-  No one over eleven believes it's working.
Psychiatrists have tapped a revenue source beyond the previously simple doctor-patient relationship.  Beginning in criminal cases, psychiatrists have branched out to family court where the revenue stream is never-ending.  More problematic are organizations in which the president such as Dr. Joe Kenan, are heavily involved in extremely questionable activity involving underage children, lewd photos and drugs.

Appointed and accepted by the courts as "highly respected experts" family court attorneys have adopted the vernacular of defense attorneys, when referring to these psychiatrists as "defense whores" which means any "professional" who will for a fee, render whatever opinion the client is able to pay.   The trick is to only use a psychiatrist who testifies equally for plaintiffs and defense.   Also see Custody Evaluators and Therapists.    

The war on women sometimes begins at the doctor's office.  See the 2016, Atlanta Journal report featuring a national chart of physicians who are still "practicing medicine" after admitting to sexually abusing women and children.

First do no HarmMental health professionals who think torture is acceptable.

Family Court litigants also have to train themselves to question sloppy reporting in the area of any professional routinely described as "highly respected" without checking. 

Consider Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Dr. Joe Kenan, past president of the of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, best known for his lewd Facebook postings, hard partying lifestyle, who seemed overjoyed to have gotten Bobby Trendy to host a function sponsored by the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry.  And that's just the part he made public.

We caution litigants to double-check.  Judges identifying any professional as "highly respected" should trigger the fact-checking instincts of reporters and litigants alike.  Sadly, some reporters feel if a judge says it, it must be quoted, rather than verified.

Fact check, fact-check, fact-check these so-called, "highly respected" professionals.

March 3, 2013:  Monroe Michigan: 

Otherwise, consider the case against Michigan's Progressive Guidance Center, who continued retaining the services of  Dr. Abdullahi Abdulkarim Mohamed

Dr. William Ayres to be retried.  Finally.  File this in the "Better Late than Never Department."

Dr. Philip Lindsay's practice is also for sale.
Below from the listing.

"Retiring psychiatrist, Dr. Philip Lindsay, has busy full time practice available for sale. Could work well for one or two people. Currently 2011 patient population about 450 patients, 3500 ++ patient visits in 2010. Gross billings $650-$750,000. 4.5 days per week. Forensic practice as well. Current associate has full practice. Office space is available for lease renewal and is a beautiful, sunny, spacious view office suite on First Hill. Turn Key with billing software and all equipment in place. Fabulous Office Manager who also does the billings. There is space for 4 practitioners."

Although patient ratings suggest the Lindsays might have more of a revolving door practice.
For those psychiatrists deemed "defense whores," consider the example of Dr. Philip Lindsay after DUI case of Seattle attorney Anne Bremner.  Bremner, who normally defends police, ran to Dr. Lindsay after her arrest upon leaving a judge's home in Seattle after a long night of partying, and driving drunk.

Immediately upon arrest Bremner said she'd sue and the police would be sorry.  Also mentioned her status as a legal commentator - which strikes us as exactly the mouthy kind of response cops have come to expect from drunks.

More interesting however, was Bremner's defense before she regained her sanity, sobered up and apologized.

 The opinion rendered by Bremner's psychiatrist, Dr. Philip Lindsay, who wrote Bremner

 "was mistakenly arrested for DUI based solely upon the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury"

just like any good "defense whore" would do.

State Licensing Boards

State licensing boards are largely not worth the trouble.    Consider the case of "highly respected" Beverly custody evaluator Dr. Joseph Kenanchild psychiatrist and President of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry.  In September of 2011, the California State Medical Board found insufficient evidence to bring any kind of a disciplinary action against Dr. Joseph Kenan, who admitted posting lewd photos of himself on Facebook.  Dr. Kenan also seemed to condone illegal drug use.  Dr. Kenan resigned as president of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and is now exploring other employment options.  We recommend Vivid Entertainment.   Vivid is in the porn business, and owns Kim Kardashian's sex tape.  Dr. Kenan may have a future with them.