repeatedly violate restraining orders to eventually be put on GPS.  No explanation why these criminals get so many freebies before being held accountable.