Schools” style=”font-weight: normal;”>Schools  – A quick look at grade schools, high schools, and colleges.  But first, a professional tip to parents.  If you make more than two requests of school  administrators and nothing changes; sue.  (Scroll for recent news)  Sue because sex crimes against women, began at police academy for school officers. (and why does anyone write fiction?)

December – 2016

Idaho:  How Dietrich High School allowed John R. K. Howard, could let Howard play football after sexually assaulting a mentally challenged teammate, is beyond me.  But apparently, the Deputy Attorney General, Casey Hemmer, didn’t mind.

How Loyola University protected the scholarship of rapist Ben Holm, for three years.

Also, – in New York:  New York judges use laws to protect schools.

January 14, 2016:  A new federal bill is to clamp down on campus assaults.
This is because apparently instead of firing people who refuse to do their job, (see the many examples below) we need more legislation. 

Sue because only a perceived, financial loss, motivates various school boards to protect the nation’s children.

Sue because what is overlooked in grade school, blossoms to crime in college.  Towit:



BYU – Any parent who sends their kid to BYU should probably have their head examined.  Report a rape – get suspended. 

Berkeley – when professors harrass
Blake Wentworth:  The problem at Berkeley will that’s not going away.

Suicide in Grade school. – Study this picture of Evan Ziemniak, who although so young his teeth hadn’t stopped sliding around, killed himself because  the West Allegheny School District refused to enforce their bullying policy.  Parents:  Sue.  Save someone else’s child to honor yours.

CA  – Law school Dean Sujit Choudhry resigns over sexual harasssment.

TN:  Federal lawsuit against UT alleging football players assaulted Drae Bowles, one of their own, for helping rape victim. 

(TN: Vanderbilt’s sports gang-rape retrial of Brandon Vandenburg set for retrial) 

TN:  Baylor University rapes not handled right.
The question must be asked:  Why do these schools have Federal and State funding?

anuary 25, 2016:  Oregon College refuses to protect Instructor from ex-Marine Student.  

September 23, 2015:  LA Times:  University of Virginia did not properly investigate rape claims.

September 02, 2015:  Oregon Woman sues Ex-Coach Riley over alleged rape.

April 8, 2015:  Maricopa County pays 3.5 million to a thirteen year old girl whose rape was not investigated by Sheriff Joe, and was raped again, becoming pregnant.  Hers was one of 400 rape claims that was not properly investigated.

Lawsuit:  Parents of dead UCSB students David Wang, James Hong, and George Chen, sue Capri Apartment complex and Sheriff after failure to address prior problems of mass-murderer, Bruce Rodger.

03-03-15:  OR – the University of Oregon’s response to a gang rape.
When school records post-rape were used against the victim, by the school.

02-27-15 – TN – Brandon Vandenburg, would be star for Vanderbilt Football team, facilitates player gang rape as a bonding experience for the team.  (Victim was Vandenburg’s drugged date.)

01-29-15 – CA  – Stanford accused rapist caught by two guys on a bike!

And in the lower grades,

We believe Bart Palosz’s parents likely wished they litigated instead continually pleading with school administrators.  Likewise the parents of this rape victim at Horace Mann for covering up the repeated allegations of sex abuse at the hands of English teacher Robert J. Berman.  The crime is bad enough.  School officials participating in a cover-up; worse. 

And, standard.

However, part of the blame must be placed on parents who allow the type of school board to exist that hires these teachers and resists oversight.  Further, schools that decide to hire previously accused of rape, teachers; is simply beyond the pale.  Parents must sue for change.  

(Rust College in Mississippi, you’ve got some explaining to do).  Hiring a suspected rapist goes beyond the pale. But again, it’s parents who must band together for change.)

Most of this page is devoted to explaining why women become crime victims in later life.  They get their training from school administrators who do, nothing.  Example:

August 11, 2013

Vanderbilt University football players such as ringleader Brandon Vandenburg, charged with rape, taking and distributing unlawful photographs, then alerting teammates and dorm buddies they too could pleasure themselves with an unconscious woman is proof the war on women isn’t merely in the legislature.  So far, Vanderbilt’s response mirrors Penn State.  Vanderbilt has hunkered down.  See first press release, here.

Consider the case of school board attorney Christopher Kirby.  Kirby is employed by the law firm Minerva & D’Agostino, (a firm claiming 80 years of professional experience representing school boards.  Seriously.  It’s on their website.)  Kirby’s main talent appears to be threatening witnesses, rage, and an extremely foul mouth. 

But Christopher Kirby as far as we’re concerned is Exhibit A in why women are targeted.  In watching the videos, the men at the school board, do not function at all.  They watch, passively as the bully Christopher Kirby, attacks women, as happens repeatedly throughout the filming.  Emboldened by male inaction, Kirby’s ceaseless attacks not only continue, but increase.  This is what sets the stage for children to be abused and bullied at school.  School officials take their cues form district boards.  This board is pathetic.

Additionally, school personnel are often manipulated in custody cases, sometime becoming unwitting surrogate programmers in cases involving parental alienation

San Diego however, breaks new ground.  San Diego breaks ground both in the behavior of the school, and some parents after Holy Trinity Catholic school fired teacher Carie Charlesworth, a Holy Trinity teacher for 14 years, whose children attended the school, after Charlesworth’s ex husband went to the school in violation of a restraining order and created “an incident.”  Many of San Diego’s self-absorbed parents supported the school.  But yes, you read this correctly.  Charlesworth was fired for the conduct of her ex-husband.

The apathy displayed towards children in family court is mirrored generally by school  teachers not responding; school principals not responding, and school Districts refusing to respond to crimes committed against children.  Ashlynn Connor being the latest casualty.  For this wishes to thank Joe Paterno for demonstrating the callous nature of schools, and a determination to render the public in a continuious state of obliviousness. 

Although our children are our future all school and governmental officials continue to demonstrate just how expendable kids are as “professionals” in the divorce and custody industry continue using them for relentless marketing opportunities.  Breaking:   December 9, 2013

Occidental College received more sexual assault claims than it reported,
charges a report in the LA Times.

November 25, 2013

Four Stubenville school officials indicted in rape case.  More may be coming 

  • Michael McVey, Steubenville City School Superintendent
  • Michael Belardine, 26, volunteer football coach at the time of the rape. The grand jury indicted Belardine on charges of allowing underage drinking, obstruction, falsification and contributing to unruliness.
  • Lynnett Gorman, 40, a principal at a Steubenville elementary school who was indicted on a charge of failure to report child abuse or neglect.
  • Seth Fluharty, 26, a special education teacher and wrestling coach. He was indicted on a charge of failure to report child abuse or neglect

Recent news:  

05/06/13 – Cops slams students head then carts girl off to jail – for dozing in class.

03/13 – Stubenville.  Adult women are often a product of a Steubenville environment.  Teachers know; protect criminals.  Coaches like Reno Saccoccia are a dime a dozen.

03/13  Bronx teacher suspended after it’s discovered she and other teachers did nothing about years of hazing at “top” school.

02/13 Alabama school covered for registered sex offender for 20 years.
but wait….there’s more.
  OH:  two rapists protected.  Girl punished. 

CA:  Moraga School officials gave predator copy of letter complaining about his behavior.

Crazy:  Montana Lance suicide – Courts rule for Stewart Creek School in Texas.  
(We’ve been following this case since Montana Lance hung himself in the bathroom as a nine year old committing suicide is tragic, and wholly preventable).
In what appears to be the standard when it comes to child abuse, in each case listed below, school officials knew.  And did nothing.  Some courts, such as in Dallas, above; continue protecting the school rather than the kids.  More on Montana Lance is below. 

Here we go again.  “Shelby County Board of Education “has treated the victim as if she were the culprit in being sexually assaulted,” according to the complaint, which uses initials to identify the children involved.”


Los Angeles has to win some kind of record for ignoring the obvious as a second teacher is removed from Miramonte Elementary School.  The LA Times is reporting the first investigation began in1994.    

School officials were warned of an attack

Cindi Santana’s Mom warned school officials of a threat on her daughter’s life.  School security did not follow procedures and  Cindi Santana was stabbed to death by Abraham Lopez, a former boyfriend, on campus a week later in the lunch area.

School officials knew

A public school district failed to protect a girl from five boys who sexually assaulted her, and a sixth who photographed the attack and passed the pictures around at school, the girl’s mother says in Federal Court.
     Jane Doe sued the Madison Board of Education on behalf of her daughter, Mary Doe, “for knowingly failing and refusing to protect the plaintiff from the continued contact with and harassment by the male students who sexually assaulted her, photographed her[,] and their friends who also taunted and harassed plaintiff after the assault.”  

Our tax dollars at work.

School officials knew

Coach sends porn texts to 13 year old.
The parents say the school district “had actual or constructive notice” of Carter’s propensities “for a sufficient time before July 26, 2010, to have taken measures to protect against the risk involved.”

Our tax dollars at work.

School officials were clueless.  Repeatedly
Covington County Elementary School

to the school with the names of adults authorized to pick up their children, according to the complaint.  

Our tax dollars at work.

The original complaint alleges that during the 2007-08 school year, a 9-year-old known only as Jane Doe in court documents was checked out of school at least six times by Tommy Keyes, an unauthorized stranger who signed the child out as her father and at least once as her mother. The complaint states that each time Jane was checked out of school she was “brutally and viciously raped, sodomized and molested” by Keyes before he returned her back into the elementary school.

School officials at Covington County Elementary School never asked Keyes for identification nor did they check the “permission to check-out form” that each parent or guardian submitted .

School officials knew

A mother claims dozens of students at a state school for the deaf and blind were sexually abused and the head of the school knew of the abuses but failed to report them.  

Our tax dollars at work.

School Officials knew

A family says a high school basketball player, who happens to be the vice principal’s son, sexually assaulted their daughter, and after she reported the assault, threatened to break her legs. They claim the boy’s father and other school officials gave him a pass and joined him in harassing the girl and her family, forcing them to move from their home.

Janie Doe and her parents sued the Walton Verona Board of Education, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, Janie’s alleged attacker Vance Sullivan, his father Dan Sullivan, and several other school officials in Federal Court.  

Our tax dollars at work.PA
School officials knew.

A 14 year old paralyzed boy filed suits. Samuel Brown, now 14, says he and other classmates were bullied for years by James Kelly III, but neither the school nor Kelly’s mother, Tammie, kept the boy from harming his “innocent classmates.” School officials knew and did…nothing.   

Our tax dollars at work. TX
School officials knew

The mother of an eighth-grader who committed suicide after a bully kicked him down two flights of stairs at school says school officials developed a “custom of looking the other way” to bullying, and that after her son’s suicide the district destroyed video of the boy being bullied in school and on the bus. She says her late son’s chief bully was punished by being kept out of one football game.  Our tax dollars at work.

School officials knew

School officials knew nine year old Montana Lance was being bullied.  But they did nothing.  So nine year old Montana Lance commited suicide in the school bathroom.

Our tax dollars at work.

School officials knew

School police officer responded by shooting him to death, the boy’s mother says. She says the cop had been reprimanded 16 times in the previous 4 years, suspended without pay 5 times, and “recommended for termination for insubordination,” but the school kept him on the force “without remedial training.”  

Our tax dollars at work.

School officials knew

A mother says that after a student raped her mentally handicapped daughter in a high school bathroom, the school district accused her daughter of lying, threatened to have her arrested, and tried to suspend her for “lewd behavior” to cover it up.

Jane Doe sued the Alvin Independent School District and four of its officials on behalf of her daughter, Lisa Doe, in Federal Court.  Alvin is about 30 minutes south of Houston.  

Our tax dollars at work.
Higher Education?

Penn State:  Where to begin?

From the disappeared DA to Penn State’s policy of making not reporting a crime a reason for termination, perhaps alums and parents could explain why they support a school whose policy trumps a police department. 

Virginia Tech:

Media missed the core issue in the Virginia Tech case that allowed for dozens of murders.   Police first responders characterized the first two victims, a male and female, as a “domestic incident.”   Police code for “nothing to see, nothing to do,” and dawdled.  Thus, initial police inaction followed by sloppy police work allowed the actual killer to drop off a Youtube video clip in the mail, before returning to kill dozens and dozens.  Media glossed over this key aspect of the massacre.  Why?
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