-  No one over eleven believes it's working.
First the good news.  Crimes against women can end with technology.  Meaning real-time GPS.  See the two news videos here.

Now the bad news.  DV "advocates" don't want women empowered to save their own life.  Doing so means those in the DV non-profit industry will have to redirect their business modeler as most offer post-crime services. 

Worse news?  Neither do the police who use "fear" as a marketing tool, when the solution, Technology would all but eliminate family related crimes.

Crime prevention?  Not interested.  Doesn't work for the bottom line of the non-profit, the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence.

Which is why they tried to torpedo a bill that would end domestic violence. 

Pragmatically speaking, it's about their bottom line.  The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is most known for its constant plea for funds, and fundraisers (to pay themselves.) But when Kathy's Law was up for a vote,  the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence threatened to pull its support from Kathy's Law - if the legislation applied to Family Court - where most crimes against women are mostly shuffled.  Please ask your legislators to not fund this group.

Also, this is gentle reminder that "non-profit" is a tax phrase, not a vow of poverty.  Also, it's mostly about money.  For instance, any number of non-profits are devoted to creating Domestic Violence "Awareness" which begs the question: "Who isn't aware?"  But there's so much more to learn.  Colin McGrattan was a therapist who ran the non-profit, "Practical Counseling and Educational Services" for divorcing couples before murdering his estranged wife.  After killing her, McGrattan drove to his sister-in-law's home and killed her.  Last, McGrattan drove to their aunt's home, age 88, and killed her.   The motive?  Money.  McGrattan wanted part of his ex-wife's inheritance.      

Update: May 31, 2013

 Auditor Quits

Although the above case is extreme, check the financials before donating to any non-profit.  Always, check the financials before donating.   Always.

Determine how much is spent for actual services, as opposed to spending for "fundraising" and staff.  

We find so-called advocates for either sex to be questionable. 

Consider Marin's Center for Judicial Excellence, and why Kathleen Russell, an unmarried woman with no children would suddenly chose to become an  "advocate." 

Turns out, it pays great.  Tax records reveal in one year the Center for Judicial Excellence accepted grants and donations in the amount of $215,052.00. (Line "L"). 

Of that amount (Line 13) $185,000.00 went to outside sources. The outside source?

Page 4 line 51. 

Kathleen Russell Consulting.

Next consider how much was spent on "Bank charges" an indicator of sloppy record keeping. 

In 2010 the Center for Judicial Excellence received $185,516.00 donated, with $106,514.00 paid to "outside sources." Three guesses as to the identity of those "outside sources."

True to form, the "Center" now has a "monthly" donation mechanism.  Sweet!

The Center was behind one audit, multiple videos, and self-serving press.  

But what has the Center for Judicial Excellence accomplished in the way of "judicial excellence?" Nothing.

Particularly when the Center for Judicial Excellence seems to have teamed up with disgraced former judge, De Ann Salcido.

Salcido, before being thrown out of the judicial business, was accused of fraud in a civil suit.  While we don't question Russell's expertise in actual election campaigns, her company needs something to do between elections as campaigns aren't a yearly income source.  However, we question the "moving mountains" bit...(especially when on a volunteer basis, this site has been behind the outing of fake therapists, and the prosecution of two attorneys.  So in short, we've actually been, effective in our goals.)

Not reported?  Salcido's comments to a man charged with stalking while trying to sell herself as a TV judge.  Salcido mentioned he wouldn't be stalking unless he'd had a taste.

Salcido ran for judge knowing the CJP was investigating her, but concealing that from the public.  Her Hail Mary lawsuit against the court struck us as a last-ditch effort to line up a post-judicial position. 

We worked with Joyce Murphy years earlier, (see news clip) and during that time when we suggested Salcido should apologize, years ago, was informed by one of the NY attorneys parading Salcido around, that Murphy could wait for it.  If that's striving for Judicial Excellence, we'll take a pass.

As a matter of caution, we view with extreme caution any site that does not list their annual reporting on the main page.

Staff:  A case study, and cautionary tale.

Latoya Coleman - Healing House,

(affiliated with Ozone House.)

Consider M. Coleman's reaction after the Sacramento Bee reported:  "Police say Grant Coach Apparently Shot Girlfriend, Self."

Soon Latoya Coleman was online busily defending the killer, Ed Coleman, and declaring her love for him.  A sampling,

"I Love u Ed and will miss you. Nothing bad should be said about any of this other than (if you knew him) WE LOVE YOU & WILL MISS YOU. Anybody else if you dont know the couple, just pray, like I said eariler, everything else is for the birds!!!"

Sadly, Latoya Coleman's position is "Skills Coordinator" for the Ozone House.

Ms. Coleman's take on a killer highlights why investigating before donating is important when it comes to not wasting dollars.  When contacted, Ozone House's Karen Boyle said she knew nothing about Ms. Coleman's actions.

The upshot:

As the domestic violence industry is financially, a very good career move, it remains jarring to read women who profess to be in the business of "healing" defending killers, working under the title, "Skills Coordinator."


Also consider San Diego's Gael Strack.  In 2007 Strack was paid $155,000.00 by the National Family Justice Center Alliance Foundation.

Foundations prove the domestic violence industry has room for a very good living.  However, it's worth noting the Family Justice Center is against GPS with Victim Notification.  Possibly due to the fact monies would be spent on the technology rather than  salaries.

Click here for Nadia Lockyer, a woman who initially ran the Family Justice Center....who apparently made sex tapes on the side with her druggiefriend.

Click here for a list of
Revoked Non-profits.
Update:  October 27, 2013.  Educate yourself about he hidden world of million dollars non-profits, "Theft, Scams and Phantom Purchases," courtesy of the Washington Post.

The Family Justice Center

Scammer alert:  March, 2013, San Diego

12 years after we first exposed potential conflicts of interest with the City Attorneys office, as well as the DA; and audit was requested, the UT reported an audit request.  In the 12 years since we first reported Gwinn's operation, including Camp Hope, he created more 501's, and fund-raising businesses to we believe, self-fund.

The Family Justice Center backstory.

A quasi-goverment type organization.

Missing from the "one-stop" shop" tag line?  No one wanted to discuss "due process."  Then there were other things.  Such as performance....and that Casey Gwinn hired fake therapist Susan Griffin, now of "Hannah's House" to oversee all supervised visitation services, after San Diego Magazine's cover story expose revealed her phony credentials.  The County's subsequent audit resulted in Griffin canceling contracts and returning funds.  Instead of being charged with fraud, Gwinn, then city attorney, hired Griffin to oversee all supervisived visitation facilities in San Diego.   

Gwinn now hires himself out as a domestic violence consultant. 

San Diego might begin to take domestic violence seriously only when the grant money gravy train stops.   But the record isn't good.

Lawsuit alleges cover up.

And more problems

Casey Gwinn made a healthy profit.

Is the CEO competent?

More problems.

And lets not forget Gwinn's role in San Diego's pension scandal in which the Kroll Report, (which was mostly a white-wash) stated:

"The report also blamed 26 city officials – including former city managers Jack McGrory and Michael Uberuaga and former City Attorney Casey Gwinn – for wrongdoing that ranged from simple negligence to breaking securities laws. "

Update:  September 26, 2011

Just in time for Domestic Violence Awarness month -

San Diego stalker and one time "Officer of the Year" Sgt. Ken Davis, 
pleads guilty to stalking in a plea agreement that allows Davis to keep his job and his gun.

Making the continued point domestic violence is a hugely profitable industry, using the targets as marketing opportunities, while it continues.