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In the case of Noergaard vs. Noergaard, Orange County Family Court Judge Linda Lancet Miller wins, hands-down; for the most heartless to child abuse, judge, ever.

On the bright side, Judge Miller's rulings reveal just how systematic, the abuse of women in family court, is.

In the last judicial election, the Orange County Bar Association recommendations were. about what one would expect.

As such,it's time to thank the Bar Association for their "service" and form a more realistic commission to vet candidates.

Please contact us confidentially, if you are interested in serving on a judicial review, vetting commission.  The goal being to seriously examine judicial candidates for 2016 elections, based on a variety of relevant factors.  Attorneys, minus those in a leadership position with the Orange County Bar Association are welcome to participate.  

When contacting us, please also know, we are mostly interested in facts.  Dates, case number of reversals, etc.  Also, please state why you are interested, and keep it short.  (Long, harangues will be filed to be read at a later date.) Anonymous missives or those not using their real names will immediately be discarded. 

(We are snarky, but fair.)  explains why the Family Court system isn't broken, but one which morphed into an out-of-control, unregulated, litigation machine benefiting those employed in the divorce and custody industry. Family court litigants (and reporters) learn Family Court is no longer a forum to resolve issues, but a base platform for continue
d litigation.
Since 2001, and with over 12,000 records on file...

Recent news: 

Just coming out of a coma....?

Recall effort for Judge M. Marc Kelly who really feels for pedophiles, gathers steam.  The prevailing thought being Kelly feels more for the pedophile than the little girl.    Judge M Marc Kelly

But Kelly proves yet again, the war on women begins in childhood, then continues in elementary and high school, and of course, college.

OC Judge Scott Steiner, censored for sex in the courtroom, fundraising for his re-election campaign.  Will OC voters, who have been asleep at the wheel, remains so?

The Court of Appeal overturned the lower court ruling of Judge Clay M. Smith in the Adams matter.

Meanwhile, the Board of Psychology Board filed an action against psychologist David Jimenez of

Custody Care Inc.

after learning of his behavior.

Recent news:

Gov. Brown signed Kathy's Law on September 24, 2012. 

This mean attorneys may now request the courts protect crime victims stuck in Family Court.

As family court judges have long been called to adjudicate crimes in family court, victims now have some ability to obtain a restraining order that is actually Effective.  See video on the Restraining Order page.

(We especially like the siren.)

The materials on this site demonstrate the  perfect failure of individuals, media, government, and non-profits claiming their goal is to end "domestic violence."

We are also very wary of so-called non-profits which claim to want to end Domestic Violence.

Examples are here:

Meanwhile the murder rate continues to climb although the solution,

"Oh no - I hired Ron Lais!"

Bogus lawyer Lais to be
released from prison. explains:
1.  How absent any oversight, Family Court became the one court most used most often, and for the longest period of time, in the nation; and as many cases prove, the most deadly.
and without any media attention. 

Also, and fyi...31 states don't have laws prohibiting rapists from asking for custody.  As such women should be aware it's a stacked deck.  And then there's government.  From Law Enforcement, to the courts; and too cozy relationships with so-called special master "therapists" children simply aren't safe.

California Family Code Section 7507, states:

"The abuse of parental authority is the subject of judicial cognizance in a civil action brought by the child, or by the child's relative within the third degree, or by the supervisors of the county where the child resides; and when the abuse is established, the child may be freed from the dominion of the parent, and the duty of support and education enforced."  This code is largely, useless; as the County, at least in San Diego, refuses to act.  Please advise if County supervisors in  your county are better.

NY:  No media unless a judge like Judge Gerald Garson comes along.  Match Judge Garson with the extremely unlikely occurrence of a DA's office that actually listens, and pretty soon the judge and other court officials are arrested.  The Judge for accepting bribes.   (Note:  Family Court judges not being different than other judges.)

However, for the most part, the non-criminal part, judges demonstrated a propensity to rubber stamping reports from unqualified "experts."

Click here for a
State Audit of Marin and Sacramento which revealed the courts continue to appoint unqualified (and in some cases, unlicensed) attorneys and therapists.  Check out Seattle for how one "highly respected" therapist fought his way back in the system, to continue shredding lives with the help of State officials and various Psychology Boards. 

Crooks are not just in family Court.  Consider Federal Court. Richard John Schwalbe, a
court Appointed consultant in Bankruptcy cases  just pleaded guilty to embezzling 1.4 million from a tech firm.  Schwalbe is on house arrest until sentencing with the home he shares with Cheryl Clarke. Clarke works as a fundraiser for non-profits.

Separately, media labors under the false assumption because Family Court is a civil venue, family court judges aren't ordering litigants to jail.

New York's Saratoga County Family Court judge,
Gilbert L. Abramson who was finally thrown off the bench himself, demonstrated that fallacy.  Also see the Child Support section for the latest Supreme Court (June, 2011) ruling on unpaid child support and jail.

Separately, we remain hopeful Family Court judges will soon display the kind of integrity Criminal Court judges do when they order GPS with Victim Notification for victims of crimes.  Currently Family Court judges do nothing to protect vitims of crimes ranging from assault, to attempted murder.  As the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in
Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, the police aren't madated to to enforce Civil restraining orders. Ergo, women need a level playing field.

(Also, seemingly only reporters are unaware criminal matters are heard in family court. Check the form for
Supervised visitation.)  

Practice Hint: 
Due to the increased number of custody exchange murders, we recommend attorneys request judges order any custody exchange to be made at the local police department.  Should a murder occur, not only is it likely the crime will be recorded on a number of video cameras in an around the area, but any number of police officers would already on hand to effect a quick arrest.  The video could later be used as part of a plea deal, which would save the state trial costs.

2. That after filing for divorce - people often do not realize that unless they can come to some kind of basic agreement, they are inviting a judge to wholesale order services, for the purpose of micro-managing their lives and the lives of their children - including vacations, until the children reach the age of majorit.  There is also the matter of couples setting each other up, with "
Dirty DUIs."

3.  This is due to the failure of people to realize business of government is: business.  As such, family court judges "outsource" much like sales reps; ordering a variety of "services" designed to interpret - instead of speaking to all involved, especially the children.

Who would prefer to be heard.  

4.  Lobbyists hired by the National Association of Marriage and Family Services, continue lobbying for more involvement in the divorce and custody industry.  As such,  Children remain the marketing cog which turns the litigation wheel that fuels the entire industry.

Changing this basic, outsourcing court dynamic, is in the best interests of the child.   Once a judge has direct contact with children, the need for the variety of other services often falls away.  This is why those in the divorce and custody industry hire lobbyists.  Change does not bode well for their bottom line.

5. In the event of family crime, police officers will often encourage victims to "take it to family court and get a restraining order" instead of providing actual, police services.

6.  And don't take it personally.  San Diego Director of Emergency Service,
Dr. Bruce Hadley hired former deputy Jesse Thrush, a convicted felon, as an EMT.  Thrush had been convicted of killing his girlfriend's daughter, a toddler with Downs Syndrome.   He applied for the job and was certified after his release from prison.

7.  Sometimes things get really bizarre.  Such was the case with Catherine Scott Gonzalez, whose two  prior requests for a restraining were denied.  Paul Gonzalez felt okay about beating Catherine to a pulp in the judge's chambers.  

No bailiff was present at the time.  This case was out of Florida, and Scott-Gonzalez's attorney restrained Paul Gonzalez, who was finally arrested after the bailiffs appeared.  The reason for the beating was Gonzalez was unhappy about paying
child support and visitation time.
But judges denying restraining orders is what's getting women killed, although the solution, Victim Notification GPS would be easily implemented...if judges cared enough about safety.

Update:   Citing fear of Paul Gonzalez violating any restraining order he might issue, Broward County Circuit Judge Geoffrey D. Cohen, denied bail for Paul Gonzalez.   Interestingly, neithter Catherine or Paul Gonzalez has any memory of his attack.  Catherine Gonzalez because of her head injury. Paul Gonzalez, we do not know.  Effects of the taser?  On his attorney's advice?  Either way, Gonzalez wound up with 15 years.