-  No one over eleven believes it's working.

 Recuse   -  Sometimes all that's needed for a case to turn around is a fresh pair of eyes.  Sounds simple.  It's not.

Some states allow a judge to be removed from hearing a case before a single motion is heard.  It's called a premptory challenge....or a blessing.

Details to follow.  But meanwhile, we appreciate 
Jonathan Schmock for his great cartoon.  

Should I stay or should I go -

Excellent News out of Delaware

November 20, 2015

Judge Dawn Vann might be removed.
She was certainly, exposed for egregious conduct from the bench

Excellent News:  June, 2015

Judges recognizing they need to recuse themselves includes the Appearance, of bias, not actual bias.  Good work Mercer County Superior Court Judge Gerald Council, who signed off on a one-page order May 13 recusing himself from the criminal case of Tammy Osterman, who faces drug-related charges.

January 2015 
There may be hope for justice in Georgia, after all.  We admit Georgia has a boat load of problems, including the time state officials essentially said, "Don't bother complaining about corrupt judges, because the state doesn't have the money to investigate 'em."  But in the case of Kendrick Johnson, the entire court said, "We can't be fair."

Which is the good news.  It takes a fair person to say, "Nah, I can't put aside my personal feelings."  This is justice denied for the family, to date, but it's a start in finding a jurist who will step up to the plate.

Many are asked, but few will leave of their own accord.

What was he thinking?

2/7/13:  Was Family Court Judge Wade McCree thinking when he texted a shirtless picture of himself to the woman whose custody case he was presiding: "Hey Babe, you're hot!  Here's a picture of my awesome, shirtless self."  (Maybe you'll want to thank me, date me, later.)

This is not Judge McCree's first rodeo.

"Ain't no shame in my game."

Does Las Vegas Take Care of It's Own?  Ask Luciaetta Ivey, the soon to be former wife of gambler, Phil Ivey.  Because when it comes to political campaign contributions, Phil may double-down.

Part of the problem being attorneys are often reluctant to ask because the court room is their real office.  The client is - well, temporary. 

But good attorneys will ask.  As was once demonstrated in an article titled, "
Odor in the Court" - in a story that caused retired judges to bash just about everyone involved.
Should I stay or should I go -

What not to do: 

October 4, 2015

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca demonstrates complete embroilment in a custody case. Cooler, (saner) heads should step in.  Is this how our tax dollars are being wasted?

Elements of a recusal.

Sometime judges have a hard time staying retired.

Such was the case with Judge C.C. Bridgewater (above) who retired, sort of.

Judge Bridgewater spent 16 years on the Court of Appeal, then suffered a heart attack and missed a filing deadline to run again. 

But Bridgewater had no problem telephoning Washington State Superior Court Judge Jim Stonier when he thought the trial of accused double-murder Michael Feeney for killing ongview residents Bruce Kamp and Dana Enyeart wasn't being handled properly.

Bridgewater complained the charges were structured in such a way to help jurors have a strong, fall-back position in case the murder charges didn't stick.  (Bridgewater said he was friends with the Kamp family and people weren't recognizing they were important members of the community.

Judge Jim Stonier thought about it for a bit and then advised both sides of the call while stating he could be impartial. 

Then Judge Stonier reconsidered and recused himself.

That's a sign of a good judge.