-  No one over eleven believes it's working.

Protective orders - Temporary and Permanent.  Without GPS with Victim notification, deadly.  With GPS with Victim notification, life and cost saving. 

Also used to combat false allegations of stalking, and alcohol issues.  Reduces judicial headaches trying to ascertain which person is telling the truth.  Judges only need check the data to determine the truth. 
How it works:

In some instances a simple protective order is simply not enough.  Judges aware of this now have the ability to apply technology solutions that will save lives and the state costs.  When judges determine extra protection is needed, judges can now add a GPS with a real-time Victim Notification enhancement to any order of protection they deem necessary.

(In cases involving false allegations or stalking or alcohol abuse, savvy attorneys are recommending their clients secretly have themselves GPS'd to refute those claims.  Any "tracking" device will suffice.  Tracking data is what results in a temporary protection order being dropped instead of made permanent.  But tracking is wholly separate from real-time monitoring.  Contact us for a detailed explanation.) 

GPS with Victim notification works in Family Court much like it does in criminal court; with one minor change.  The GPS staffer is the first responder,  calling or texting the person who asked for an order of protection in real-time, ahead of time, to alert the individual that the restrained person was about to violate the judge's court-ordered stay away distance.

The protected person could then either immediately leave the vicinity - or (should the alert warn the restrained person was outside the home of the protected person),  simply not go home.

After notifying the intended victim, the GPS staffer would next contact the restrained person (the unit has a microphone for two-way communication) warning the individual they were about to violate the protective order - with the suggestion to rethink violating the order as the police would be called.

Should the restrained person opt to violate the protective order, the GPS staffer's next call is to alert law enforcement as to their exact location of the individual, and activate the siren. 
An exact location coupled with a siren is a dual aid for  law enforcement in locating individuals violating court orders.  
Some devices come with can't be cut,  Steel straps.
For a more detailed screen shot how GPS with Victim notifications works, see below video

As ski resorts now GPS children as part of their marketing campaigns - 

"GPS little Jessica for the slopes and we'll find her faster in case of an avalanche"

it's fair to say GPS has gone mainstream.

However, GPS with a siren is a true technological crime prevention, mobile neighborhood watch, tool.

As today's newest law enforcement tool is "Predicitive Policing"
there is nothing more "predictive" than GPS with Victim Notification.

Thus, for the very first time, today's courts are equipped to make effective protective orders.