-  No one over eleven believes it's working.
Update:  03/14/14   To the surprise of no one, Patricia Gregory is in violation of the conditions of her probation.  We are waiting to hear from PO Karen Culley on this matter, and will be reporting shortly.

The back story:

Patricia Gregory, the disbarred attorney who demanded an Evidence hearing (after pleading guilty to felony embezzling) so she could skip paying restitution lost in court, again on October 22, 2012.

Gregory's client Ng, paid all invoices on time.  But this time Gregory submitted new bills.  As Luwain Ng works in finance, it didn't escape her notice.

It's official.  Patricia Gregory the disbarred attorney (part-time family law attorney, full time embezzler) may be job searching in Riverside.  Perhaps as a para-legal.

Earlier:  Patricia Gregory was off to Los Colinas to become a jailhouse lawyer:  
Report here

Patricia Gregory's Probation Report in:  Jail.

Not enough jail. . .and it's jail instead of prison, but still, Patricia Gregory is off to the hoosegow.  

Meanwhile, the
State Bar Review Court voted for disbarment with the court stating:

"The facts in the Ng case alone are egregious enough to justify disbarment. Not only did she steal a significant amount of money, she lied to Ng about the reasons the funds were missing and then lied to the court to defend her reprehensible conduct.  Gregory's extensive dishonesty significantly aggravates her misconduct.  Finally, her refusal to accept responsibility for her misconduct despite the overwhelming evidence, compels us to recommend disbarment the public from future misconduct." 

The court further found that of the eight character witnesses Gregory provide, none may not have been aware of the charges against her.  The review court  also said,

"We agree she should be disbarred to protect the public, the courts, and the legal profession."

Unfortunately the State Bar Review Court held no sway with Judge Kimberlee "Let 'em go" Lagotta.

On January 24, Patricia Gregory stopped blustering long enough to admit to two counts of embezzling one felony, one lesser charge, along with the unauthorized practice of law.  But wait:  
Will victims continue being ignored?

Youbetcha!   Gregory is before Judge Kimberlee "Let 'em go" Lagotta repeatedly made sure Gregory still wasn't arrested.  

Sadly for the public, Gregory remained free to drive home, get back on line and continue her pattern.  Let 'em go Lagotta did nothing after DA Thompson pointed out Gregory continued advertising on Martindale.  Martindale! So the public never really stood a chance to remain safe. 

Sadly, Lagotta's background is the DA's office.  More specifically in the highly ineffective,
Family Protection Unit...essentially the DA's pr department, which has been failing to protect since the days of Joyce Murphy.  Details of Murphy's case are here.

As such, not protecting the public is likely to continue.

Judge Kimberley Lagotta previously sent Patricia Gregory an early Valentine.  Click for that
hearing coverage. The short version?  With Lagotta in charge, the public remains at risk as Lagotta will continue to give Gregory a pass at every turn, including when Gregory's site again went her original URL after the first judge ordered it removed from on-line, and continuing to advertise on the internet.  

As such in Vista, judges like Kimberlee Lagotta facilitate Gregory's efforts to snare additional prey.  The public be dammed.

Meanwhile, Gregory lasted just 11 days before returning to her predatory ways.  As referenced by previous prosecutors Patricia Gregory and Ron Lais, share a common, "callous indifference" towards their prey.  Turns out that indifference is also shared by Lagotta.   

Why the friendly treatment by Lagotta?  Sources repeatedly state, "It's Vista.  The place is weird."

Not so in other counties where judges have more experience.

Which may explain why Judge William Froeberg when sentencing Lais to prison for 14 years after convicting him for  28 felony counts of the unauthorized practice of law, largely via his website, Judge Froeberg said,   
"There are few situations in life where people are as desperate as they are in child custody issues."  Lais was sentenced to 14 years. 

In Gregory's case, she sniped at former clients who reported her to the State Bar, after lying to them in the first place.  Gregory rendered some destitute with no place to live.  The State Bar repeatedly ordered Gregory to take down her website as she is no longer able to practice law.  None of this matters to Lagotta. 

Background:  The ability to acquire ongoing funds from fresh prey is clear.  As of November 18, 2011, the day of Gregory's arraignment, Patricia Gregory's 11 page website remained fully functioning.  It was briefly removed, only to appear again, until detection.   The site touted Gregory's business acumen....and that she teaches Ethics.  Seriously.  (That's always been our favorite page).
Ron Lais:  Back to dyeing his hair.

Orange County Register: 
"Bogus Attorney Ron Lais "

Earlier.... Lais at Sentencing.

We attended the sentencing and kept a copy of the court transcript.  The phrase "callous indifference" was repeatedly used to describe Lais' reaction to the harm he caused so  many people.

Lais continues mining fresh prey on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Please also see our, "Do Not Hire" page.

Be careful out there. 

Patricia Gregory
:  (Center)

For our report on Patricia Gregory post-arraignment, see the video at the bottom of this page.  She speaks!

(Okay....she only spoke to complain we kept asking her when she was going to take down her websites.)

The difference between Orange County and the San Diego DA's commitment to protect the public became apparent on November 18, 2011 when Judge Martin W. Staven refused to take Gregory into custody in spite of a requests from DA  Sherry Thompson, and pleas from both victims. 

But then, getting Gregory in trial in the first place was a feat.  First, San Diego DA Jeff Dort ignored requests for prosecution for a year.  

After a full year of victims providing Dort documentation, Dort rejected the case in a voice mail phone message to one of Gregory's victims.  Click here to play it.

Next, The UT profiled Gregory. 

Then DA Dumanis became somwhat motivated. (Dumanis is running for mayor) Gregory was charged with 11 felonies and theft of over $100,000.00. 

However, because Gregory is a former employee of the County (Child Support Division - oh, the irony)  Gregory was not arrested.   Just told to show up for an initial hearing.  Sweet!

The good news was DA Sherry Thompson has game.  Not that it mattered.  Gregory still wasn't arrested.

Our concern:  In a move echoing Ron Lais while he was out on bail, Gregory refuses to take down her website. A site that targets members of the military.  As such, soldiers, possibly about to be deployed soldiers, remain at risk.  (See below regarding Gary Schons.)

Gregory's next appearance:  December 14, 2011; Vista, California.

During Lais' incarceration, this site received mail from nineteen victims of Ron Lais.  We learned he found and lured most of them through the website he maintained during the period of time he was out on bail.  All were forwarded to Gary Schons who, since the victims were mostly in Riverside, promised to personally take them to the DA's office there.  Schons mentioned the Riverside DA was a friend.  Our concerns centered around the fact some of the victim were deployed soldiers from the Camp Pendleton area.  

Schons did nothing.