Stalking – Stalking is likely the best example of how patronizing laws towards women are by individual state.  Especially in family court.  However the Olympics of stalking is split between Washington State, and New York, California Connecticut and Arizona.
We regret the high-tech solution for crime victims (filmed but eliminated from the final cut of DivorceCORP) as the high-tech solution was the only reason we agreed and signed on for the project.  

Contact us both for the solution to stalkers crimes as well as unsubstantiated allegations of stalking.  (Mens rights groups generally and incorrectly label unsubstaniated accusations as “False allegations” which is inappropriate as in order to be classified as such they must first be investigated.)  Otherwise please donate to

However, in the area of crime.  Media continues mostly ignoring women as crime victims.   Best evidence?  When TMZ reports a woman being stalked, the site is immediately hit with “she should be killed” comments and on Twitter.  Huge media failure to investigate.

As New Hampshire’s Rockland County DA’s office demonstrates, women crime victims are seriously don’t count.  How else to explain uncashed checks in the drawer of the DA that was supposed to go for crime victims?  

Quadruple losers:  Stalked through four states for twenty years.  Victims rights?   Officials in Arizona, California, Connecticut, and New York allowed Moses Antonio Shepard to stalk one woman with impunity.

Washington state’s, Shawn Moul  – Unaddressed mental illness kept the victim in fear for almost twenty years.  Where were officials?

17 years of stalking – interrupted by a couple of prison stints….and yet Moul continues to stalk the girl who helped him in math in middle school.  They never had any kind of “relationship.”

Having rejected an earlier plea deal, Moul will be sentenced in September.

Former Judge Donald Thompson, arrested for stalking again.  Although and just as clearly, neither Oklahoma law enforcement and criminal court judges have any intentions of taking prior arrests, two years of slashed tires, and death threats, seriously.  

(Exceptions to this attitude includes threats to law enforcement and judges.)

However, news agencies failing to report the reality behind women and “justice” in America will undboutedly continue contributing to getting them killed.    

We urge news organizations to begin reporting tax payers are paying for public services the police and courts refuse to provide.
 State stalking laws: It’s a mismash.  

GPS with Victim Notification alerts the targeted victim when the stalker is about to violate the court ordered, stay-away distance.  Some attorneys are beginning to educate their clients.  Some accused of stalking, secretly have themselves GPSed to prove otherwise.
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