No Court better example to highlight how niche, “Specialty Courts” don’t work, than Family Court  

When the Perv is in the District Attorney’s office.

Pervs in Court!
  San Diego Judges – please be aware Pervy DDAs are secretly snapping shots of court reporters and other women in court.  So when in Family Court….well, click here for —> pics and details.

Time for change – withing the next few weeks, will be revamping this page to more easily find cheers and jeers – including private arbitration. However, for newer attorneys and judge, please be wary of so many long-time psychologists, especially if they are from Alliant University.  Need an example?  For a supposed “expert” check the number of times Breffni Barrett has sued people, as well as when he answered as Defendant in a case the City and the State brought against him.  

Life just got tougher:  The lazy Kelly Mok has been appointed a judge.  We will never forget the time, sitting in court watching the sentencing of Henry “Bud” Parsons.

That was the child predator San Diego deputies aided and abetted for several years by not taking molesting reports seriously.  

Then Parsons screwed up and molested some kids whose parents weren’t divorced…and four years later, the cops called the Mother, (whom the DA previously prosecuted for kidnapping) and said, 

“We got him.”

At the sentencing the mother asked to read a Victim’s impact statement.  The defense objected, stating the mother wasn’t a victim.  (Never mind that the police and Family and Criminal courts utterly failed this woman.)

But was struck that Mok, then the head of the Family Reunifiication Until, did not so much as rise from her chair, to advocate on behalf of the poor woman the DA’s office had prosecuted. Instead, Mok kept her lazy butt planted in the chair, mumbling something inaudible.

And so, four years after family court judges didn’t want to hear from Mom, the judge in the criminal court didn’t allow Mother to speak, either.  Bad choice Governor Brown. Really bad choice.

What is up with Judge Richard Strauss?  
On the one hand, Judge Strauss ordered public information not to be released; while on the other hand, previously, in the case involving Mayor Forced Out Off Office, Bob Filner, Judge Strauss overrode San Diego’s wacky city attorney, Jan Goldsmith, to release damaging information about former Mayor Filner.  Judge Strauss is a head scratcher.

We suspect those San Diego misdemeanor criminal court judges more interested in quick justice, rather than real justice, gave Senator Marty Block, a ton of misinformation.  Who else believes SB 213 to lower the number of peremptory strikes is a good idea?

Here’s the wrap up on  SB 213 as reported by Courthouse News.  We suggest Senator Block abandon SB213 for very good reasons.  The saying, “The wheels of justice turn slowly” rings true.  It’s not about the convenience of the court. Or the jury,  It’s about doing one’s duty as a citizen, for justice.

In the last judicial election, the San Diego Bar Association recommended one of the most reversed judges on the bench….who is also one of the most dinged by the Judicial Commission.  As such,it’s time to thank the Bar Association for their “service” and form a more realistic commission to vet candidates.

Please contact us confidentially, if you are interested in serving on a judicial review, vetting commission.  The goal being to seriously examine judicial candidates for 2016 elections, based on a variety of relevant factors.  Attorneys, minus those in a leadership position with the San Diego Bar Association, are welcome to participate.  

When contacting us, please also know, we are mostly interested in facts.  Dates, case number of reversals, etc.  Also, please state why you are interested, and keep it short.  (Long, harangues will be filed to be read at a later date.) Anonymous missives or those not using their real names will immediately be discarded.  (We are snarky, but fair.)  

2016 is the year for realistic judicial candidate reviews.

_ _ _  _  _ _

In the First things first, category;  litigants and out-of-country attorneys should be aware things are so bad in San Diego, the Court of Appeal affirmed a ruling in Lammers vs. the County of San Diego, backing judges who whined they were too busy to read pleading.  As such the Court of Appeal ruled San Diego Family Court judges needn’t bother reading pleadings before ruling.  Seriously.  We’re not making this up. 

Also, note the transcript where the judge said he would take the stuff home, “Next time you ask me for a pre-read, please, and I’ll take the time and take it home and pre-read this.”  (Removing records from the courthouse is a felony.)

The reason for resident, judicial recommendations is due to the San Diego Bar Association.  The San Diego Bar Association backed San Diego’s most disciplined judge in all San Diego County, California; Judge Lisa Guy Schall.  Schall, coincidentally, may also be the most reversed on Appeal.  

Making things slightly worse?  Judge Lisa Schall was identified as “capricious”  and “arbitrary” by the Court of Appeal, after blocking a simple name change request.

We suggest that any attorney agreeing to appear before Schall, is an attorney not interested in saving litigation fees, but increasing them.  Also, if the San Diego Bar Association recommended Schall for judge, why would anyone follow their recommendations?

So welcome to judicial elections 2016.  Be a part of restoring San Diego’s reputation.

– – – – – 

Welcome to the trade secrets portion of the site.  Learn how the courts have long shown their disdain for litigants.  Also, know that many judges are former prosecutors – which is itself, problematic.

Remember that when you think your judge is having Ex-Parte communications.
Remember that when you realize your judge is a former DA, because there’s a problem with DA’s as was pointed out by the former top judge for the 9th Circuit.

However, as the problems of the bench and from the bench continue, we also opted to finally make a Facebook page.  Should you need further assistance, contact us here.

Now for a breath of fresh air.  Only the Montana seems worse.  The Yellowstone Bar Association decided to “Honor” the rapist friendly, Todd Baugh with a “lifetime achievement award” after Baugh blamed a teenage victim for her rape, and sentenced her rapist to 30 days in jail.  See  Feel better?

But, welcome.  Family Court judges are not only listed here.  However it is important to remember any judicial candidate who boasts an endorsement from law enforcement, is one to take a pass.  Because the DA and judges often side with law enforcement.  Here’s one example, after a San Diego sheriff’s deputy shot his unarmed wife in the face.  In front of their four year old; and the sweet sweet deal he ultimately, received.  (Being female in San Diego is exceptionally hazardous to one’s health.)  The Maxwells sued San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

First:  A glop of recent Reversals.  

2015:  In the OMG category; comes  Commissioner Pennie McLaughlin, after the Court of Appeal noticed McLaughlin lacked a basic understanding of her job function.
As such, the court of Appeal had to overturn several of Commissioner McLaughlin’s decisions.  On one case.  (One imagines litigants who draw McLaughlin’s court walk in with a “shoot me now” mindset.)

However, our favorite time and money waster remains the too often reversed Judge Lisa Schall, who sweet Jesus, the community, should be rescued from – but continues wining electing instead:  Schall’s latest reversal is denying a name change.

So heads up Litigants:  If your attorney doesn’t bounce this judge, you might want to consider counsel who will.

Civil court:  Twice in one month!  Randa “Piece of Work.” Trapp is reversed on appeal.  Again.
This time Trapp favored the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
Trapp reversed again!  
Another Court of Appeal reversal for Judge Trapp in Diego v. Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 14 S.O.S. 5264.

We’ll be blunt dear litigants.  If your attorney doesn’t bounce Judge Randa Trapp, get a better attorney.  Otherwise, be prepared to spend almost double in legal fees.  More on Trapp, below.

Another reversal.  Remember the Galardi – Sex Scandal at San Diego City Council with Ralph Inzuna and Michael Zucchet…and, prison?  Still going!  Zucchet loses the latest Anti- SLAPP round. Judge Judith Hayes reversed.

Another reversal, and all around Best example of judges who “Refuses To Get It” regarding intra-family crimes.  Our hands-down winner has got to be Judge McAdams who thought a stern “talking to” would do the trick.  This decision demonstrates why it’s good McAdam’s retired.  Also, check the footnotes.  There’s gold in number 8. 

Post election:  This is what qualifies as “Factual and Procedual Background” in San Diego…when the Respondent didn’t bother to show up and Appellant is in Pro-per.  

“Mother and Father are the parents of Dominic, born in July 2003. Mother and Father apparently were married, but separated in 2005 or 2006 and presumably divorced thereafter.”

Perhaps due to the original record by Judge Goldsmith: 

“In 2011, Father apparently filed a motion seeking modification of the trial courts existing child custody order and re questing sole legal and physical custody of Dominic.”  Court awarded joint legal custody to both parents – except Dad has the final say, so not really.  Court didn’t ADDRESS physical custody.  Because, sloppy.  That’s how San Diego rolls, outsiders.
In the 2014 election, please be aware the recommendations from the San Diego County Bar Association (delivered straight-faced) suggested Judge Lisa Schall was “well qualified.”  

Not mentioned?  Judge Schall is the most reversed, most disciplined judge in all of San Diego County, and qualifies for as an immediate, one free bounce. 

However, seeing as Schall’s bat-crazy rulings inspire more legal fees via the appellate court, this might explain the County Bar Association’s devotion to her. 

As for the public?  Schall is a time wasting, legal fee generating, nightmare.   Courtesy of the San Diego Bar Association members, here.  Hire them at your peril.

Also, DeAnn Salcido, removed from the bench and agreeing never to run for office again, (Poor DeAnn.  She wanted to be a TV judge, not a real one) is now offering, we kid you not, “”  Did we mention Salcido and her once upon a time husband were both sued for fraud?  

San Diego Judges:  Statements of Economic Interest now available online

In the category of first things first:  San Diego Judges are not listed alphabetically.  We do this so one can get the flavor of San Diego.  Also, we list good judges. Meaning judges who are impartial, or, work hard to set aside whatever bias they have.  Seeing as this type of judge is considerably fewer in numbers, we are proud do so.

Also, we go to LA.  And win!  After recommending  Shannon Knight for Judge over the nightmarish Commissioner Debera Losnick.

August 22, 2014:  Is Judge Charles Rogers a misogynist?  

Is Juge Rogers a misogynist?

You decide.  In the case of police officer, who are supposed to be held to a higher standard, Chris Hays admits to groping women while on the job.  

Judge Charles Rogers said he will likely give Hays a probationary wrist slap.  No reason.  Nice guy.  So much for higher standards.  Oh, by the way, San Diego Bar Association, Judge Rogers ran unopposed.   

May 15, 2014:  Judge Timothy Taylor scores again.  Just not in the right way as Writ For Mandamus is granted.  More on Judge Taylor, below.

On Monday, May 12, 2014: the UT listed Judge Judith Schall as the jurist who had the worst record in the state.  We’ve listed her as that here for the past six years.  So the question is, how “watchdog” is that, when the woman is responsible for the waste of attorney fees, and court time, all while accumulating a pension?  Get to it UT.  

Also, not to pick on print or digital, ABC’s 10 alleged coverage is worse.  As in potentially lethal.  See below.

Media Only:  Click to learn how Scripps Media repeatedly misinforms the public in an efforts to assist State Parole and Probation use crime as a marketing tool to hire more law enforcement personnel, courtesy of the Democratic leadership of the California legislature.

(This begs the question how is it attorneys aren’t demanding real-time GPS in family court to accompany some restraining orders when the San Digeo police fail to do their job?)

[Sidebar.  How judges involved in the Judicial Council, are working in concert with the AOC to deny transparency to the public. The AOC is California’s Shadow Government.  Also, the AOC prefers Closed door meetings.

Last, to see the latest arrest of San Diego police officers and more importantly, why police officers attacking women will continue:  click here. ]

April 10:   More proof San Diego is at peace with its corruption? Not only was she not charged by San Diego Feds for tampering with the mail, but local television media omitted that Defendant Kathy Rowe is a current County employee.  (The UT mentioned Rowe’s job as an administrative analyst for the County of San Diego.)

But that women aren’t safe in San Diego includes it took a divided Court of Appeal to guarantee Rowe was appropriately charged after she repeatedly solicited rape, speaks volumes as to whether Judges Joan P. Weber and Ruston Maino should be hearing cases in criminal court.  See their twin reversals, with highlights, here.  (More on Weber and Maino, below.)  Naturally, the Peter Principle is in effect with Weber.

Also, prosecutorial misconduct?  Sure.  For a sprinkling…click, here.

 Now, as implausible as it seems, we actually found a good, hard-working judge in Vista.   Yes.  Vista, of all places.

Smart, fair, hard working…Judge Timothy Casserly.  

Our thought is, Judge Casserly, must be lonesome.

We decided to give Judge Casserly a little 


before returning to the business at hand.

:  Judge Susan Huguenor retired. No more putting kids at risk?  Not quite.  She’s available for “assignments.”

Latest Reversal for Judge Talyor?  Klemke vs. ISEC.

Our original entry on Judge Taylor was “Wow. Ex-Parte Communications, anyone?”

Recently learned  Judge Timothy Taylor made an order to allow the sheriff to go to home of an individual and confiscate a personal computer; without hearing a scrap of evidence from the person claiming to own the computer…on an exparte hearing. 

More interesting?  Client has never been served with a lawsuit.  

Some noticed Judge Taylor seemed to have information not in the court files the individual’s attorney did not.  Ex Parte communications anyone?  Oh, sidebar.  Judge Taylor was arrogant, too.  (Well okay.  That part wasn’t a surprise.)

But and back to the story:  Knock Knock.  Who’s there?  Jackboots!  Computer goes bye-bye.

In addition to his reversals, more info on Judge Taylor, is below.   

Good news, DivorceCORP is out.  Bad news, they believe the powers that be are interested in “reform.”  As the AOC and Judicial Council demonstrate:  No Interest.  So  let’s just

Professional Tip:   The watch phrase for private arbitration is:  “Hel-lo sucker!”

Private judging is grim, and heads up;  (Note to newbies) private arbitration doesn’t have to comply with the Code of Civil Procedure.  This spells trouble for litigants unless these litigants have money to burn and are especially fond of the appellate process.  Need another, “Greetings, you’re screwed, example.”  Fine. there you have it.

Contact us for details, or see trailer, below.  (Note:  If your browser doesn’t support Flash, click here

How badly are family court litigants treated in San Diego?  This badly.  Current DA, Bonnie Dumanis features a page on the County site to report visitation violations.  Please note that in caps DA Bonnie Dumanis promises “NO FURTHER ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.”

After seeing DivorceCORP:  DA candidate Bob Brewer said:

“This is a very powerful documentary which is well done and sheds light on a system that seems in need of immediate repair.  It clearl;y conveys that we owe it to those in the system to take a hard look at other jurisdiction on how to improve.  Some of the fact patterns are very moving.”

Judges in most San Diego Courts profiled here.

See the earlier referenced  Local Rule  – (which San Diego media never reported and was based on San Diego Judge Marshall Hockett having a hissy fit in, Lammers vs. Superior Court.)

Please take a moment to “like”  our Facebook page, “EndFamilyCourt.”  Details will be available soon.

Although judges in all courts are included here, the impetus for the page includes the now Jams Judge, Thomas Ashworth, (Ashworth is on record as not believing in joint custody and bases his rulings according to his beliefs), Jams Judge William Howatt, who appears to have facilitated ongoing child abuse, and for those out of family court,  Judge Albert Harutunian, III, who admitted discussing a criminal case with his DA wife during trial, then used the information he obtained from her to dismiss a juror.  (Guess Harutunian doesn’t listen to his own admonishments to jurors not to discuss the case.)

San Diego judges in public and private practice are featured here, although not alphabetically.  Judges to immediately bounce, both active and working through JAMS, are located at the bottom.  Out-of-town counsel should know however, when San Diego judges are convicted of bribery, they go off to the big house in p-a-i-r-s.

However, San Diego no different from Los Angeles

or the general public;  please know with continued zero oversight; San Diego’s AOC has big plans for your wallet.Update:   BREAKING 

Arbitration:  Steven R. Denton. One word:  NO. 

Don’t even think about Denton.

Recent:  Re violent sex offender, Donald Badger is going to be released, after all. 

November 12, 2013

Barring any last minute complications sexually violent predator Douglas Badger should be placed back into the community,” began a report from San Diego’s ABC affiliate.  Badger has reoffended countless times. (Update 2014: No last minute complications.) 

So, okay.  Here’s one “complication.”  Judge David Gill, the man deciding, has no children.   While Gill is appreciated for his old school manners, there does seem to be a disconnect between reality, and what he wishes the world could be like.  Also, Judge Gill has been overseeing this case long enough.  Fresh eyes are needed.  

Need another wrinkle?  Who are these so-called psychological experts making recommendations upon which judges rely?  Are they like Randy Rand?  The Board of Psychology found Rand lied and then did, nothing.  See here.  

Has any reporting been done on the person saying Badger should be released?  Or, put another way, “Answering the question, is Government working” file this under, “Duh.”

October 29, 2013.  We dunno.  Somehow, “What an idiot” just doesn’t seem to encompass quite the full measure of El Cajon Judge Patricia Cookson’s decision to marry a guy she just sentenced for murder.  Particularly as Cookson first conspired with deputy bailiffs to rush the victims family members out of the courthouse. 
But the creep factor surrounding the ceremony presided over by Judge Cookson remains over-the-top as…best for last:  Cookson served him cake.  Which she baked for him first.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  See below song.  She knew he was coming so she baked a cake.

October 3, 2013  Case Continued to December 4th, 9:00a.m. Dept.15
Vista – San Diego County – Northern Division
Kendra Beebe’s family court case.   Housing fraud?  Unemployment fraud?  Police inaction?  No problem!   Just ask Carlsbad Police Department.  Here’s an update.

Need any more proof Bonnie Dumanis should be booted out of the District Attorney’s office? Long story short.  Chetwyn Archer initiated a custody case…while awaiting deportation!  Local San Diego authorities completely ignore Archer’ s past involvement with Shelly Malil, (convicted of attempted murder, after stabbing Beebe 23 times).  Local authorities also not interested in prosecuting Archer’s alleged housing and unemployment fraud.  Why is this extreme waste of time and money allowed to continue?  Not sure.  (Alleged housing fraud was an ongoing issue the judge ignored the Robert Barry case, downtown.) However, the Beebe case is Exhibit A why San Diego women, who pay taxes for public safety, remain UN-safe in San Diego.  By the way, the DA’s alleged “Family Protection Unit” continues to ignore the documented hacking of Beebe’s business accounts.  Will alert media, but…..this

August 17, 2013
Vista – San Diego County – Northern Division

Oh No, not him again!  

Christian Rocker and former Del Mar resident Tim Lambesis on trial for a murder-for-hire, plot against his wife, scored a big win yesterday by drawing North County Judge Robert Kearney. 

Kearney is best remembered for trumping up in words, his very soft sentence for long-time child molester Henry “Bud” Parsons.  Talking tough, Kearney sentenced Parsons to a mere six years.  Wittnessed Judge Kearney deny Joyce Murphy her right to read a victim’s impact statement, siding with the defense that technically, Murphy, Parsons former wife, wasn’t a victim.  Kelly Mok, of San Diego’s joke, “Family Protection Unit” didn’t so much as haul herself out of her chair to stand and advocate on behalf of Murphy.  Thomas Warwick and his client must be overjoyed after drawing of Judge Kearney.  Meanwhile, Vista Court remains the most virulent, anti-women court in all San Diego.

August 15, 2013
Vista – San Diego County – Northern Division

StJudge Gregory Pollack:  Court of Appeal confirms:  Judge Pollack, still an idiot!

The COA overturned Pollack’s order regarding attacker Shawn Harris, “As soon as Shawn is released from prison, reunification between the children and Shawn shall occur before Shawn completes any domestic violence classes or participates in any individual therapy,” finding Judge Pollack (who inspired a Dateline investigation) abused his discretion.  Details of the long, sadly misogynistic behavior at the page titled, Abuse of Discretion. It is impossible to over-state how misogynistic Judge Pollack was for a three year period.Attorneys who allow a litigant before this judge are likely guilty of malpractice.August 8, 2013
Vista Court – San Diego County – Northern Division

Judge Stern and, note to litigants:  Any attorney who allows a female litigant to appear before Judge Jaqueline Stern, might be guilty of malpractice.  When it comes to Judge Jacqueline Stern, we urge litigants exercise their right to one free bounce.  

Why?  Because although Oceanside Police department has a prior history of police officers harassing women police officers, because one woman, Kimberli Hirst, didn’t cry, Judge Stern wiped out an 11-1 jury verdict, and million plus award.  Not mentioned in the reports?  That Judge Stern suppressed evidence supporting the victim from two other police officers.   

(No wonder Mayor Filner is holding firm.  This is how San Diego rolls.)

Stern wrote the victim’s testimony about her harassment “appeared staged at times.” Stern went on to write, “(she) cried numerous times during her trial testimony, but admitted that when she eventually discussed the harassment four years ago (when it happened) she did not cry,” ultimately saying that Hirst was “not credible.” 

June 27, 2013, Judge Howard Shore.

Update: 7-1-13  Chalk one up for the defense! The City Attorney is still selling, but San Diego jurors don’t buy vandalism case. Writing on the sidewalk with chalk, ain’t vandalism.

In a free speech case Judge Howard Shore refuses to identify as such, likely with a nod to San Diego’s flipped-his-cheap-toupee, Jan Goldsmith, City Attorney, below;

(Goldsmith’s selection of toupee alone shows he exercises exceptionally bad judgement.)

Jan Goldsmith - City Attorney, Owner of worst toupee, ever.


2014  Jurors are seated for the case of Jeff Olson for writing “Shame” in front of banks, on a public sidewalk, in chalk.  

You read that correctly.  The City of San Diego is prosecuting chalk on the sidewalk, as vandalism.  Olson could be sentenced to 13 years in prison.  Details here.  

Also, in the area of irony, Judge Howard Shores issued a gag order on the case. 
This is San Diego.  Wanna vacation here, or attend a corporate meeting?   We’ve maintained for years San Diego is wholly at peace with its corruption.  This free-speech case prosecuted as vandalism strikes us as Exhibit A in that regard.

June 21, 2013, Judge William McAdam.  

Who says it’s about the law?  Have received a few complaints about Judge McAdam’s, and reviews do indicate if one “gets under his skin” McAdams address his peeved meter, rather than the facts in front of him, but  this I hope will bring some clarity to at least one case.  Gotta wonder if steroids are involved.

May 22, 2013, Dateline aired the Crystal Harris story of misogyny at the hands of San Diego Judge Greg Pollack, without onceidentifying Judge Pollack.  Other media protects judges the same, and is why the Archives page was created.  

Meanwhile, and ever so slowly, Judge Greg Pollack was transferred to civil court (good luck ladies) but Judge Greg Pollack is why the Abuse of Discretion page was created.

San Diego Court of Appeal. (and missing from Dateline)

The remains of Judge Pollack’s earlier rulings, (Pollack inspired legislation for his “Pay your rapist’s attorney fees”) were heard in the Harris vs. Harris, San Diego Court of Appeal on 5-15-13.  

The case was largely due to Pollack’s “immediate reunification” plan courtesy of the not highly regard Marin County therapist, Joan Kelly.  Kelly was devotee of the Gardner pedophile defense tactic, parental alienation.  Which is different from real parental alienation, the type which is featured here,

Never-the-less, criminal defendants, and those who should be, have provided boom time career opportunities for some really wacky-to-crooked, therapists for the past two decades.

In other areas, we are very happy Dateline is going to be airing Crystal Harris’s ongoing slog through family court, and happier still, Judge Pollack has been transferred to civil court considering Pollack’s significant issues with strong women.  Or, women in general.  We strongly recommend female attorneys or litigants, pick another judge.   

Below are other judges on the San Diego bench.  Some to avoid, others who are unbiased, professional and a pleasure to appear before.


Politics as usual.

03/14/13  Judicial canons often mention the appearance of impropriety.

(See, “Recuse.”)  But in San Diego judges will remain on the bench when “appearance” translates to somewhere between raised eyebrows to just below, stench.  Consider the Republican backed Judge Timothy Taylor,  

and this report from the Reader.
Update:  Judge Taylor ruled against the downtown crowd.  (Surprised us too.)  However, out-of-county attorneys generally complain Judge Taylor is most likely to maintain San Diego’s earned reputation for “hometowning” out of the county, counsel.  

(Although one local attorney once chirped in a UT article, “you can get home-towned when you live here too.”)

For an update on Judge Edward Allard, see below.  Also, check the “Abuse of Discretion” page for two Riverside judges the Court of Appeal dinged in just one divorce case, and former DA, Susan Etezadi.  

Please also remember San Diego Judge Gregory Pollack’s rulings continued being so disdainful of women, that he sparked a whole new law.  AB1522.  But at least Pollack’s finally off the Harris case.

Welcome to San Diego.  Vista is even worse!

A typcial, back story:

On January 24, 2011, Judge Kimberlee “Let ’em go” Lagotta allowed Patricia Gregory to drive home after Gregory admitted she was an embezzler, and still advertising on Martindale.  Martindale!  With that, Judge Kimberlee Lagotta, who was formerly with San Diego’s well known loser, “Family Protection Unit,” (remembering Kelly Mok’s lackluster efforts on behalf of crime victims), simply lost all kinds of credibility.

San Diego judges have a problematic history…and then there’s the Judge pro tems.  Ask us which judicial pro tem accepted property from which attorney during a divorce…then ruled in favor of the client for the attorney offering for no consideration, property.

In another case, ask us which pro tem, during his pro-tem training, was undergoing review by the State Bar, for a variety of charges, for which he was held accountable in six, separate client actions.

And that’s just the judge pro-tems

San Diego’s problematic judidical history continues, including Judge Judith Hayes, not a fan of free speech.  

Particularly when the free speech involves the main San Diego law firm which damages special needs children. 

But it’s good that the Court of Appeal, is.  So when it comes to on-line critics of law firms, carry on and bounch Judge Judith Hayes.

Meanwhile, Daniel Shinoff, and his firm; Stuz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holt can be found on the “Do Not Hire” section of this site.

Currently topping the list for San Diego’s top joke jurist is, 

Judge Edward Allard III

Judge Allard is Exhibit A for demonstrating San Diego is judicially speaking…. a very cozy town.   See Update

Very cozy when it comes to city and county officials. Steal from corporations and jail, along with high bail, is likely in your future.  Steal from the city, or any kind of public funds, and judges like Allard, oh baby….they honey up to defendants faster than you can say, “What do you mean no jail?”  

Not that this is news, mind you.  Judge Allard is just the latest stellar example of San Diego’s too cozy bench reality long present with the San Diego bench.  Lazy non-voters and attorneys not willing to run against them is the key reason the San Diego bench remains remains seriously flawed.  It’s also why attorneys from LA are reluctant to take a case with a San Diego venue.  How else to explain Allard’s sentencing statement concerning the greed of Carolyn Y. Smith and Dante Dayacap, former heads of Southeastern Economic Development Corp., who paid themselves and friend unauthorized millions in bonuses?  

(This is after the DA phoned in their prosecution, accepting a plea to one count each of embezzling public funds. ) 

Smith drew a tougher sentence from Allard.  Smith was lashed with 360 hours of community service, and a one-year suspended jail sentence.  Cringe worthy stuff.   

Dayacap was also thrashed by Allard, drawing 240 hours of community service and a nine-month suspended sentence.  Both are on five years of joke probation.  

Allard ordered both to pay restitution of $435,018.36….at a whopping $100 per month.  Seriously.  We are not making this up.  Doing the math, their financial obligation ends in 2193.   No order to sell property…no – well, nothing.  Don’t complain.  It’s only taxpayer funds.   

Judge Edward Allard III also offered, (presumably with a straight face), that the pair already suffered significantly. Allard said losing their careers, incomes and reputations, etc.  Wait! (Hand smacking forehead)  Could it be Allard was simply confused.  Judge Allard obviously ruled as though Smith and Dayacap were the victims.  Clearly Allard felt remorse they were caught.

None of the three were available for comment.  Perhaps the trio went out to celebrate.  The defendants can still afford to pick up the check.  Oh wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  Returning to the case…

“By their pleas, they have now been held accountable,” Allard continued. “I think it rings out loud and clear to other individuals in similar positions to the defendants, that if they choose to ignore the law and perpetrate an economic crime, they will, in fact, be accountable.”  

[Editor’s note:  Seriously, we are Not making this up.  The transcript shows Allard said this. With a straight face Allard said the Defendants will be “accountable.”  He just didn’t indicate who would hold them accountable.]  

Allard also claimed restitution repayment was at the focus of his…uh, reasoning.

“The only way that restitution is going to be secure for victims is by having the defendants repay it….They’ve got to be working to repay it. They can’t repay it if they’re in custody.”  

No need to worry, San Diego’s two-tiered justice system remains firmly intact.  Anyone who believes crime doesn’t pay?  Welcome to San Diego!  Meanwhile, San Diegans can only hope there isn’t an Edward Allard IV, lurking in the wings.Judge Runston Maino

In one case of a restraining order violation heard before Judge Runston Maino, although the transcript of father’s earlier restraining order hearing  clearly showed the ex husband admitted violating a restraining order by entering, without provocation, the home of his ex-wife, and although he’d been convicted of a prior restraining order violation, Judge Ruston Maino (welcome to Vista) said, “She may have invited him” – dooming the woman to more violations.

But our all-time favorite remains Judge Albert Harutunian  – who we also recommend bouncing prior to any appearance.   Why?

Judge Albert Harutunian chats with his DA wife about current cases…and jurors the DA might later prosecute.  In one documented case, the conversation was about a juror in criminal case over which he was presiding.  The juror had done nothing wrong, but after a little pillow talk Harutunain dismissed the juror. 

Apparently Judge Harutunian doesn’t think much of heeding his own daily admonishments not to discuss an ongoing case.  That’s just one example.  

What scare us about Judge Harutunian are the cases we don’t know about.

Judge Patricia Garcia.  Another bounce.  We strongly recommend this judge who has a history of favored psychologists, not be accepted by Family Court litigants. 

Also, Judge Garcia has no problem ruling for a father who has three attorneys against a mother who is in Pro Per. 

(Way to go Judge Garcia.  Equality much?) 

Another concern is the cabal of judges at Vista Court.  The rulings by Judge Craig Pollack, who along with his propensity to be ridiculed nationally, likely qualifies as Higgs, Fletcher and Mack’s most embarrassing former partner.  

Pollack’s rulings have been so over-the-top, embroiled in a family court case, he caught the eye of Dateline.  The latest twist came on December 3, 2011

It would be better if Judge Pollack recused himself from the case, but his ego knows no bounds.  More on Pollack later, after we verify he refused a change of venue, although neither party no longer lives in San Diego County.  We were happy when national media picked up on Judge Pollak’s decision to not only award spousal support to a convicted rapist.  Too bad they didn’t  report the judge’s disdain “You’re not a mouse” language towards crime victim, Crystal Harris.  Tellingly, Judge Pollack thinks the rapist should immediately begin parenting his kids immediately after his release from prison.  Thoughtfully, Judge Pollack has the rapist bussed down from prison for each hearing.  (Name another judge in the county – or the State who does that.)  Although Pollack has it in for victim Harris, he is just one another example of an over-the-top, bench in San Diego.  More on Judge Gregory Pollack, on Abuse of Discretion.

Also bounce Judge Lisa Guy-Schall.  Or, her new name, plain old, Judge Schall, who holds the recent distinction of being reversed twice by the Court of Appeal in one month.  As late as October 3rd, 2012 in the Freitas case, (D060281) the Court of Appeal against partially reversed Schall, with the more important “each party to bear their own costs on appeal” (meaning only the attorneys prevail.)  

Schall’s court is a quite nearly a complete waste of litigant and tax payer dollars. Unless you’ve got money to burn, we recommend bouncing Schall rather than continue to wasting funds.

Twice disciplined, Judge Lisa Schall.

Make that three times disciplined.  Schall received a private admonishment after she became embroiled in a juvenile dependency case.  

Judge Schall currently puts women at risk by denying them restraining orders.  One case involved a female San Diego police officer, whose ex-lover, San Diego Police Sgt. Ken Davis threatened to kill her after she broke off their affair.  It’s worth noting that while this case was in progress, no less than five, San Diego police officers have been arrested for charges ranging from on-duty sexual battery, to rape.

Logic dictates when the DA and Family Court judges refuse to protect women, they will continue to be murdered.  On the flip side, it’s interesting, and by interesting, we mean disgusting, the lengths DA Bonnie Dumanis will go to to make sure she’s safe.

Why can’t regular San Diego women get this kind of protection?  Ask Judge Lorna Alksne.  Because the technology to empower women to save their own life is available.  Judge Alksne has a problem with her leadership role; and as a result of that, women are not afforded protection in family court.  It is good she is no longer the supervising judge.

Moving along to criminal court, take Judge Frank Brown.


Three times voted Judge Most Full of Himself, Judge Brown is a don’t read the file, shoot from the lip kind of jurist.  Greasiest hair in all San Diego.

We’ll pause now for judges we like.  Judges who we feel embody intelligence, integrity, and an even temper. 

The three judges spring to mind. 

The first is…Judge Ronald Prager

On the bench or off, Judge Prager is a smart, engaging, nice fellow.
Perhaps that’s why Riverside cases wind up before him.  The word he’s a fair, smart jurist, is out.

Our second pick is Judge Laura Parsky

We’ve watched Judge Parsky at work and found her to be smart, on-top-of-thin

gs, and even tempered and, resourceful.

              Likewise, Judge Joan Weber.

  Cheers to her for putting the DA in their place.                                                             

                             Judge Peter Deddeh

While we may not always agree with Judge Deddeh, we find him a sterling example of everything a judge is supposed to be.

Back to, bad-to-the-bone….Judge Frederic Link, JudgeFrederick Maguire, and in North County’s Judge Gregory Pollack remain judges we’d like to see replaced.  That Link loves the camera (while ignoring the mirror), remains a mystery.  

Foul-tempered, quick to judge, these three judges should be struck by any attorney representing women. 

As our mother would say, “They’re a piece of work.” 

Also, inspiring – just not in a good way, the married to a San Diego deputy, 

Judge Randa Trapp.

Trapp has a history of supporting fake therapist Susan Griffin, (will no one check resumes?) and now Dr. Stephen Doyne, in recent litigation.  Doyne released a self-serving press release saying his reputation was untarnished.  

(Perhaps in his dreams.) 

But what’s great about Trapp is she would preside over a family court case…then moved to civil court and preside over a trial involving the same case….and not recuse herself.  Nor would she get off the case when asked.  When it comes to demonstrating an ongoing lack of integrity, Trapp remains one of the best examples of the worst examples San Diego has to offer. 

A small selection of judges to immediately bounce:

Three, immediately spring to mind:

Judge Thomas Ashworth:   long known for his dedicated history of imposing his personal beliefs opposite of joint custody laws, Ashworth likewise seldom fails to show his personal disdain for women….backed by the the San Diego bench.  Nor did the Presiding Judge have a problem with Ashworth owning commercial buildings where attorneys who practiced before him, rented office space.  Ashworth remains a living example why LA attorneys are reluctant to file or represent San Diego based litigants.  Ashworth’s earlier history was documented by the LA Times.  Ashworth is now in private judging with JAMS.    

Judge William Howatt:   Fat bigot with a soft voice and dry sense of humor.  Dangerous.  Now in private judging with JAMS.

Judge Susan Huguenor:  Married to a bombastic father’s rights attorney, Huguenor who had a long career in Juvenile Court, sitting on many commissions and forming relationships with Alliant University staff, (Alliant has it’s own well documented history of flakes) has absolutely  no business in Family Court.

She does however, represent why the liklihood of change for the better is remote in San Diego.  Huguenor retired in March 2014, and is now available for daily assignments.  We recommend a pass.

The San DiegoJudge who has been reversed the most?
Too easy.  

Far and away by our count that used to be San Diego Judge Joan Lewis….although with a string of reversals, including two in one month and demonstrating a complete waste of taxpayer dollars Lisa Schall is wins.

That said, we’ll be frank.  Judge Joan Lewis scares the absolute bejesus out of us.

As we believe in saving attorneys fees whenever possible, our recommendation is to bounce Judge Joan Lewis and save thousands in appellant attorney fees and costs.

However, when it comes to sheer disregard for the public, hands down, it’s judge JudgeRobert Longstreth.   

We occasionally monitor hearings.  Dropping in one morning as the bailiff opened the doors for an Ex Parte hearing at 8:40a.m.

Paperwork was handled as collectively, people who had to be at work, waited.  And waited.  The clerk was present, the court reporter was present, the bailiff was his usually scowling self, but oddly enough, no one acted as if the absence of the judge was unusual.  Not a word was said to litigants or counsel who cooled their heels until 9:40 when Longstreth swept in the room, and without so much as a reference to delaying so many people for nearly an hour, proceeded to ask the clerk to call the cases.

Once seated, Judge Longstreth immediately began to malign one litigant repeatedly.  The man’s attorney remained mute.   We have no idea why the attorney didn’t ask Longstreth to recuse himself on the spot as Judge Longstreth’s behavior indicated he was clearly embroiled in the case.  Judge Longstreth’s conduct remains so over-the-top, we believe he deserves a longer, separate piece.
San Diego:  Judges who continue to support Stephen Doyne as “highly respected” are themselves, suspect.  To be fair, it’s not as if San Diego has a lock on this kind of behavior.

New York
Fake therapist Steven Feldman arrested.  Saratoga County contracted with him for custody disputes.  However, as Maria Geizer’s arrest demonstrates, Saratoga seems to have a problem checking credentials.

Dallas:   The doctors also mix it up.  Dueling shrinks

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