-  No one over eleven believes it's working.
Predictive policing - what makes sense; what doesn't.    

Best use for our tax dollars lies with technology.  From predictive policing, and GPS with Victim Notification in Family Court,  to replacing court reporters with accurate, video technology which would save the State of California, double-digit, millions.

We've tipped a few reporters to AOC near toppling of the State, and will upload reports as they come in.   The latest news from NBC, makes no mention of the cost to the public to use the system.

The problem with the broadcast is the interviewer doesn't question the interviewee when she mentions Criminal matters will have to be transferred to Civil courts where cases will be heard by judges not versed in criminal law. 

The form for Supervised Visitation created by the Judicial Council decriminalized crime in families.  Kidnapping became, parental abduction.  Although the child is still, gone.  

With a stroke of the pen, Family Court judges have been litigating Criminal matters in family court for decades

Which is exactly why GPS with victim notification, the first true, example of predictive policing is needed in family court.

Also consider these two news clips focusing on government :

How long will the AOC remain.
Considering the AOC refuses to use software that will save lives, and millions in court costs...we wonder how long the courts will allow the AOC to remain operational.

We look forward to the time the first goal serving the public.  That doesn't always equal saving jobs.

Things change

The Alliance of California Judges requested the Judicial Council to slash the budget of the AOC by half.  The Judicial Council, opted instead, for a drop in the bucket.  12 percent.  That's 13 million from a budget of 115 million. 

To Recap:  In ten years AOC personnel went from less than 300 to over 1,000.

Who is protecting the AOC over court personnel?

Please know the Administration Office of the Courts is the largest, out-of-reach branch of our nation's shadow government.  Here's California's AOC by the Numbers.

Please contact your legislator about this.  If your legislator doesn't return your calls or letters, our hope is you vote for someone else.

If predictive policing is good enough for police departments to receive grants, 

shouldn't grants for GPS with Victim Notification,
the very first in "predicitive policing" be awarded to Family Court for family court litigants?

Interestingly, California's  newest Chief Justice, Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye claims a domestic violence background.


1.  Although good enough for crime victims in Criminal Court, Diane Nunn is against is against using GPS with victim notification in Family Court, although it's common knowledge inter-family crimes are being adjudicated in family court.  

Only powerful women are protected.  At least in San Diego.


The rest?  Not so much.


The good news - at least in California? 

A revolt.