-  No one over eleven believes it's working.
Love and prenups.  Prenups and love.  And lawyers.  They all go together.   

Likely no other document underscores that some rather dull attorneys believe children are much akin to property, than a prenup.

Any attorney who proposes who will receive custody of children born or yet-to-be-born the client should either run from, or fire, with a refund request.

There is no prenup which invalidates a family court judge interested in the best interests of the child, period.  Beware of any attorney who might tell you otherwise.

Remember the good old
days when people just got married and then fought out their custody and money problems in court, later? 

Well, not so fast.  The good old days usually included a long time attorney who structured some kind of legal instrument behind-the-scenes.

Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally have a long way to go.  But first, both should demand a refund for whatever prenup they agreed which references child custody.

What were those attorneys thinking?

All this and the Arkansas attorney who ran an ad titled,
"Update your Prenup!" 

got us thinking.

We reasoned if we constantly updated our prenup, when could it ever turn into, you know, a marriage?

At some point we concluded it just made sense for prenups to have a termination date. 

Jane Welch had one and his former wife Jane, an attorney was the smart cookie who signed a pre-nup after it included a termination date.  So when she and Jack Welch divorced (he cheated) it was years past the termination date and Jane was set.

Media generally doesn't get pre-nups right, as early media demonstrated with headlines screaming "Pre-nups" and money in Katie Holmes divorce.  In fact, only Familylawcourts had accurate coverage found.  On the Katie Holmes Divorce page.
Then we got to thinking about bifurcated divorces and confidentiality clauses and what they really mean.  Been quoted on that.

“Anyone asking you to sign a confidentiality clause has something to hide. That’s the bottom line of a confidentiality clause. Bad behavior or sliding money around and the injured party is prohibited from talking about it. How is that different than a gag order?"

Something to think about.  (Herman Cain knew about that.)