Suing social services

Suing social services

From the Complaint of the lawsuit against the County of Riverside, after a child was taken from a new mother, three days after delivery.  The mother has no drug problem, no arrests, no history of mental health issues.  Her only problem is living in Riverside.  However, if this is happening in your California county, and you are interested in a class-action, please contact Mark Ankcorn, co-counsel on suit filed against Riverside County.  Mark has much in the way of class-action experience; and the number of people complaining about social services, suggests this scenario happens all too often.

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Paragraph 20:

“Upon information and belief, Plaintiff alleges that during a working day afternoon (Plaintiff infant was seized on a Wednesday), an employee of DPSS can obtain a warrant from a judge of the Superior Court in approximately two hours.  Alternatively, when a social worker at DPSS believes that there exists probable cause to seize and remove a child from a parent’s care, but the there is no imminent threat to the child’s safety, the social worker can petition ex parte for a non-custodial removal – a procedure that is express authorized by California statute.

Paragraph 21:

Neither Defendant Torres nor Defendant Butler, nor any other employee of DPSS, obtain a warrant to remove Plaintiff from her mother’s custody and care before seizing Plaintiff.

Paragraph 22:

Neither Defendant Torres nor Defendant Butler, nor any other employee of Defendant County of Riverside, filed or sought a non-custodial removal petition from the Superior Court before seizing Plaintiff from her mother’s care and custody.

Paragraph 23:

Despite having no specific, reasonable, or articulable evidence that Plaintiff was in imminent danger of sustaining serious bodily injury or death within the short amount of time it would have taken to obtain a warrant, the individual Defendants, and each of them, seized and detained A.A.”
Good news:  After fourteen years, we discovered an attorney with great, class action experience.  Mark Ankcorn is currently suing the County of Riverside due to the pattern and practice of social workers snatching children from parents.  Contact Mark at619870-0600.

Some social workers we know are terrific.
However, too many are indifferent; and the really bad ones make parents jump through ridiculous, expensive hoops for no reason.
Time to end the parental hoop jumping for no reason.

Does your state have and meet a specific criteria for minor’s counsel?  Chances are a criteria exists, and is ignored.

California Minor’s Counsel Rules – for ending harassment 

Often counties have criteria, but the criteria is not enforced by judges.  Object.Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.