-  No one over eleven believes it's working.

Parental alienation - the behind-the-scenes reality of child custody cases.

2014  Parental alienation is about reconfiguring the past, then erasing love.  Bill O'Reilly gave it a try by hiring (at six figures), a so-called "neutral" therapist, Lynne Kulakowski, to work in his home.  Bill O'Reilly hosts the "No Spin Zone."  Next, Bill O'Reilly tried to have the mother of his kids thrown out of the Catholic Church.  (It's possible to have many kids and an annulment, if the marriage was based on fraud.)  Doing so, doesn't render the children illegitimate.  Children are always legitimate.

2016:  Fast forward:  It didn't work out for Bill O'Reilly.  On February 29, 2016, the kids said they'd rather live with their mother and O'Reilly lost custody.  

In the good news department, have always maintained the best example of parental alienation was Kate and Oliver Hudson.  Kurt Russell is a nice guy, but according to Bill Hudson, Goldie blew off visits and slowly the kids changed.  To a point where they wanted no contact with their Dad, for years. Which shows all kinds of dysfunction from Goldie's end, and then the kids.  What finally happened though, is Oliver posted a "Happy Abandonment Day" picture on Twitter (or Instagram) and Bill Hudson, had had enough.  He went public.  Said, "Stop using my name."  Rumor has it, that Kurt Russell, helped heal some old wounds.  No word about Goldie. 

It's their parents who are the bad actors.  For some of attorneys, cases like Patrick Glynn's, are just another day at the office.

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Parental alienation often begins legally, with Supervised Visitation so the brainwashing parent can work without interruption.
Parental alienation is the result of a process; not a diagnosis.

Parental alienation is a generic phrase used to describe the process of one parent targeting the other parent in an effort to first change, then erase the love their children have for the other parent.  Parental alienation is older than dirt, but brilliant markerter and psychiatrist of dubious reputation Richard Gardner, coined the phrase, Parental Alienation Syndrome, then hired himself out as a defense witness for pedophiles.  

Judges with a misogynistic mindset bought in and Gardner was on his way to big bucks, until scooped mainstream media by reporting his suicide.  (Family members initially reported he died in his sleep, which local media reported without fact-checking.)

However,  with the suicide of Gardner the word "Syndrome" dropped, parental alienation went mainstream...including as a response when asked to produce financial assets.  Parental alienation is also claimed by upset millionaires, such as in the case of Avis founder
Harvey Silverman after his parent-child relationship soured.  

Parental alienation claims are costly with judges abandoning common sense in favor of various "experts." With or without a license.

The so-called, non-profit, was run by the recently arrested
Arnie Newman, supposedly to counter acts of parental alienation, which is currently fueling many child custody battles.  More fraudsters coming.

It should be noted however, that a
successful alienation hinges on the cooperation of others - knowingly or not - and generally begins long before the targeted parent and child becomes aware of the goal.   However, once certain behaviors are noted....erased telephone calls or emails; secret meetings with easily misled and controlled school officials, the parent attempting to brainwash the child and those professionals within the child's orbit, is easily recognized.

Parental alienation has become so wide-spread the con artists have arrived.

(Also, groups are the target of fake attorneys and fake therapists, most recently a homeless man posing as an attorney.  
Arnie Newsman whose true name is Michael Leonard.

Another Fraudster alert! Parental alienation should not be confused with overt hatred, (beyond hoped-for alienation), as demonstrated  in the case of Anthony Morelli who has for years, been targeting his ex-wife, Allison, on-line via the website titled, "My Psycho Ex-Wife."

Morelli's issues seem more a product of outright misogyny than true, parental alienation, although there is certainly alienation as Morelli,  egged on by his acid-tongued girlfriend, Misty Weaver Ostinato.    Misty owns which has served as a valuable income source for Morelli and Weaver-Ostinato who continue feeding off other, angry men. 

Morelli and Misty Weaver-Ostinato's "coaching" fees begin at $29.00 per month...and go up from there.  Weaver and Morelli are financially invested in giving advice.  Attorneys consider that the unauthorized practice of law.  Morelli's also attemped to attack us by labeling us the same, using an article in California Lawyer we lobbied for, so other people could be also be ware the shrink was deemed not credible.  Our situation exactly mirrored the people featured in
this expose

But ultimately, Morelli attacks to d-i-s-t-r-a-c-t
hoping to keep his little con operation rolling.

The Today Show interview missed that part.  Click the News section for details.

Just know:  Media generally whiffs it.   

Aside from therapeutic fraud, legislators should understand Parental alienation is not a mental disorder; and no amount of lobbying by the National Association of Marriage and Family Therapists will make it so.

Although lobbyists worked their magic on California Assemblyman Jim Beall.  So he's on board. 

Therapists want laws because laws help their bottom-line business.

A successful campaign of alienation (sometimes called the Stockholm Syndrome) continues with the erasing the positive loving history between the targeted parent and the now alienated child who then no longer wishes to have anything to do with the now, formerly loved parent.

Sometimes the brainwashing parent manipulates a therapist, or a school teacher until, unwitting they become surrogate brain washers.  When the programming parent feels confident they will side with him, an action for more custody is filed.  The judge often buys it.

While parental alienation isn't limited to gender, men are generally more successful as they have the financial resources to hire the "experts" who agree with them.  On occasion the attorney representing the children of the targeted parent is oblivious to the situation.  Sometimes they're complicit

In some cases the parent alienates the child, all by themselves. "The Situation's" father, Frank Sorrentino springs to mind.

However, every once in a while the mechanics of alienation are revealed.  In one instance involving a case out of California's Fifth Appellate District, the brainwashing parent's spidery web was "caught on transcript."  It's important to address alienation with all adults in the child's life.

Good news:

Sometimes there is a real happy ending.

Sometimes, as in the case of the parents Matt Baker, the Baptist minister who murdered his wife, it might take a while as the children were brainwashed.  But in the end, the judge saw what was going one.

On the other hand, attorneys like Nancy Rothman can appropriately be identified as the worst possible mothers and attorneys around.

Women have a hard enough time getting the police to respond to inter-family crimes as it is.  So 
Nancy Rothman
types, who make completely false allegations, arent's just a horrible role model, although they are that as they teach a lack of morals; but also because they taint legitimate instances of inter-family crimes, which harms real-crime victims.

That Nancy Rothman is now campaigning to become an  elected official is something else. 

We're hopeful the good citizens of Oklahoma respond accordingly

The good news?  Her former husband has custody.  So her children are now safer than they were before.  Still, the taint of Nancy Rothman hangs over every woman.


Latest fraudster alert -
Ron Lais
is out of prison. 

While incarcerated received mail from 19 people victimized by Lais who weren't a part of his trial for the unauthorized practice of law.  We were able to direct these victims to the appropriate State Bar officials to recover their funds.