-  No one over eleven believes it's working.
Ron Lais -  Now out prison, Ron Laiswho never graduated from college, is now claiming he's an "International law professor and commerical airline pilot" via, Ron Lais Ltd on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.  Ron Lais Ltd qualifies as Ron Lais's latest break from reality.  Be it Lais Ltd, or Ron Lais, his claim to fame is ex-felon after multiple felony convictions for the unauthorized practice of law.  Once an attorney, clients of then Lais (now Ron Lais Ltd) benefited from legal advice so poor they sometimes wound up arrested.  The State Bar allowed Lais to rip off clients for years before finally protecting the public.  They're getting better now.   To wit: Patricia Gregory.  Lais repeatedly sued this site, including from prison, and was eventually declared a vexatious litigant.  Please consider the following a public service announcement: He's baaaaack.  
Ron Lais:  Back to dyeing his hair.

Orange County Register: 
Bogus Attorney Ron Lais "

Lais at Sentencing.

We attended the sentencing and kept a copy of the court transcript.  The phrase "callous indifference" was repeatedly used to describe Lais' reaction to the harm he caused so  many people.

Lais continues mining fresh prey on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Please also see our, "
Do Not Hire" page.

Be careful out there. 
Patricia Gregory:

The difference between Orange County and the San Diego DA's commitment to protect the public will likely became apparent on November 18th. 

First, San Diego DA Jeff Dort ignored requests for prosecution for a year.  

After victims provided Dort ream of documentation, Dort rejected the case in a voice mail phone message to one of Gregory's victims. 
Click here to play it.

Next, The UT profiled Gregory. 

Then DA Dumanis became motivated. (Dumanis is running for mayor) Gregory was charged with 11 felonies and theft of over $100,000.00. 

However, because Gregory is a former employee of the County (Child Support Division - oh, the irony)  
Gregory was not arrested.   Just told to show up for an initial hearing.  Sweet!

The only good news was the case was transferred to Sherry Thompson, and she has game.

Our concerns:  In a move echoing Ron Lais while he was out on bail, 
Gregory refuses to take down her website. A site that targets members of the military.  As such, soldiers, possibly about to be deployed soldiers, remain at risk.  (See below regarding Gary Schons.)

DA Sherry Thompson requested an arrest.

Nada.  But it's not as if San Diego isn't "crooks galore!"  

For Details:  See
Gregory's page.
During Lais' incarceration, this site received mail from nineteen victims of Ron Lais.  We learned he found and lured most of them through the website he maintained during the period of time he was out on bail.  All were forwarded to Gary Schons who, since the victims were mostly in Riverside, promised to personally take them to the DA's office there.  Schons mentioned the Riverside DA was a friend.  Our concerns centered around the fact some of the victim were deployed soldiers from the Camp Pendleton area.  

Schons did nothing.